Pyrmont and Sydney Harbour Engagement Session: Jonathan & Nicola

It is an honour when anyone asks us to photograph the milestones in their lives: engagements, weddings, babies… but as many photographers know, it’s even more of an honour when those closest to you ask you to document their special occasions. Our friends Jonathan and Nicola are getting married in Mexico later this year (sí, México!) and of course we were beyond excited to not only be invited to their summertime bash, but to be asked to photograph it! We couldn’t be more thrilled for them, and decided to start their engagement shoot down in Pyrmont, near the site of their first date! It was a bit of a stormy weekend, but they happily posed for this panorama as the rain started to sprinkle. Click on it to view it larger!

Pyrmont engagement photos, Darling Harbout panoramic image

When Jonathan first told us he had met someone named Nicola, we could tell that something special was happening. Jonathan and Nicola are one of those couples that seem so compatible you just think that it makes perfect sense for them to be together.  I can’t recall a time seeing these two that did not involve copious amounts of laughter. They laugh at each other, with each other, and make fun of each other’s accents. They make funny bets with each other and then just laugh it off instead of making the other pay up.  It’s a wonderful thing to see your friends so full of joy!

Pyrmont pre-wedding photosPyrmont urban pre-wedding picturesUrban pre-wedding photographyFun engagement photos in Pyrmont Sydney

There’s some more of those big smiles! Of course, there was lots of laughter during the photoshoot, even in the rain!

Sydney harbour engagement photos

It was at this point the skies opened up and we got completely rained out!  We started up again another day when the weather was decidedly more cheerful:

Sydney Opera House engagement portraits

I loved Nicola’s choice of a beautiful red maxi dress. It was perfect for the warm day and the dramatic architecture!

Pre-wedding photos at Sydney Opera House

Creative engagement photography

In case you hadn’t already noticed in some of our previous posts, The Wong Couple are now also the proud owners of a tilt-shift lens! Woo—fun!! These guys are too cute.

Sydney Opera House couplecreative photography Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House pre-wedding photos

Sydney harbour engagement photography

Nicola giggled her way through a couple of the more serious poses we suggested, but I think she looks hot here, don’t you?! Serious model poses suit you too, Nicola! :)

Sydney harbour pre-wedding photos

Jonathan and Nicola, you guys were looking great! I love your choice of outfits with cheerful and happy colours—just like your personalities!

Sydney harbour pre-wedding portraits

Couples portraits on Sydney Opera House steps

Sunset at Sydney Opera House couples portraitsPre-wedding photos at Sydney Opera House

Creative wedding engagement photography Sydney Opera House

What a gorgeous ring, which was given to her in Paris of all places! Jonathan woke Nicola up at the crack of dawn at their hotel in Paris, and told her he wanted to go take some photos of the sunrise at the Eiffel Tower. Being cold and sleepy, Nicola almost refused, and told us she thought of telling Jonathan to go alone. Hah! I bet she’s glad she came along, because that’s where Jonathan popped the question and gave her this beautiful ring.

MilsonMilsonSydney Harbour bridge engagement photos

We couldn’t leave Milson’s Point or Lavender Bay out of the photo shoot, since that’s the place these two call home. In fact, they are practically next-door neighbors with none other than Nicole Kidman! They have claimed sightings and even conversations, but we’re yet to have photo proof…

Lavender Bay MilsonFun engagement photos in Lavender Bay Natural engagement photography Sydney

I just love this series in the tall grasses.

Lavender Bay Sydney harbour engagement photos, tilt-shift engagement photosLuna park engagement photos

The beautiful Lavender Bay. Click to see it larger!

Lavender Bay panoramic photo

Engagement photos at Lavender Bay jetty

Love that red dress blowing in the breeze!

Pre-wedding photos outside Luna Park SydneyCreative pre-wedding photos SydneyFun engagement photos Lavender Bay SydneyCreative pre-wedding photographyPre-wedding photos at Lavender Bay jetty

I love this one here. You guys are such a cute couple!

Tilt-shift engagement photography

After a quick outfit change, we headed back over to Kirribilli for the sunset, which was shaping up to be spectacular!

Sunset engagement photos in KirribilliSydney harbour sunset engagement photos

The skies really delivered this evening and put on quite a display! Creating the panorama below was not without incident, however. Moments before the skies lit up, with our tripod and flashes ready to go, suddenly we were attacked by a rogue wave! The entire camera setup, Jeff, the backside of Jonathan, the esky and champagne glasses, and myself were all completely drenched in a split second. Nicola was safely positioned at her spot in the photo below and remained dry. What’s the next thing that happened? Nicola burst out laughing and pointing at her half-soaked fiancé. I’m not sure which was more hilarious—this crazy rogue wave that leapt from the ocean to drench us all, or Nicola’s priceless reaction. Happily, the front side of our groom-to-be stayed perfectly dry. And then the sky did this. Awesome! Click to view both of these bigger:

Sydney harbour sunset panoramic photo, vibrant and creative engagement photography

Sydney harbour twilight panoramic photography

Sunsets like this just make my day! One for your wall, guys? :) Jonathan and Nicola, we couldn’t be more thrilled that you are tying the knot this year. We’re SO excited for your big day and are honoured to be the ones capturing it on camera for you. Felicitaciones y nos vemos en México! No podemos esperar!

Friends and family of Jonathan and Nicola, leave a comment below for the happy couple and let us know what you think of the photos! We’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is available online.

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jenny smith - nic/jonno these photos are absolutely stunning xx just captures how happy you both are :-) gorgeous setting and amazing couple love them xxxxxxxx cant wait for the wedding xxxx love to you both x

Michaelann - Love the pictures – Jonathan you and Nic look really great and I don’t know which ones I like better – the tall grasses or the sunsets —- maybe the story of you getting wet.

Sharon - Beautiful pictures! You guys have such a good eye for just the right shot. Really sorry you didn’t get any of the rogue wave…they would have been priceless! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

Lisa - Guys, these photos are amazing and your subjects are HOT. Nicola, I loved the model shots!!! Just beautiful. Wish nothing but happiness for you both!!

Sally Rosa - Such amazing photos Nic. have a great summer wedding. Wishing you both a future filled with love and happiness. Xx

Kerry Bower - Absolutely stunning photos! You look blissfully happy, lots of laughs were obviously had too! The sunset ones are amazing xx

Sascha - Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Nicola looks stunning and Jonathan doesnt look too bad either :) What a lovely way to wake up today xxxx

karen murphy - wow! perfect photos for the perfect couple x

I am so looking forward to the next photos.

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