Westella Renaissance Persian & Pakistani Wedding: Maria & Talib – Part 1

It was a stunningly sunny day for Maria and Talib’s Persian wedding ceremony! Maria and Talib had a beautiful ceremony in Iranian tradition in a family member’s backyard. Their families did a lovely job decorating. Summer had come early and left everyone quite literally dazzled by all the beautiful details in silver and white! The ceremony spread, or Sofre-ye-Aghd, was decorated with traditionally symbolic items of herbs, spices, sugar, flowers, and the Qu’ran.

Sofreye Aghd, Persian wedding ceremony, Muslim Iranian wedding ceremony photosPersian wedding spread details, Iranian Aghd ceremony photos

The spread symbolised many hopes and wishes for the new couple in their life together—that they may have joy (pomegranates), wealth (coins), sweetness in life (sugar and honey), fertility (walnuts), and that they may avoid the evil eye (salt) and be protected from evil spirits (poppy seeds and other spices).

Sofre-ye-Aghd Persian Muslim wedding ceremony pictures

The Aghd spread also included a mirror, one of the most important items in the Aghd ceremony, and a candelabra representing brightness and light in the future of the couple. This beautiful bowl of saffron-coloured rock candy symbolised a wish for the couple to have sweetness in life.

Pomegranates and seeds in Aghd Persian wedding ceremonyWalnuts and black tea leaves in Persian Aghd wedding ceremonyQurPersian wedding ceremony Sydney

A very talented family member also created this amazing carved fruit and vegetable spread!

Maria’s traditional wedding outfit was elaborately adorned with sequins and metallic embroidery. Beautiful!

Persian wedding ceremony bridal outfit

Maria’s mother and sister helped her get ready before the ceremony.

Persian wedding ceremony photos bride getting readyPersian wedding ceremony preparations Sydney

The little flower girls were quite taken with our beautiful bride!

Beautiful Persian wedding photography Sydney

Did Maria look gorgeous or what? Absolutely stunning!

Beautiful and elegant wedding photography Sydney

Sydney wedding ceremony Iranian and Pakistani traditions

Persian Iranian wedding gown, beautiful bride on her wedding day Sydney

Sooo beautiful, Maria!

Iranian wedding traditions, Persian wedding ceremony, elegant wedding photography Australia

Talib waited patiently for his bride at the start of the ceremony. Adhering to tradition, Talib gazed into the mirror and waited for Maria to walk down the aisle and approach him. The groom is to see his bride for the first time in the mirror.

Persian Muslim wedding ceremony Sydney AustraliaAghd wedding ceremony, creative wedding photography

The adorable flower girls led the procession down the aisle.

Iranian wedding ceremony photos, Muslim wedding ceremonyIranian wedding ceremony photos, Muslim wedding ceremonyAghd Muslim wedding ceremony pictures australiaAghd Iranian Australian wedding ceremony photos

Talib looked so happy to see his beautiful bride all dressed up! Such a nice moment as they smiled at each other’s reflections.

Wedding ceremony with Sofre-ye-Aghd

The ceremony began with some words of prayer and the signing of the marriage certificate.

Aghd Iranian Australian wedding ceremony photosAghd Iranian Persian Australian wedding ceremony photosPerisan wedding bride and groom under the silk scarf in front of Sofre

Maria’s family members held a silk scarf over their heads and tossed a thin flatbread onto it, as a wish for feasting and prosperity in Maria and Talib’s future together.

Ring exchange wedding photos Australia

At the end of the ceremony, Maria and Talib dipped their fingers in the cup of honey and fed it to each other.

Afterwards, in Talib’s Pakistanti family traditions, they held a brief ceremony in the doorway of the house.

Pakistani wedding traditions doorway ceremonyPakistani wedding traditions ceremony in doorway on wedding day

Then, Maria and Talib gave each other tea, sharing their first drink together as husband and wife.

Bride and groom give each other tea during Pakistani wedding tradition

We then travelled with Maria and Talib to their own home for a quick outfit change before some photos and their beautiful reception.

Maria chose a gorgeous silk ballgown to wear for their big, festive reception! It was just perfect for her!

She also had the perfect shimmering silver accessories to go along with her gown.

Persian and Pakistani wedding, silver and white wedding Sydney

With no bridal party or family members to attend to, Maria and Talib got their first chance to relax and enjoy this quiet downtime together before the festivities ahead. It’s not often the bride and group get a chance to help each other dress for their wedding!

Bride and groom get ready together for their multicultural wedding Sydney

Looking very sharp, you two!

Sydney multicultural Iranian and Pakistani wedding

Once our bride and groom were all dolled up, we headed out for some photos by the harbour! Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming in Part 2…

Stay tuned everyone for more portraits of this gorgeous couple, and their beautiful ballroom reception with lots and lots of dancing! Friends and family of Maria and Talib, we’d love to know what you think of the photos in the comments below!

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Pakistani Pithi Night Pre-Wedding Celebrations: Maria & Talib

If it happens to be a grey day wherever you are, then read on—there’s enough colour and happiness in this post to part the clouds! Today we have the first installment of Maria and Talib’s beautiful two-day multicultural wedding celebration to share. Maria and Talib combined Pakistani and Iranian wedding traditions to honour both of their heritages. The night before the wedding, they invited all their guests to Kashi Indian Restaurant in Annangrove to participate in the Pithi ceremony, a Pakistani pre-wedding tradition. The colours, fabrics and decorations are so mesmerising and beautiful—prepare to feast your eyes!

Pithi night Pakistani wedding, colourful and vibrant wedding photography

The preparations began with Talib’s female family members arranging the items for the ceremony, including coloured rice, sweets, Pithi paste made of tumeric, and small clay pots.

Pithi night Pakistani wedding celebration SydneyCreative wedding photography, Indian and Pakistani wedding photosKashi Indian Restaurant Sydney

The guests were all smiles as they eagerly awaited the arrival of the future bride and groom.

Our beautiful bride made a ceremonial entrance while her family and friends held a traditional wedding shawl over her head.

Pithi night celebrations Pakistani wedding

Our handsome groom soon followed!

Pakistan pre-wedding celebrations Pithi night traditional ceremony

The guests approached our bride and groom one by one to give their blessings. Each guest fed them a piece of candy to wish them sweetness in their marriage.

Creative wedding photojournalism, Indian wedding photos

They also took the Pithi paste, made of chickpea flour, rose water and tumeric, and rubbed it on the bride and groom’s hands or face to give them radiant skin for the wedding day.

Creative wedding photojournalism, Indian wedding photos

There was also much throwing of the coloured rice to wish them abundance and prosperity in their lives together. The guests seemed to really enjoy that part of the blessings!

Creative wedding photojournalism Indian and Pakistani wedding photographers Pithi rice throwingPithi ceremony creative photojournalismPre-wedding ceremony Pithi night Pakistani wedding, showering couple with ricePakistani and Iranian multicultural wedding

What fun! All the commotion was so lively and festive! With the guests crowding around in excitement, there was hardly any room for us to squeeze in.

Rice throwing at Pithi night celebrationsColourful wedding photos Indian and Pakistani wedding ceremoniesBeautiful wedding photography Pithi ceremony nightBeautiful wedding photography Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony guest blessingsBeautiful wedding photography Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony guest blessings

Didn’t our bride-to-be look gorgeous?

Creative wedding photography, Pakistani and Iranian multicultural weddingGuest blessings at Pithi ceremony Pakistan wedding celebrations

The guests were all in such good spirits!

Fun and creative wedding photography Pithi ceremony nightPithi night celebrations at Kashi Indian Restaurant

After the blessings were completed, our bride and groom broke sapatias. These small clay pots traditionally contain sugar, tumeric, lentils and silver coins, the breaking of which symbolises the release of the gifts that are inside—sweetness, good health, prosperity and wealth.

Breaking sapatias Pithi ceremonyColourful and creative Indian and Pakistani wedding photography

Then everyone enjoyed a delicious feast of Indian food!

Pithi night at Kashi Indian Restaurant SydneyCreative photography pre-wedding celebrations Kashi Indian RestaurantFun Pithi night celebrations Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony

Maria and Talib had told us that the end of the night would involve some “egg throwing” at the groom. Here I was envisioning a small group of people, perhaps with one egg in hand each, tossing them gently toward the groom… but once I saw that giant blue tarp go down, I suspected there might be something a bit different about to happen! Talib donned his protective Iron Man mask to prepare for what was to come. It was tradition for Maria to smash the first egg… and then…


Fun Pithi night celebrations Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony

Jeff and I thought it was hilarious they brought out ketchup, flour, pitchers of water, silly string, whipped cream… and of course, several dozen eggs!!

Egg throwing at groom during Pithi celebrationsEgg throwing at Pakistani groom during Pithi ceremony

Oh my goodness… what a mess!  The guests were very entertained, and I think it’s safe to say the groom was thoroughly “blessed” by this stage! :)

While our groom escaped to take a shower, the guests took the celebration to the dance floor!

Fun and creative Indian wedding photography

What fun! Next up on our blog will be Part one of Maria and Talib’s beautiful wedding day… stay tuned! Family and friends of Maria and Talib, we’d love to hear what you think of the images! Feel free to leave a comment for us below.

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Maheen - Amazing pictures and blog! Fantastic work capturing the colorful and vibrant ceremony!

Manly Beach Newborn Session: Nina & Family

Happy Thursday again, folks! If you didn’t get enough baby cuteness from our last post, then keep on scrolling for some more amazingly adorable photos! This week, we’re delighted to introduce you to one of the newest residents of Manly Beach: baby Nina! Little Nina was a brand-new newborn for her first photo session and was only 14 days old! Her proud parents, Kellie and Tas, are both huge cycling enthusiasts, so it was a natural choice to capture Nina’s first experience on a bicycle (with the help of some Photoshop magic) during her photoshoot!

Sydney newborn creative adorable photography

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s backtrack a little. We did something a little special this time and took the opportunity to photograph Nina mere days before she entered the world. Aren’t mother and daughter both so beautiful?

Sydney Manly beach maternity and newborn photography

Baby Nina insisted on not sleeping for the first part of the session. She just wanted to be awake and experience the world!

Manly and Sydney north shore baby and family photos

You looked beautiful before and after, Kellie! So lovely.

Sydney northern beaches baby maternity and family photography

Tas was quite obviously very excited about his new precious daughter!

Australia newborn photography

I love this one. What a beautiful little family. :)

Manly beach baby photographySydney Manly beach cute baby and newborn photography

What a pretty little baby! She already seemed quite alert and inquisitive at only 14 days old.

Baby and family photography New South Wales

It wasn’t long, however, before she decided she was tuckered out and a nap was in order!

Cute and fun baby photos Sydney

Sydney adorable baby photos, Sydney newborn photography

Such tiny feet! So beautiful.

Beautiful family photography Sydney Australia

Nina promptly passed out on this soft sheepskin rug. Awww.

Family portrait photography Sydney northern suburbsFamily portrait photography Sydney northern suburbsNewborn photography Australia SydneyBaby photos Sydney

How perfect is she? Sooo sweet.

Family portrait photography Sydney Manly Curl Curl

While she was happily napping and with the help of mum and dad, we ventured outside to set up these precious photos. Tas and Kellie’s new home had this lovely magenta vine-covered wall that was the perfect backdrop. Please, don’t try this at home! Shots like these always involve a little Photoshop trickery and lots of helping hands to keep the baby safe at all times.

Adorable baby photos Sydney Australia

I absolutely love how these came out! I wonder if Nina will like bikes as much as her parents do?

Australia newborn photography

Sydney Manly beach cute adorable baby and newborn photography

She slept so peacefully in the basket! Adorable adorable.

Cute and fun baby photos Sydney

Welcome to the world, little baby Nina! Your parents already love you so much, and that love is sure to only grow as you get older. Kellie and Tas, thanks for letting us capture these very special memories for you! Friends and family of Kellie, Tas and Nina, we’d love to hear what you think of the photos in the comments below! The full gallery of images will also be available online soon for viewing.

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Mosman Newborn Session: Charlotte & Family

Are you ready for some Thursday cuteness?  Recently we had the pleasure of meeting baby Charlotte, who was just eight weeks old. During the course of the photoshoot she charmed us completely with her ridiculously adorable smiley face! Little Charlotte was quite intent on not sleeping at all on this day. She was just too interested in the new and wonderful world around her! Let us introduce you to this little doll. Isn’t she the cutest little baby ever? :)

Sydney adorable baby photos, Sydney newborn photographySydney Mosman cute baby and newborn photographyMosman and Sydney north shore baby and family photos

I can’t get over those perfect little cheeks! Awww!

Mosman and Sydney north shore baby and family photography

And her pretty blue eyes… so beautiful!

Australia newborn photography

Mosman baby photography

Charlotte seemed happiest when she was being cuddled by mum and dad. So sweet!

Sydney Mosman cute baby and newborn photographyBaby and family photography New South Wales

Her proud parents, Nina and Alex, seemed so in love with their new daughter. I love these next few shots of family cuddle time!

Cute and fun baby photos SydneySydney adorable baby photos, Sydney newborn photography

Such tiny features… baby hands and feet are always such fun to photograph.

Beautiful family photography Sydney AustraliaFamily portrait photography Sydney northern suburbsFamily portrait photography Sydney northern suburbs

Midway through the session, Charlotte finally decided to nod off for a few minutes. Awww. So precious.

Newborn photography Australia SydneyBaby photos SydneyFamily portrait photography Sydney Mosman Neutral Bay

Nina, you are gorgeous! What a beautiful family.

Australia newborn photography

It looks like Charlotte got her mum’s beautiful blue eyes!

Adorable baby photos Sydney Australia

Sydney Mosman cute baby and newborn photography

Cute and fun baby photos Sydney

Charlotte seemed to love her father’s gentle caress. I just LOVE her little smile in this next one!

Neutral Bay and Mosman family and baby photographers

Now that Charlotte was wide awake again, we thought we’d let her try some tummy time. Toooo cute for words!

Sydney adorable baby photos, Sydney newborn photographyNew South Wales newborn and family photography

Charlotte’s nursery looked adorable. Hanging over her crib was this special custom watercolour painting featuring her birth date. Adorable!

Beautiful family and baby photos Sydney north shore eastern suburbsMosman Manly Sydney Neutral Bay baby photos

Ahhh, I just can’t get enough of her adorable little face! :)

Sydney Australia New South Wales family photography

Charlotte seemed quite happy to have a little conversation with her parents on the changing table. Cute cute cute!

Creative newborn and family photography Sydney

Nina and Alex, thank you for introducing us to the super adorable new addition to your family. We are so happy for you! For any friends and family of Nina and Alex out there reading, we’d love to know what you think of the photos!

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Sydney City & The Rocks Engagement Session: Melissa & Kyle

Today we have a really fun engagement session to share! Melissa and Kyle are a beautiful couple who found each other despite being born on opposite sides of the globe. Kyle fell in love with his Canadian bride-to-be when she was visiting Australia and convinced her to move across the ocean. These two lovebirds drove all the way from Canberra and back in a day just for this session with us! So, of course we had to visit some of the iconic areas of Sydney, but they also wanted something a bit unique and different. We had fun planning this session with them from afar, especially because of a very unique idea they had for the end of the shoot. First though, we ventured into the laneways of Sydney for some creative shots!

Angel place Martin place Sydney city street photography engagement session

Melissa did a great job coordinating their outfits—I loved her maxi dress, and her bright magenta necklace was just perfect!

Martin Place portrait session photos

Looking good, you two!

Martin Place engagement session pictures Sydney

We love this laneway art installation, “Forgotten Songs”. When they put it up a few years ago, I thought it was temporary. I’m so glad they kept it!

Angel Place bird cages, Angel place art installation, engagement photos Sydney

Angel Place bird cages, Angel place Forgotten Songs art installation, couples portraits Sydney

Love these!
Engagement and wedding photography Angel Place bird cages, Sydney laneway photos

Forgotten Songs art installation Sydney city

Sydney laneways may not be anywhere near as vibrant and bustling as Melbourne’s, but we think they still have their own unique charm. This one is home to one of our favourite small bars, Palmer & Co.

Sydney city laneway photography, engagement session picturesSydney city creative engagement photos

We thought this shopfront with its vintage ice cream sign was just too cool!

Sydney city creative engagement photos

Love this one… awww.

Unique and creative couples portraits Sydney

The Rocks couples portraits, unique engagement photography

Sydney city vibrant colourful engagement photos

Aww, don’t they make such a lovely couple?

Sydney creative and unique engagement pictures

We decided to try a new perspective of the harbour bridge for something fun and different.

Sydney harbour bridge engagement session creative photosUnique portrait session Sydney harbour bridgeSydney harbour bridge couples portraitsThe Rocks unique engagement and wedding photos

We found some beautiful light on Argyle Street!

Sydney beautiful and elegant couple portrait photographyVibrant engagement and wedding photography Sydney The Rocks

This is definitely one of our new favourite Sydney Opera House panoramas. Click to view it larger!

Sydney opera house panorama, sunset HDR panoramic photography Sydney Harbour

Sydney opera house sunset engagement photos

Too cute, you two!

Opera House engagement photography

A sun-kissed Opera House is always beautiful.

For another new and different view, we climbed the stairs to the Tarpeian Lawn to look out over the harbour.

Sydney harbour engagement sessionSydney harbour bridge sunset couples photos

Kyle gave Melissa this gorgeous ring after proposing to her in Narrabeen. Wow! So stunning!

And here is the unique idea that Melissa came up with for their session—throwing around some Holi powder! As you can see, this cornstarch powder is extremely bright and used in India to celebrate Holi, the spring festival. Jeff and I have not yet had the pleasure of travelling to India, but the powder-throwing-frenzy sounds like an incredible experience!

I think we had as much fun watching Melissa and Kyle as they did throwing it!

Fun and unique engagement photos Sydney

It wasn’t long before throwing the powder up in the air morphed into throwing it at each other! Gotta love the look on Kyle’s face here that says, “this is war!”

Holi powder fight, engagement session with holi powder

Who says engagement sessions have to be 100% lovey-dovey? You can have a powder fight if you like! :)

Only a few tosses and they were completely covered… but they weren’t done yet. Love the colour in these!

Fun sydney opera house engagement photos with holi powderColourful couples portraits, sunset and twilight colourful photos

Melissa got this one straight in the face! I think Kyle had a bit of a height advantage! Haha, at least she had a good laugh about it.

Engagement session with holi powder, fun engagement session photography

Haha, we love it! Melissa and Kyle, it was so much fun getting to know you over this fantastic afternoon! Thank you so much for making the long trek to Sydney just for some photo fun. We wish you all the best for your Canadian wedding next year and many wonderful, happy years together! Friends and family of Melissa and Kyle, leave a note for this happy couple below. We’d also love to know what you think of the photos!

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Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa Wedding in the Rainforest – Adrienne & Danny

Dear readers, we have a sweet tropical treat for you today! Jeff and I recently had the great pleasure of travelling up to far north Queensland with Adrienne and Danny for their beyond fabulous destination elopement wedding! We’ve travelled to Queensland many times and we just loovvee it, so of course we were thrilled to join the fun up in the beautiful, ancient Daintree Rainforest. Adrienne and Danny chose to have their private ceremony and getaway at the Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa, a quiet 45 minute drive north of Port Douglas, past sugar cane fields and through the trees into the thick Daintree Rainforest. The small resort is tucked away in its own pocket of rainforest, and feels very private and relaxed. The staff are super friendly and their restaurant is divine! Adrienne looked incredibly relaxed when we arrived, having already spent several days in the resort and getting pampered in the spa.

Daintree rainforest wedding, Cape Tribulation wedding, Australian tropical wedding photos Queensland

The Daintree Eco Lodge features a lovely open-air restaurant over a small lake filled with fish… and a giant eel that we spotted! What beautiful surroundings.

Daintree Eco Lodge, HDR photography, Queensland rainforest, landscape photographers AustraliaDaintree Eco lodge wedding photographers, Port Douglas wedding photography Queensland

Adrienne just couldn’t decide on her shoes, and so she had two fabulous pairs of gold heels to choose from! I loved them both too!

Creative vibrant beautiful wedding photography far north Queensland rainforest tropical wedding

The bride’s bouquet was definitely one of the most unique we’ve seen this year and probably my personal favourite. The native tropical wildflowers and orchids were just divine, and I loved the asymmetrical shape!

Unique wedding photos Queensland, Australian tropical rainforest wedding, unique tropical wedding bouquetUnique tropical wedding bouquet with wild orchids, rainforest wildflowers

Danny’s boutonniere featured the same beautiful pink and purple orchids and miniature yellow orchids. I love tropical flowers!

Unique tropical wedding flowers, Queensland rainforest wedding photos

To maintain a touch of surprise before their first look, Danny had to stay outside, relaxing in the open-air restaurant and listening to some tunes while waiting for his bride.

Daintree Eco Lodge wedding photos

Back inside their treetop hideaway, our bride was looking absolutely beautiful!

Eco Lodge Queensland rainforest wedding pictures

Rebecca-Jane from Studio Eclipse did a great job on Adrienne’s hair and makeup. Didn’t she look gorgeous?

Adrienne chose this amazing silky wedding gown. I can’t think of a more perfect dress for the setting!

Destination rainforest Port Douglas Cape Tribulation wedding photographers

Port Douglas Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest wedding photos

And that ring… jaw-droppingly beautiful!

Vibrant beautiful elegant wedding photography Australia Queensland tropical beach rainforest

Danny also chose a very unique groom’s look—his linen suit was perfect for the warm climate and we loved the blue jacket!

Daintree rainforest wedding

Looking very handsome, Danny!

Port Douglas Cape Tribulation wedding photos

Back inside, our bride was nearly ready. Wow, was this dress perfect for Adrienne or what?

Just flawless… gorgeous!

Tropical beach rainforest destination wedding pictures Queensland

It was time for Danny to get his first glimpse of his wife-to-be all dolled up. Despite the relaxed nature of their affair, Danny was getting butterflies in his stomach as Adrienne approached.

Daintree Eco Lodge wedding pictures, Cape Tribulation wedding photographerWedding first look in the rainforest, tropical eco lodge wedding

We took a step back to capture this lovely intimate moment between them.

Elopement wedding photographers, Queensland destination wedding photographers

Danny had the sweetest reaction when he saw his bride for the first time in her gown and veil. Soo sweet!

First look at Australian elopement wedding, destination resort wedding photographers

They may have been eloping, but a quick Skype session with each of their families was in order! Despite a slightly patchy connection in the middle of the rainforest, we got through and their very happy families wished them well. Technology is amazing!

We had a short pleasant hike through the rainforest up to the lodge’s own waterfall for their private ceremony.

The ceremony site was decorated with more gorgeous tropical blooms.

Daintree Eco Lodge wedding ceremony at a waterfall

The lovely Natasha Kolloshe officiated their very personal ceremony on this tree-top platform, with a small waterfall trickling behind them.

Elopement wedding in the rainforest Queensland

Adrienne and Danny wrote the most beautiful and touching vows for one another, vows they kept secret until the big day. This photographer will admit her eyes behind the camera were trickling just like that waterfall by the end of these vows!

Beautiful destination wedding photography AustraliaDaintree rainforest Queensland wedding ceremony at a waterfallElopement wedding at a waterfall Australia

Adrienne and Danny’s family members each wrote something special for their celebrant to read to them during their ceremony. Adrienne’s mother wrote an especially touching poem.

Yay! Congratulations Adrienne and Danny!

Rainforest wedding ceremony AustraliaDaintree Eco Lodge waterfall in the rainforest wedding photos

Being the only witnesses to their marriage, we had the honour and privilege to sign on their marriage certificates! After making everything official, it was time for some celebratory glasses of bubbly.

Another quick Skype session to announce the happy news was a must!

Next it was time for a wander through the rainforest…

Daintree Eco Lodge wedding in the rainforest Queensland

Daintree Cape Tribulation Port Douglas wedding photographers

The scenery was so dramatic and lush… LOVE!

Creative wedding photography north Queensland Port Douglas Cape Tribulation

The endless, tangled mess of the rainforest is fascinating and beautiful to me. Maybe it’s something about my shared Palm Springs origins with Adrienne and Danny that is why I love this scenery as much as they do… it’s just so different to what we grew up with!

Creative wedding photographers tropical rainforest AustraliaAustralian destination wedding photographersDaintree Eco Lodge wedding, Cape Tribulation wedding, Port Douglas wedding photos

I can’t get over how gorgeous Adrienne looked in her gown in this incredible scenery!

Tropical rainforest wedding bouquet, Destination wedding photographersCreative wedding pictures Australia tropics, Australia top end wedding photos

Next, Adrienne and Danny decided to take a quick drive down to nearby Wonga Beach for a few more photos.

Queensland beach wedding photos, Port Douglas wedding photography

Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Cape Tribulation wedding photography, destination wedding photographersDestination elopement wedding pictures, Australian tropical destination weddingBeautiful beach wedding north Queensland AustraliaWonga Beach Queensland wedding photos, rainforest wedding picturesRainforest beach tropical destination wedding photographersPort Douglas Cape Tribulation Daintree Rainforest wedding photography

Love these!

Beautiful vibrant wedding photos Queensland AustraliaDaintree rainforest Wonga Beach Port Douglas wedding photographers

Adrienne’s floor-length veil looked amazing in the breeze.

Daintree Eco Lodge wedding beach wedding destination resort photos

Back at the Eco Lodge, we shared a celebratory drink with the newlyweds, and then left Adrienne and Danny to enjoy a private, romantic dinner for two at a secluded table surrounded by tiki torches in the rainforest and under the stars. What amazing ambiance!

Daintree Eco Lodge photos, HDR landscape photography Queensland

Congratulations again, Adrienne and Danny! We were so delighted to have been a part of your wedding. Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this special day in your lives, in a very special part of the world.  We wish you all the best as your continue your journey as life partners. Friends and family of Adrienne and Danny, leave a note for the happy couple below! We’d also love to know what you think of the photos!

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Jessica Micallef - These photos are amazing. What a perfect setting! I would have never thought of getting married in the Daintree Rainforest. From the pictures it looks like the rainforest is right next to the beach. What a fantastic idea! Lovely couple.

Elizabeth Stember - Thank you for the incredibly beautiful photos of the marriage ceremony, the gorgeous bride and the handsome groom. What a special love you two must have to even want a ceremony such as this. As I gazed at your photos I saw a love that was so precious and intimate. Thank you for sharing these moments. Blessings for a rich and beautiful life together forever.

Erin & Jeff - Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments! :)

Betsy Gladish - This must be Heaven and you two must be Angels. More beautiful than words!! Congratulations! What a beginning for two very special people.

Cora Landgren - What an amazing and special place to have a wedding and start a new life adventure together. The photos are spectacular and will be enjoyed over and over throughout the years. A beautiful couple!

Anne Gordon - Love, love, love! I am Adrienne’s mom and I have been looking at the photos they shared over and over; thank you for capturing these “Hart”felt moments…. You captured the emotion and their amazing love and joy! I am also grateful for the video you took!!
Thank you- thank you!! I could not be happier for my amazing son-n-law and daughter!!

Shangri-la Hotel Altitude Restaurant Wedding: Gia & Matt – Part 2

After their happy ceremony, we did something a little different: we arrived early at Gia and Matt’s reception location at the top of the Shangri-la Hotel in The Rocks, Altitude Restaurant, to capture some portraits of our bride and groom in the beautiful space. Jeff and I often take visitors to the cocktail bar here for a drink, to show off our city’s beautiful harbour. The panoramic view from level 36 of this skyscraper is absolutely breathtaking!

Shangri-la wedding reception Sydney Altitude Resaturant, HDR wedding photos

The venue’s super-high ceilings and giant mirrors really add to the atmosphere.

Sydney wedding reception top of skyscraper, Altitude Restaurant Shangri-la Hotel

The tables were decorated with fresh and bright lime green and magenta centerpieces. Beautiful!

HDR wedding photography, urban wedding reception skyscraper SydneyWedding reception Shangri-la Hotel, pink and green wedding Sydney

Gia and Matt chose this cute cupcake tower that looked deeelicious!

Cupcake tower at Shangri-la Hotel wedding receptionElegant wedding at hotel in The Rocks

What a gorgeous spot for a sophisticated urban soiree!

Elegant urban wedding at hotel in The RocksWedding portraits at Shangri-la Hotel SydneyCreative wedding photography Shangri-la Hotel Sydney

From any angle, it’s hard to get enough of the view of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Opera House wedding portraits

We still had time before the reception, so a trip over to the Opera House for sunset and twilight was in order!

Sydney Opera House wedding portraits

HDR Wedding photography, exposure blend wedding photos, Sydney Opera House

Every bride should have a go at twirling in their wedding gown, and Gia’s long beautiful train was just perfect for twirling! Love!

Elegant wedding portraits Sydney Opera House

Opera House wedding photos

Creative wedding photos at Sydney Opera House

Beautiful! Gia and Matt, you guys look so cute together!

Black and white photos Sydney harbour bridge wedding portraits

The cloudy skies turned a beautiful deep blue at twilight.

Sydney harbour bridge bride and groom portraits


Creative wedding photos Sydney Harbour twilight sunsetTwilight at Sydney Opera House harbour bridge bride groom wedding photos

The sun was gone, so it was time to get the party started! The city was all aglow and looked amazing from the top of the Shangri-la.

View from Shangri-la Hotel Altitude Restaurant SydneyWedding reception at Altitude Restaurant Sydney

The newlyweds entered the reception to much applause and went straight into their first dance in the unique fish-bowl style dance area in the restaurant. What a cool space!

Wedding first dance at Altitude Restaurant Sydney

Gia and Matt hired the very friendly Rachel Laing for some live music. She was amazing!

Love this one… soo beautiful!

Shagri-la Altitude Restaurant wedding reception photos

How better to capture this very long and narrow restaurant other than a panorama? Click to view it larger!

Shangri-la Hotel Altitude Restaurant wedding reception

Rachel Liang was seriously a great performer. She sang an incredibly diverse selection of songs—everything from Bruno Mars to Nat King Cole to Adele and more. Her rendition of a Cee-Lo Green song really had us tapping our toes!

Rachel Laing wedding live musicShangrila hotel restaurant wedding reception picturesSydney Altitude restaurant wedding reception

Gia’s longtime friend and bridesmaid gave a heartfelt speech that left our beautiful bride a bit emotional! Awww.

Altitude Restaurant wedding photosShangri-la Hotel wedding reception Sydney photographersSydney urban wedding Shangrila HotelShangri-la Hotel wedding photographersSydney urban wedding top of skyscraper

We love it when our brides and grooms take the mic!

Matt drew laughs from the crowd with his goofy sense of humor…

While Gia’s heartfelt thanks to friends and family left many in the room a bit teary-eyed! Awww.

Altitude Restaurant level 36 Shangrila Hotel Wedding photosWedding reception, magenta wedding, urban wedding

The desserts looked fabulous! Yum!

Wedding centerpices with limes, green wedding, green and pink wedding

Love the expressions here! Haha!

Fun wedding photography, urban skyscraper weddingShangri-la skyscraper wedding photos, Sydney Altitude Restaurant

Some of the dancers really got into the music! Wow!

Wedding photojournalism Sydney, colourful wedding reception picturesUrban skyscraper wedding Sydney, creative wedding photos

What a memorable night it must have been for the newlyweds…

View of Sydney harbour from Blu on 36 Bar Shangrila hotel

Congratulations, Gia and Matt! We had such a blast with you guys at your wedding and wish you all the best for a wonderful, happy life together! Friends and family of Gia and Matt, leave a comment for the newlyweds below and let us know which are your favourite photos from the day!

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Harry and Amy Wong - Congrats to my dearest nephew and the newly married couple. Best wishes and lots of luck to you all !
Love Harry and Amy!

Shangri-la Hotel Altitude Restaurant Wedding: Gia & Matt – Part 1

So far this year, the single photo that has generated the most comments to reach our ears has been “that one you took in the rain.” We can’t deny that we smile pretty big inside when strangers say they love our work—or, um, who are we kidding—when our mums or second cousins say they “like” it. Gia and Matt definitely give us that warm-and-fuzzy feeling because they love our photos (thanks, guys)! So perhaps it’s karma for Gia and Matt that our latest fan-club (or mum) comment lately has been: “…but you know there’s this one photo that’s just really cool. It’s this one at night, in the rain, and the couple is holding an umbrella…” Of course, we know exactly which one they mean. It’s one of our favourites too, taken in the middle of a downpour at the end of Gia and Matt’s super awesome engagement session at the Vivid Sydney Festival of Lights this past winter. After such a fun engagement session with such an enthusiastic couple, we couldn’t wait for their wedding day! We started the day bright and early with Gia in her stunning top-floor suite in Bondi Junction. What an incredible view over the city!

HDR wedding photography, Bondi Junction bride getting ready, Sydney eastern suburbs photography

We had fun photographing Gia’s beautiful, long gown while the makeup and hair artists got to work.

Bondi junction fun wedding photographyPink magenta wedding, orchid bouquet sydney

Gia chose a rich shade of magenta as her main wedding theme colour. Love!

Gia’s mother had some special gold jewellery laid out for her, most of which she wore on her own wedding day. How special!

In addition to her “something old”, Gia had a “something new”, a bracelet made to resemble two intertwined wedding bands.

Sydney eastern suburbs wedding photography, Bondi Edgecliff bride getting ready

As is often the case at weddings, there was quite a bit of last-minute speech writing!

Creative wedding photography Sydney

The hairstylists did a great job styling Gia’s hair into soft, romantic curls. Beautiful!

Creative wedding photos Sydney eastern suburbs

Didn’t she look absolutely stunning?

Just beautiful, Gia!

Elegant and vibrant wedding photography sydney

Meanwhile, across town Matt was getting ready at the Shangri-la Hotel, where their swanky reception would be later that evening.

Gia and Matt has a less-traditional bridal party with one man and one woman on each of their “sides”, so one lucky gal got to hang out with the girls and the boys in the morning! We shared a few laughs over the lack of proper titles for these important people—Bridesman and Groomsmaid didn’t seem quite right! Dear wedding industry: will someone please invent some better titles? Mixing up bridal parties is fun!

Shangri-la hotel groom getting ready photos

Gia and Matt definitely had the coolest ring box we’ve ever seen: a rustic slice of tree branch, custom-cut to cradle their wedding bands just perfectly. So neat!

Macro wedding photography, wooden ring box, tree branch ring box, forest wedding decor

Looking good, Matt!

Matt was very excited about the cool vintage cars they hired for the day… off to the church in a very suitable vehicle!

Gia and Matt had their ceremony at the friendly Paddington Uniting Church, also the site of Paddington’s weekend art and craft markets.

Gia and Matt’s adorable ring bearer was very excited for the big day!

Our beautiful bride arrived in style as the guests were seated…

Paddington Uniting Church Sydney wedding

What an adorable little ring bearer! With a little bit of encouragement he made it to the front of the aisle.

Sometimes you can see all the excitement and anticipation of the wedding day written all over the bride’s and groom’s faces. We love these moments!

Paddington Uniting Church wedding photos

We loved the arched ceilings in this lovely old stone church.

HDR wedding photography, exposure blend wedding photography, Paddington church weddingPaddington Uniting Church wedding Sydney eastern suburbs

Gia and Matt made a great decision to have bubbles at the end of their ceremony! This little guest just couldn’t wait…

Creative wedding photography Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory

So perfect! Love!

Paddington Uniting Church wedding ceremony photos

I just love the complete joy on their faces here. Congrats Gia and Matt!

Fun vibrant wedding photography, Paddington weddingPaddington wedding photography Sydney

Of course we couldn’t resist snapping a shot with these umbrellas in their too-perfect matching shade of happy magenta.

Paddington markets wedding photos

We’ve seen quite a few wedding cars, but these are the first we’ve come across with these awesome wedding number plates!

Sydney Paddington wedding photographers

We took the cars for a drive up to The Rocks for some fun shots with the bridal party. I LOVE this one!

The Rocks wedding photos, creative wedding images, Munn St Reserve, Walsh Bay wedding photographyMunn St Reserve Walsh Bay wedding photos with vintage wedding car

How happy did our newlyweds look? So cute!

The Rocks wedding pictures, bride and groom with wedding carVintage wedding car bride groom portraits in The RocksCreative wedding photos in The Rocks Sydney

Congratulations, Gia and Matt! Stay tuned for Part 2, because there are lots more fun portraits to come… plus their beautiful sky-high reception at Altitude Restaurant. All up next on the blog!

Friends and family of Gia and Matt, leave a note for the happy couple below and let us know what you think of the photos!

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Harry Wong - Best wedding photos I ever saw!
Congrats and Best Regards to my nephew and his beautiful bride.

Ivory Wedding Cars - Seriously lovely wedding!! So many fun information in this lovely wedding! I love the center veil, the glistening wedding background, and the lovely wedding bouquet!

Matt - LOVE them!!!!
definately cannot wait for installment 2!!