Sydney Family Portraits: The Jungs

Family pictures with two-month old baby, Clark Park Sydney

In our last post, we promised some exciting things over the coming weeks. Well, today we start part one of the fun, and are featuring some portraits we took of the beautiful Jung family. We were so excited to photograph these guys, our friends Claudia and Jim, and the adorable sweetness that is their baby daughter, Eleanor. Claudia and Jim were eagerly anticipating her arrival, so we were VERY excited for them when we heard she was finally entering this world. And now that she’s just turned the big 0-1, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share these photos we took when she was a bit smaller.

Two-month old baby portraits, Clark Park North Shore SydneyTiny baby hands and feet by The Wong Couple PhotographersTiny baby hands and feet by The Wong Couple Photographers

First off, I have to say I love the name they chose for this little angel. And it makes for the most adorable nickname of Ellie, or just ‘E’! Love it love it.

North Shore Sydney, two-month old baby photographyTwo-month old baby photography

She has got to be one of the sweetest babies around– we have still never seen her really cry! Although, Claudia and Jim might say she is often different away from strangers. ;) Around us anyway, she’s a real charmer! Eleanor has the cutest little smile. And when she giggles… oh my!

Family photography in Clark Park, North Shore Sydney

And Claudia is just gorgeous. Doesn’t she look exactly like Yunjin Kim, the actress that played “Sun” in LOST? Yeah, I thought you’d agree. If you met her you’d agree even more. I swear her voice and mannerisms are so much like the character “Sun”!

Family pictures with two-month old baby

In Eleanor, you can really see the resemblance to both mother and father!

Family photography in Clark Park, North Shore SydneyTwo-month old baby photographyTwo-month old baby photography

You can just tell how in love Jim is with his little girl. They are so cute together!

Family photos with two-month old babyFamily and baby photography at Clark Park, Sydney North Shore

The Jungs have been away from Sydney for a while now and we’ve been in Eleanor withdrawal! Claudia and Jim, thank you for being our first “clients”! We absolutely loved photographing your little girl and can’t wait until you return so we can take some more happy snaps! Give Eleanor a birthday-squeeze for us, will ya?

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Chris Ahrens - Jeff/Erin, way to go – the gallery photos look fantastic! Make sure you have fun with it!

Jeffrey Wong - Thanks Erin! There must be something about the “Jeff and Erin” combo that makes us so awesome! ;)

Erin Y. - Love, love, love!! You guys are so stinkin’ awesome it’s ridiculous! We’re so proud! *sniff*

Jeffrey Wong - Haha, thanks Jim!

Jaymes Jung - We are forever loyal to the Wongs!

Jeffrey H Wong - You mean you’re seeing *other* photographers?! I KNEW this long distance relationship wasn’t going to work… :P

Claudia Jung - I meant “lovely” things.

Claudia Jung - Thanks Mr. Wong! We had our photo shoot for E’s first bday today with another friend whos an awesome photographer. Will share the pics when they’re ready. Love the blog, and all the lively things you wrote about us. :)

Jeffrey H Wong - Congrats Claudia Jung and Jim Jung on year 1 :)

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