Sydney Olympic Park Engagement Session: Heli & Shaun

Photographer’s Log, Stardate 65176.4. We arrived at Robocog Cafe in Surry Hills on a sunny spring morning (side note: great cafe) to meet with a new engaged couple, Heli and Shaun. We knew that they were fans of all things space-fantasy and that they were planning a sci-fi themed wedding. We shared coffee, spicy quesadillas, offbeat wedding ideas and over an hour of sci-fi nerd chat. For those who don’t know me personally, I am a big sci-fi nerd. I spent my weekends as a teenager reading fantasy adventure novels and watching my favourite show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not very many people have the same appreciation for Star Trek that I do, so when I meet someone who does, we share a little mental high-five and I can give Jeff a look that says, “See? That’s three other people now that we’ve met in the last decade who love Star Trek. You’re crazy to think it’s not an amazing show! You should really give it another chance. I think you should watch Wrath of Khan a second time. Let’s watch it tonight!” OK, so Jeff’s not a Trek fan, but that doesn’t mean Jeff isn’t a big sci-fi nerd too. Half the TV shows we watch together are sci-fi and most of our favourite movies fall into this genre too. So, of course we really wanted to shoot Heli and Shaun’s wedding, and when they told us they wanted to book, we were stoked! They are planning something truly creative for their big day and we can’t wait. But before we have the wedding, let us introduce you to this beautiful gal and her handsome lad:

Pre-wedding photography in Sydney Olympic ParkForest of Poles, Sydney Olympic Park Engagement Session

I love Heli and Shaun’s no-nonsense, mature and logical approach to their relationship. They met in university and were friends for ages before they made the mutual decision to start going out. They were both slightly worried about potentially losing such a good friend if things didn’t work out, but as they said, “things just kept getting better and better.” A few years down the track, they made the decision together that they would get married and ordered their rings together.

Pre-wedding photos in the Forest of Poles, Sydney Olympic ParkFun engagement photos at Sydney Olympic Park

These two are a riot! They were definitely keen on some fun photos. The entire session was full of laughter and we could see straight away that these two were destined to be together. Here is Heli demonstrating her ability as a professional bodybuilder… ;)

Forest of Poles, Sydney Olympic Park Engagement Session

Looking lovely, Heli!

Pre-wedding photos in the Forest of Poles, Sydney Olympic Park

Fun engagement photos in the Forest of PolesSydney Olympic Park Pre-Wedding Photos

Chiron the Centaur, Sydney Olympic Park

Fun engagement photos in Sydney Olympic Park

I just love these two. Together they can be cutesy and fun, loving and romantic, or just totally goofy! This is one of my favourites:

Fun engagement photos at Sydney Olympic Park

After they had ordered their wedding rings, Heli told Shaun that she still wanted some surprise element to their engagement. So, Shaun got his hands on the rings without Heli knowing, and proposed after a fun movie night. Heli was so surprised that her plan to torture Shaun by telling him she wasn’t sure about marriage went completely out the window. She simply exclaimed, “What? Yes!”  You’ll also notice that Shaun’s ring is in this picture. You might even be able to see the slight, tiny scratches that begin to appear on any ring after a bit of wear. Yep, Shaun has been wearing his ring throughout their engagement. I thought this was the sweetest thing.

Sapphire engagement rings during pre-wedding photo shoot

Well, we couldn’t not have a Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired goofy ring shot, couldn’t we?

Fun pre-wedding photos at Sydney Olympic Park

Jeff and I had scouted the area around Sydney Olympic Park prior to coming here for the shoot, and once we saw it we were convinced it was the perfect location for Heli and Shaun’s engagement session. I mean, aside from the centaur you just saw above, an amazing flying saucer also happened to crash here!

The Discobolus at Sydney Olympic ParkPre-wedding photos at the Discobolus, Sydney Olympic Park

Heli and Shaun, the super-crime-fighting team!

The Discobolus, Sydney Olympic Park Engagement Session

Pre-wedding photography in Sydney Olympic ParkThe Discobolus at Sydney Olympic Park

We weren’t really trying to imitate J.J. Abrams, we just like our lens flare as much as the next guy… :)

Fun engagement photos at Sydney Olympic ParkSci-fi engagement session at Sydney Olympic ParkSunset at Osmosis Fountain in Sydney Olympic ParkSunset at the Northern Water Feature in Sydney Olympic Park

We thought this futuristic fountain was pretty rad. I love this one!

Engagement pre-wedding photography at the fountain in Sydney Olympic Park

As if in honour of the theme of spaceships and atmosphere, we were treated to one of the most beautiful and dramatic sunset skies we’d seen in awhile. This amazing sky made for some of our favourite shots.

Sunset engagement photos in Sydney Olympic ParkSunset pre-wedding photos in Sydney Olympic ParkLandscape engagement photos in Sydney Olympic Park

And here, folks, is the pièce de résistance. Heli and Shaun, on their very own planet!

Polar panorama little planet sunset landscape at Sydney Olympic Park

Love this one too. What a cute couple.

Sunset pre-wedding photos in Sydney Olympic ParkSunset engagement photo overlooking Sydney Olympic Park

And another one, just as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Little planet panorama at sunset in Sydney Olympic Park

Was this sunset epic or what?!

Watching the sunset at Sydney Olympic Park

With the sun gone, we tried our hand at a few twilight and nighttime portraits. Olympic Park looks pretty neat at night too!

Sydney Olympic Park Pre-Wedding PhotosSydney Olympic Park Engagement Session

Science-fiction pre-wedding photos at Sydney Olympic Park

The Discobolus at Sydney Olympic Park

Heli and Shaun, we think you guys are awesome. We can’t wait for your wedding! Leave a congratulatory note for Heli and Shaun below, or let us know what you think in the comments, and we’ll let you know when the full gallery is online.

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nate p. - what!? Seriously…? Haha, I love these! They’re amazing. And so fun. You did an awesome job.

Biju Oommen - Beautiful pictures and such a fun engagement session. Loved all the pictures. Very cute couple. Clouds look wicked cool..!!! :)

Bre Sessions - What a fun and quirky engagement shoot! Love the shots you got, you can really tell the couple is having a good time, and that the theme fits their personality. And the cloud shots are amazing! Did it really look like that or did you add a little photoshop magic? Either way they look great, nice job!

emily - love these!
the way they coordinated wardrobe down to her tights is excellent!
super cute couple :)

Stacey - How fun! This is an awesome session, your lighting is beautiful!!

Kathy Wong - OMG, you guys, THE WONG COUPLE, these pictures are freakin’ awesome!!! WOW! I love the water fountain, the CLOUDS (I know you guys LOVE clouds) AND the PLANET!!!! That is way cool! AMAZING job you guys did! HOLY MOLY! LOVE it!

Alex - Gorgeous photos! I seriously LOVE the sunset ones… you guys do such an amazing job!

Raven - Love that fountain one!!

And how you caught that bride and groom in the background. Like a little peek of what is to come! Cute y’all!

rich - are you kidding me?! these are so much fun!!! some amazing images here!

Coral Carretero - Love it, and the stockings of course!! Have a great wedding guys and enjoy the trip!! xx

Louisa Martin on Facebook - This is one fun shoot! They look like a truly fun couple. Love the little planet!

Frances Gauci - Wow guys unreal photos, you look fantastic. Congratulations and can’t wait until next week xxx

Heli - That’s so awesome guys! Thanks for making us look pretty and also insane (both so accurate)

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