Centennial Park Family Portraits: The Nakken Family

It was a rare sunny winter afternoon in Sydney when we had the privilege to photograph this beautiful family with their adorable toddler! Everyone, meet the Nakkens:

Sydney Family Photography

The Nakkens are one international family! Julia, born and raised in Korea and the Philippines, and Hal, born and raised in Norway, met whilst they were living in San Francisco, California. They married and now live here in Sydney, where they welcomed their adorable little boy, Kian, into the world. These smart parents are raising an already trilingual energetic little boy—he speaks Norwegian, Korean and English!

Centennial Park Family Portraits

Isn’t he so sweet? The look of excitement on his face when these swans approached was priceless!

Centennial Park Family Photography

We quickly learned that Kian would be calling the shots for most of the day. For the first half of the photo shoot, we just couldn’t get him to let go of his new red “scuttlebug” tricycle. He was completely in love with it!

Sydney Baby PhotographyCentennial Park Family Photography

Julia is just gorgeous. I mean, how many people can pull off a white knit turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans like that after having a baby?

Centennial Park Family PortraitsCentennial Park Family Portraits

It is amazing to hear Kian use three languages and learn new words all the time. It’s quite funny hearing him speak some words. The Korean word for “biscuit” sounds like “caca” which makes me laugh! Kian says it all the time (naturally) though Mommy has been smart to tell Kian that Cheerios are “biscuits”. I’m going to have to remember that trick. After bribing Kian with some “cacas”, we finally got him off his scuttlebug. Out of sight, out of mind!

Centennial Park Baby Photography

Kian makes amazing changeable faces. He is so mischievous sometimes!

Centennial Park Baby Photography

I LOVE these photos. We had so much fun trying to take these. I would have liked to have taken more, but we didn’t want the little guy to get too dizzy!

Centennial Park Children Photography

This is one of my favorites. Hal admits that before Kian, he didn’t go goo-goo gah-gah over babies. But after having his own son, he’s become one of the most doting fathers I know!

Centennial Park Family Photography

So many of our friends are multi-ethnic couples. We love it! I have to say I am always SO excited to meet their new babies; I find it so exciting to see which features they inherit from whom.

Sydney Family PortraitsCentennial Park Family Photography

Kian is an amazing blend of both Hal and Julia—you can really see the resemblance of both of them. Kian is most certainly going to grow into one handsome man someday!

Centennial Park Family Portraits

If you look closely at some of the previous photos, you’ll notice Kian is clutching a rock… he’s got a real fascination with rocks! Future geologist maybe? Here is Hal, taking a beating in the form of rock-to-head, in the name of a cute photograph. Haha!

Centennial Park Family Photography

What a happy family. Julia and Hal seem to be doing a marvelous job of raising Kian, and taking it all in stride. Despite the occasional rock to the head, Kian really seems to be turning into a such a polite, friendly, well-adjusted young boy. Good job, Mommy and Daddy!

Sydney Family PortraitsSydney Family Photography

Thank you Hal and Julia for letting us take some photos of your beautiful family. Hugs from your photographers!

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Arlene - Hello!

We recently had a new addition to our little family and wanted to get some pics done. We are on a tight budjet at the moment as my husband is studying full-time and is not currently working. Can you please give me an idea of the prices for different photo packages? What would $500 for photo session and pics get us?

Many thanks,
Arlene :)

Louisa Martin - Oh, how special these memories will be for this couple! Your photos so capture these adorable parents ever watchful over this precious child as he explores his new world. The expression on his face as he meet the swans is priceless! Love that you used his tricycle in the shoot. It not only captures his “age” but also anchors him in his great big new world with giant trees, big black swans, and a mysterious lake. As with any “first born,” he is the center of this couple’s world and your photos capture that! Adorable!

Tracy Condidorio - How totally cute is Kian! Fantastic series!!

Katie - I love the spinning ones! What great trees in that park too. These are so beautiful!

Uzma - LOVE these! Especially the ones of him spinning around…can’t imagine how you did that.

Julia Beckmann - These are great! I love the spinning ones! :)

Leah Aubrey - love them all! I am sure the family is more than blown away by the awesome shots.

Chris Fawkes - Love this series, great work.

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