Manly Beach Newborn Session: Nina & Family

Happy Thursday again, folks! If you didn’t get enough baby cuteness from our last post, then keep on scrolling for some more amazingly adorable photos! This week, we’re delighted to introduce you to one of the newest residents of Manly Beach: baby Nina! Little Nina was a brand-new newborn for her first photo session and was only 14 days old! Her proud parents, Kellie and Tas, are both huge cycling enthusiasts, so it was a natural choice to capture Nina’s first experience on a bicycle (with the help of some Photoshop magic) during her photoshoot!

Sydney newborn creative adorable photography

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s backtrack a little. We did something a little special this time and took the opportunity to photograph Nina mere days before she entered the world. Aren’t mother and daughter both so beautiful?

Sydney Manly beach maternity and newborn photography

Baby Nina insisted on not sleeping for the first part of the session. She just wanted to be awake and experience the world!

Manly and Sydney north shore baby and family photos

You looked beautiful before and after, Kellie! So lovely.

Sydney northern beaches baby maternity and family photography

Tas was quite obviously very excited about his new precious daughter!

Australia newborn photography

I love this one. What a beautiful little family. :)

Manly beach baby photographySydney Manly beach cute baby and newborn photography

What a pretty little baby! She already seemed quite alert and inquisitive at only 14 days old.

Baby and family photography New South Wales

It wasn’t long, however, before she decided she was tuckered out and a nap was in order!

Cute and fun baby photos Sydney

Sydney adorable baby photos, Sydney newborn photography

Such tiny feet! So beautiful.

Beautiful family photography Sydney Australia

Nina promptly passed out on this soft sheepskin rug. Awww.

Family portrait photography Sydney northern suburbsFamily portrait photography Sydney northern suburbsNewborn photography Australia SydneyBaby photos Sydney

How perfect is she? Sooo sweet.

Family portrait photography Sydney Manly Curl Curl

While she was happily napping and with the help of mum and dad, we ventured outside to set up these precious photos. Tas and Kellie’s new home had this lovely magenta vine-covered wall that was the perfect backdrop. Please, don’t try this at home! Shots like these always involve a little Photoshop trickery and lots of helping hands to keep the baby safe at all times.

Adorable baby photos Sydney Australia

I absolutely love how these came out! I wonder if Nina will like bikes as much as her parents do?

Australia newborn photography

Sydney Manly beach cute adorable baby and newborn photography

She slept so peacefully in the basket! Adorable adorable.

Cute and fun baby photos Sydney

Welcome to the world, little baby Nina! Your parents already love you so much, and that love is sure to only grow as you get older. Kellie and Tas, thanks for letting us capture these very special memories for you! Friends and family of Kellie, Tas and Nina, we’d love to hear what you think of the photos in the comments below! The full gallery of images will also be available online soon for viewing.

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