Circular Quay Holiday Session: Junjing’s Day in Sydney

About two months ago I received an email from Junjing, who said she would be visiting Sydney for the first time and wanted to capture some of the famous harbour scenery on more than just her iPhone. In the past few months I’ve seen several “news” articles about this new travel phenomenon, on both photography blogs and major publications like the Wall Street Journal.  Opinions seem to vary rather widely on this new “trend” if you can call it that, but we think it is a fabulous idea!

Sydney Holiday Photographer, photos at Sydney Opera House

Just think of all those times you’ve looked back at your vacation photos—that glimpse of the panoramic vista you struggled to fit into your frame, that out-of-focused shot taken by the nearest passerby, or that photo of you, your partner, and a gigantic arm extending from the camera blocking half the view. Or what about those missed moments when you didn’t want to lug around your camera or tripod, ran out of card space, or got sand stuck in your lens motor? Yep, we’ve all been there at one point.  Even now for Jeff and I, although we have many photos from our travels, we have very few good ones with both of us in it! Our usual strategy of seeking out the tourist with the most professional-looking camera no longer works in an era of affordable DSLRs, leaving us with many poorly composed, crooked, unflattering shots of us together. When the tourist hands the camera back and asks us if it’s okay, we never have the heart to say anything except, “Awesome, thanks!”

So, we think this idea is fantastic! After your holiday is over, you’ll have a bit more to remember it by than just some ticket stubs, a fridge magnet and a fading tan. Part of what Jeff and I love about photography (and part of what we strive for in our style) is the ability to capture a moment or a scene as you experienced it. We’re not all that interested in “vintage” filters or fake textures. Instead, we strive for photos that, years later, jog your memory in such a way that it brings you right back to the place or moment.

But back to lovely Junjing here, who was visiting from Singapore for a very brief trip. She wanted to capture the major sights around the harbour, and I played a bit of tour guide and showed her around The Rocks and the Botanic Gardens. Junjing only had a couple of hours in which to take photos, and I was a bit worried what the weather gods would dish out for us considering all the recent rain. Well, we certainly lucked out as it turned out to be the warmest July day in many years!

The Rocks vacation photos, Sydney vacation photographer

Sydney Holiday Photographer, pictures in The Rocks

Vacation photos in Sydney, professional vacation photographer Australia

I told Junjing about The Australian Hotel, and she was keen to head inside and sample one of the many Aussie beers available! An excellent idea for a warm afternoon.

Sydney Vacation Photographer Holiday in Sydney vacation professional photographsPortrait session in The Rocks, professional holiday photographerPortrait session in The Rocks, professional holiday photographer

Sydney holiday photographer, The Rocks portraits

Fun holiday photos by a professional photographerCreative vacation photos by a professional photographer Sydney

Back down at the water, we opted for a panorama to take in this classic skyline!

Sydney professional holiday and vacation photographers

Sydney holiday pictures professional photographersPortrait session Circular Quay holiday photosSydney Harbour vacation photos Sydney Opera House professional photos on vacation

Opera House holiday professional portrait session Sydney

Sydney professional holiday and vacation photographers

Professional photos on vacation in Sydney Australia

As the sun sank lower, we took a stroll into the Botanic Gardens.

Vacation photographer AustraliaPortrait session Sydney Botanic Gardens holiday photosCreative vacation photos by a professional photographer Sydney

And we were treated to a beautiful sunset!

Vacation and holiday photographer Australia

Junjing, I hope you enjoyed your afternoon in Sydney and I hope you manage to visit Australia again someday!

If you are visiting Sydney, either alone or with your partner or family, and would like part of your holiday captured professionally, feel free to get in touch! Having discovered this amazing city twelve years ago, and soaking in as much of it as we can over the last six years, we know it pretty well. We would love to capture some vacation memories for you, so that you’ll want to hang them on your wall instead of stash them in a shoebox!

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rich - that’s a really really cool idea – and as shown through your photos, it’s totally worth it!

Nick Bombich - Awesome set again. Nice work

Warren - A great idea. All the photos were creative and wonderful. Loved them!

Jojo - Such a cool idea – love that last shot especially.

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