Milsons Point & Sydney Opera House Engagement Session: Fera & Arief

For Fera and Arief, it was all about the Sydney skyline.  Shortly after their engagement session, these two lovebirds were planning to pack their bags and move across the country to Perth to start their new lives together.  So, there was really only one place they wanted to go for their pre-wedding photo shoot: all around the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, to capture the beautiful skyline and city that they had both fallen in love with.

Milsons Point and Sydney Harbour Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photos at Milsons Point, Sydney

Their love story begins in Indonesia, where they knew each other as friends in primary school. Their paths diverged after primary school graduation, but years later the wonders of the internet and Facebook allowed them to reconnect again. When they did find each other, they were living on different continents, but a fateful job offer soon saw them both on Australian soil.  The 5,500 kilometer gap between them had been narrowed… to a mere 3,200 kilometres. Alas, they both had commitments in the two furthest-apart cities in Australia, but being on opposite sides of the continent didn’t get these two down! They visited each other, and as their love blossomed, eventually Fera finagled her way into a remote work arrangement so they could be together in Sydney. At long last, they’re planning to settle down together in Perth—that is, of course, after a wedding with family back in Indonesia later this year!

Engagement session of beautiful Sydney Harbour

Fera braved the breezy winter temperatures and rocked this cute dress and heels. Any shivering that took place was worth it—she looked hot!

Abstract photography in Sydney engagement sessionPre-wedding couplesPre-wedding couples

Even though it was cold and breezy, the sun was oh so nice. What a perfect winter’s day to be out on the harbour!

Engagement session photography overlooking Sydney HarbourEngagement session photography overlooking Sydney HarbourRomantic portraits at Sydney HarbourEngagement session photography overlooking Sydney HarbourRomantic stroll along Sydney Harbour in Milsons Point

Awww. Two cute lovebirds! ;)

Luna Park pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding engagement photos at Luna Park

Black and white portrait along boardwalk under Sydney Harbour Bridge

The clouds on the day were picture-perfect.

Dramatic black and white picture of Sydney Opera House under Harbour BridgeEngagement pictures along Luna Park boardwalk

A romantic ferry ride was definitely in order!

Pre-wedding photos on Sydney ferry under Harbour Bridge

Are these two cute or what? Love this one of them:

Engagement photos at Circular Quay

Pre-wedding pictures at Circular Quay

At sunset, we took some time to climb around the steps of the beautiful sails of the Opera House. I love the way the sails seem to glow at twilight in beautiful pastel hues.

Romantic photos on the steps of Sydney Opera HousePre-wedding portraits on Sydney Opera House steps

I’m loving this panorama. Click it to view it BIG!

Panorama over Sydney Harbour Bridge from Opera House

Sunset over the Sydney Opera HouseSunset behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge

These sunset silhouettes are some of my favourites from the day!

Sunset silhouette, pre-wedding photography at Sydney Opera House

Sunset silhouette of Sydney Harbour BridgeNight-time engagement portraits at Sydney Opera HouseTwilight and night photography at Sydney Opera House

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Fera and Arief! We truly enjoyed our afternoon together. We wish you much joy and happiness, and a beautiful life together in Perth!

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Biju Photography - Absolutely Stunning Shots. My fav is the silhouette shot. Now i miss Sydney even more. These pictures just brought back all the memories.

Chris Fawkes - Stunning set. I love the silhouette and the shot with the droplets like Cathy.

Arief & Fera - Amazed with all the photos posted. We love them, especially the one on a ferry with Sydney harbor bridge in the background and the couple silhouette photo with the sun setting at the end of the bridge. Many thanks to Jeff and Erin for giving us beautiful and lovely memories about Sydney and our love story.

Cathy Crawley - Beautiful session Erin! I’m really drawn to the shot with all the water droplets, LOVE IT!

kristine ko - I love the first set on the “pier”. The water is just gorgeous. I also love the silhouetted sunset pix at the Opera House!!

Gina Lewis - Wow… another great session! You always have the most amazing wide angle shots. My favorite shot is the wide angle with the Harbour Bridge in the background. Beautiful.

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