Lavender Bay & Aqua Dining Wedding: Eleanor & Phill – Part 1

We are delighted to share another amazing wedding day with you today… the gorgeous Eleanor and Phill! How can we put into words how much we enjoyed being a part of this fun, beautiful wedding filled with tender moments, stunning views, and quite possibly the best wedding “speech” we’ve ever heard? Eleanor and Phill were long-time friends who danced around each other while all their friends said they should date. After spending time with these lovebirds, we definitely agree that it makes sense that they ended up a couple. Their wedding was such a joyous celebration of their past, present and future together!

For Eleanor and Phill, their wedding “theme” was all about simple elegance and the views overlooking Sydney harbour. The weather delivered as well, with brilliant sunshine streaming through the windows at the Shangri-la Hotel overlooking Sydney Harbour, where Eleanor and her bridesmaids got ready. Eleanor selected a gorgeous, slim Collette Dinnigan gown with a low back. It was just perfect for her!

Shangri-la wedding, bride getting ready, sydney harbour weddingbride getting ready at Shangri-la Hotel Sydney harbour

Eleanor’s shoes from Panache Bridal Shoes were a perfect match with her Collette Dinnigan gown.

bride getting ready at Shangri-la Hotel Sydney harbour

Bianca Ribar from Glitz & Glam did a fabulous job on the ladies’ hair and makeup!

Eleanor and Phill told us they love black and white photography. I think colour and black and white suit Eleanor beautifully—isn’t she absolutely stunning?

bride getting ready at Shangri-la Hotel Sydney harbourbride getting ready at Shangri-la Hotel Sydney harbourcolourful and vibrant wedding photography

Eleanor wore a beautiful vintage brooch as a pendant.

These lovely, sunny bouquets came from Floreat Floral Design. Eleanor said that their yellow and light blue colour theme was just so “them”.

HDR wedding photos, sydney harbour wedding, yellow and white wedding bouquets

Then it was time to put on that gorgeous gown!

creative wedding photographyblack and white wedding photography, elegant wedding photography

Just beautiful, Eleanor!

I love the reaction of Eleanor’s friend once she saw her all dressed and ready. So cute!

elegant and natural wedding photography, wedding photojournalism

The weather outside was looking amazing so we headed downstairs for a few photos before the ceremony.

yellow and white wedding, pale blue and yellow wedding theme

I just love these. Eleanor’s cathedral-length veil was stunning. You were such a gorgeous bride, Eleanor!

black and white wedding photography, elegant wedding photography

The simple and elegant bridesmaids dresses were a perfect fit as well. You lovely ladies looked amazing!

pale blue and yellow wedding theme

Meanwhile, over in Kirribilli Jeff was capturing the chaos of Phill and his mates getting ready.

Kirribilli wedding day, groom getting ready

Phill and his groomsmen were looking good in their navy suits and ties!

creative wedding photos, groom getting readycreative wedding photographyfun and natural wedding photography Kirribilli

Phill had his cufflinks engraved with their wedding monogram “P&E”, and he wore a cologne specially selected by his bride-to-be.


Phil was looking very handsome indeed!


Phill’s sister had recently been through the wedding process, so she was keen to help out. And of course, we can’t forget the beautiful rings!

Creative wedding photos, Sydney documentary wedding photography

Eleanor and Phill’s ceremony was held at the lovely old sandstone St Francis Xavier Church in Lavender Bay.

HDR wedding photography, St Francis Xavier Church Lavender BaySt Francis Xavier Church Lavender Bay

Eleanor and Phill’s pageboy was the cutest little guy. Despite having rehearsed a slow walk down the aisle with the rings, his excitement got the best of him and it ended up being more of a sprint. Soo cute!

All eyes were on Eleanor as she came down the aisle.

So beautiful!

colourful and vibrant wedding photography, St Francis Xavier Church Lavender Bay, documentary wedding photography, blue and yellow wedding theme

The priest who officiated is also a member of Eleanor’s extended family. How wonderful to have someone your family knows marry you!

North Sydney wedding, Kirribillit wedding, Milson

Lavender Bay Catholic church

St Francis Xavier Church has an amazing stained-glass window that is more than a window—it’s the entire side wall.

Creative wedding photography, vibrant and colourful wedding photography, Lavender Bay weddingLavender Bay St Francis Church wedding, Milsonnavy blue and yellow wedding

I love this one! Congratulations Eleanor and Phill!

black and white wedding photography, elegant wedding photographycolourful and vibrant wedding photography, blue and yellow wedding, St Francis Xavier Church Lavender Bay, North Sydney wedding

Their unity candle was lit, and they were husband and wife!

elegant and natural wedding photography, documentary photography, blue and yellow wedding

Congratulations Eleanor and Phill! Part 2 of their gorgeous wedding is coming up next on the blog… just wait until you see all the fun that was had, and the beautiful views from their reception venue, Aqua Dining Restaurant! Stay tuned. Friends and family of Eleanor and Phill, to be notified when the full gallery of images is ready for viewing, leave a note below for the happy couple or let us know what you think of the photos!

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The Tea Room Gunners Barracks Wedding: Kate and Chris – Part 2

After Kate and Chris exchanged their heartfelt vows, their guests enjoyed a cocktail on the balcony before they were let into the elegant reception space at the Tea Room Gunners Barracks. Kate’s family had created all of the lovely, happy flower arrangements in their theme colours of green, white, and pale pink, in an assortment of mismatched glass jars. They also added a modern touch with their striped paper-wrapped favours. We have so many talented brides with helpful families and it’s so fun to see all their handiwork! The feel of Kate and Chris’s wedding was just perfect for them: a bit traditional and a bit modern, with a relaxed and happy vibe.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding reception photos

Their cake tied in perfectly with the black-and-white striped favours!

Green and white wedding at the Tea Room MosmanGreen and white wedding, Tea Room Gunners Barracks receptionGreen and white wedding detailsBlack and white wedding, green and white wedding receptionTea Room Gunners Barracks wedding reception photos

We also climbed the hill just outside the venue for some family photos as the sun set on a gorgeous day!

Green and white wedding at the Tea Room MosmanGeorge

It’s hard to beat this beautiful view! I think the Kookaburra in the tree agrees. Click to view this panorama bigger!

Tea Room Gunners Barracks sunset wedding reception

Kate and Chris made this awesome seating chart out of paper tags, twine, clothespins and an old window screen. So cool!

The sparkle and glow of the city lights looked amazing at dusk.

Sydney harbour landscape photography

Kate and Chris hired an awesome jazz band for the cocktail hour and they did a great job of keeping everyone entertained.

With twilight falling, Kate and Chris decided they just had to sneak away from the party for five minutes to capture one last shot that we had in mind. And though it’s awfully hard to choose, I think it might be my favourite! Click to view it larger!

Panoramic wedding photos, landscape wedding photography, Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding

Back inside, it was time for some introductory speeches and one thing that the Tea Room is quite famous for: its incredible food!

Kate and Chris’s friend Patch, who served as MC for the night, was probably the funniest MC we have ever heard. He had everyone in stitches the whole night, starting by showing off what appeared to be a very thorough instruction manual!

I think perhaps every speech mentioned how organised Kate is and what a good job she had done with the wedding planning. We concur, as Kate was one of our most organised brides. As for this notebook… well, Patch was still alive at the end of the night, so I think it’s safe to say his portion of the wedding was also a success!

Tea Room Mosman wedding reception photos

The band played on as everyone got stuck into the incredible food!

Macro wedding photos, creative wedding ring photos

If you have not tried the food at the Tea Room, you are missing out. It is seriously delish!

After they cut into that oh-so-perfect cake, Kate’s father gave the first of several beautiful and funny speeches. Since Kate and Chris have so much history together, there was definitely no shortage of funny, cute and memorable stories for everyone to tell.

Colourful and vibrant wedding photographyCandid and natural wedding photography

The funny stories about Chris’s childhood and young life continued through his father’s speech and the best man’s!

Creative wedding photography, black and white wedding photosWedding photojournalism, black and white wedding photography

We love it when our brides and grooms take the mic too! Chris told some wonderful stories like the first time he met Kate’s parents when they were still in school together. His stories of wanting to impress them were too cute!

Tea Room Mosman wedding reception, candid and natural wedding photography

Our beautiful bride had everyone laughing and crying at the same time!

We absolutely loved the fact that Kate and Chris decided to do their first dance outside on the patio under the fairy lights. So perfect—and some of the guests started tearing up as soon as the music began to play. Aww!

Wedding photojournalism, Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding reception

Kate and Chris had definitely practiced their dance—it was beautifully choreographed. Don’t they look lovely?

Fun and natural wedding photojournalismTea Room Mosman wedding first dance

I love this one of Chris and his mum. I love seeing mothers of the groom as happy as Chris’s mum was for her grown-up boy!

What a perfect end to a beautiful night.

Colourful and vibrant wedding photography, Tea Room wedding reception

Kate and Chris, it is so clear just how much all of your family and friends adore you both, and how perfect you are for one another! Congratulations again, and we wish you many, many joyous, laughter-filled, fun years together! May these photos always remind you of this very fabulous day on Sydney harbour.

Kate and Chris are departing this very day on their honeymoon… everyone wish them bon voyage!! Friends and family of Kate and Chris, leave a note below for the newlyweds and let us know what you think of the photos! We’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is available online.

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Kate - Oh they’re so pretty! What a lovely way to re-live the day.

The Tea Room Gunners Barracks Wedding: Kate and Chris – Part 1

We absolutely love the photos from this emotional and beautiful wedding, filled with huge belly laughs and big fat tears. We love the photos just as much as we love the story of these childhood sweethearts! Kate and Chris’s relationship began like it would in a movie—on the train platform in year eight—when Chris had to work up the courage to speak to his cute classmate, Kate. As their friendship evolved over the years, they clearly became inseparable. Their journey together took them through school, through university and first jobs, and then overseas, where they got engaged while travelling in New Orleans. Kate and Chris had clearly won over each other’s families long ago. It was so heartwarming to see in the faces of all their friends and family just how much everyone had been anticipating this day that had come at last! Kate and Chris wanted to do a first look before their ceremony—the type of special wedding moment that we just love! Chris waited patiently for his bride…

I love Kate’s expression here, as she saw Chris standing with his back toward her as she came down the stairs…

You were a gorgeous bride, Kate!

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding photos

Bride and Groom first look at Tea Room Gunners BarracksTea Room Gunners Barracks wedding photos

These two are too cute! I love first looks!

Wedding first look photos in Mosman SydneyWedding first look at the Tea Room Gunners BarracksSydney wedding at Tea Room Gunners Barracks

Though Kate and Chris’s school days are long past, these two have certainly both kept a giggly, goofy side that is so endearing! I wonder what their 8th-grade selves would think of these pictures? :)

Cute and fun wedding photos SydneyCandid and natural wedding photography Sydney

Kate’s lovely bridesmaids were so cute, sniffling in the background as they watched their happy friends.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding photos

What a good looking couple, and a good looking bridal party!

Sydney harbour wedding photos

Kate and Chris’s theme colours of green, white, charcoal grey-blue, and the palest pink were just lovely. Kate’s family did all the flower arrangements themselves and they looked fantastic!

Green wedding, white wedding, blue wedding, grey wedding, bouquetsBalmoral Beach wedding photos

The guys were looking great in their well-coordinated suits!

Mosman Sydney harbour wedding photos Tea Room Gunners BarracksVibrant colourful creative wedding photos Sydney

So beautiful, Kate!

I love these. You guys looked so relaxed and happy!

Tea Room wedding, beautiful wedding photography Sydney

After photos at the Tea Room, we took a drive out to Sydney Harbour National Park, to the Middle Head Forts for some more fun shots with the bridal party.

So beautiful!

Middle Head Forts wedding photos, Sydney harbour national park wedding pictures

It was a fantastically beautiful day!

Wedding portraits at the Middle Head Forts, Sydney north shore

What a gorgeous view. Click to view this one bigger!

Photos on patio at Tea Room Gunners Barracks

Kate and Chris had their ceremony on the patio at the Tea Room Gunners Barracks.

Wedding photos at Middle Head Forts, Sydney harbour national park

The very lovely Lorraine Wright did a beautiful job officiating the ceremony. When Kate and Chris sent us a link to her website before the wedding, we laughed out loud… because the address is! Kate and Chris hadn’t made the connection that they had hired both The Wright Celebrant and The Wong Couple! Lorraine, great minds must think alike. Hilarious!

Natural wedding photography Sydney north shore

Everyone was eagerly anticipating the start of the ceremony.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding ceremony photosWedding photojournalism Sydney north shoreTea Room Mosman wedding ceremony picturesPhotos of wedding on patio at Tea Room Gunners BarracksGreen and white wedding

Kate and Chris did a ring warming as part of their ceremony. Each guest got to take a moment to “warm” the rings and make a silent wish for the happy couple.

Candid and natural wedding photojournalismCreative wedding photojournalism

Some of the most beautiful emotional moments happened during the vows. Chris started to speak, and had to take a pause. Then he just melted onto his bride’s shoulder. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Then, suddenly everyone’s tears morphed into contagious laughter.

Wedding photojournalism, Tea Room Gunners Barracks Wedding

I love the bridal party’s reactions! Emotional grooms, we salute you!

Kate and Chris exchanged some beautiful vows, and no one could hold back their tears.

Black and white wedding photography, emotional wedding photographyEmotional wedding photos, Tea Room Gunners Barracks weddingBlack and white wedding photos, wedding photojournalism

And they were husband and wife!

A dear friend of Kate and Chris did an outstanding job playing the saxophone during the signing.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks Mosman wedding photosBeautiful wedding photography, natural wedding photos

Congratulations, Kate and Chris! Watch this space, because there are many more gorgeous photos coming of Kate and Chris’s reception! Stay tuned. Friends and family of Kate and Chris, to be notified when the full gallery of images is available for viewing, leave a note for the happy couple below in the comments, and let us know what you think of the photos!

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Lorraine Wright Marriage Celebrant - Hi Jeff and Erin,
Your exquisite photos from Kate and Chris’ wedding took my breath away! You truly captured the unbridled joy of this memorable day.
Can’t wait to work with you again.
Best wishes,
Lorraine Wright, Marriage Celebrant

Amanda - The photos are so beautiful! I just looked at them again for a third time and got teary! Haha such a great day had by all :)

Iris-May Vanden Berg - Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom.
Such proud parents too……

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness…. I so enjoyed reading your Love Story !!!!

Looking forward to seeing Part 2

All the best

Kate - The photos are just beautiful ! I love the shots with the bridal party. Can’t wait for part 2!!

Sydney North Shore Newborn Session: Lily & Family

We have a special treat for you today on the blog, with some of the sweetest newborn photos we’ve ever taken! We had been eagerly awaiting the arrival this sweet little ball of joy ever since her parents Cheryl and Luke contacted us. Her loving parents were overjoyed to welcome her into the world, and to discover on her birthday that she is a girl! Everyone, meet Lily, who was just eleven days old for her first photo shoot:

Creative Newborn Photography, beautiful newborn photography, natural newborn photography

Isn’t she precious?! So soft and squishy, and thankfully, very sleepy! She was such a good model! I just adore these shots of her father Luke holding her in a little ball.

Black and white newborn photography, sepia tone newborn photos, natural newborn photography Sydney

Creative Newborn Photography, newborn photographers Sydney, adorable newborn photos

She even stayed asleep for this “hammock” shot. What a little doll! She has the loveliest red hair, just like her mum!

Cute newborn photos, baby photographers Sydney

Adorable newborn photography, colorful newborn photos

Lily looked absolutely adorable in this little bonnet that once was her mother’s. I can’t decide which one of these is cuter. Cuteness overload!

Colorful newborn photos, Colourful newborn pictures, adorable newborn photography

Since Cheryl and Luke had decided to keep the gender of their baby a surprise, they decorated the nursery with an adorable jungle theme. I think a jungle theme is great for a little girl!

Natural newborn photography SydneyNewborn photographers SydneyNewborn baby and nursery natural photography

Lily did wake up briefly for us, and we caught a smile! Actually, we’ve been told that 11-day-olds in fact can’t smile yet and it just means that they have gas, but hey… I think she’s smiling at her daddy!

Natural newborn photography Sydney, adorable newborn baby with dad

Cheryl had told us that Lily loved to be held by her dad, and she definitely did. Luke was great at soothing her and she went straight back to sleep each time. Good job, Dad!

Cute photos of father with his newborn baby

And here they are together. What a good looking family!

Beautiful and natural newborn baby and family photography Sydney

Mum and bub together… soo precious! You could so easily tell how in love Cheryl was with her new little one after just 11 days.

Natural photos of mum and newborn baby, mother with her newborn baby

Lily kept her eyes closed almost the entire session. I wonder if she will have the amazing eyes of her mum?

Colorful and vibrant baby photography

Natural and beautiful photos of family and baby

You are beautiful, Cheryl!

Black and white newborn photos, sepia newborn photos, natural newborn photography

Beautiful and natural newborn baby and family photography Sydney

Beautiful and natural newborn baby and family photography Sydney

I love this—just look at Lily’s tiny little fingers. So sweet!

Natural baby photography Sydney

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Black and white family photography, black and white baby photography

Cheryl and Luke, we loved meeting your precious newborn and are so happy for you! Thanks for giving us the chance to capture these special memories for you. Friends and family of Cheryl and Luke, leave a comment below for the proud parents and let us know what you think of the photos! We’ll notify you via email when the full gallery of images is available online.

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Mandy - What wonderful photos! You can really see the interaction between Dad and daughter. I think she is really talking to you Luke! What a beautiful daughter and how lovely to see you all together as a family!

Kirrily Bolton - Jeff & Erin, these photos are just beautiful! Cheryl, you look stunning in these shots! Such a gorgeous little family! x

Amanda - Aww, my beautiful friends and their beautiful Lily – just gorgeous xo

Tanya - Wow, I’ve never seen Cheryl look so radiant, what a stunning family, these photos are amazing xx

Cheryl VDB - Thanks again Jeff & Erin – we are blown away by how they turned out. Lucky us!!

Balmoral Beach & Bathers Pavillion Wedding: Frances & Gordon – Part 2

If you loved the photos from Part 1 of Frances and Gordon’s wedding, we think you’re going to love the images in Part 2! Frances and Gordon may have thought the weather gods were against them on the morning of their wedding, with the ceremony location moved off of Rocky Point Island and under the rotunda. But those pesky weather gods had a bit of a surprise in store for Frances and Gordon, starting with the gorgeous sunshine that streamed through the clouds just as they were saying their vows. We were all so happy the rain stayed away after the ceremony as well, so that we could capture some portraits of our bride and groom in the beautiful setting of Balmoral Beach!

Balmoral Beach wedding photos

How lovely and content does our newly married couple look? The clouds turned the light into a soft glow that I just loved, and this was only the beginning!

Elegant and natural wedding photography, bride in Johanna Johnson wedding dressBride in Johanna Johnson wedding gown, Balmoral Beach

Just can’t get enough of that gorgeous gown, Frances! So beautiful!

Bride in gold wedding gown, bride in metallic wedding gown, bride with Australian wildflower bouquet

A few family members helped to set up this gorgeous garland after the ceremony right where it was originally supposed to go. The tassels were hand made by Frances’s family. Another fantastic DIY detail!

Wedding DIY details, wedding with peach blue cream gray details

Wedding photos with DIY details, wedding with vintage details, peach blue mauve and gray wedding

The light became even more magical while we were on Rocky Point Island. The clouds transformed themselves into a huge peachy-coloured softbox, and Frances’s gown looked so luminous in the light. We also saw this amazing bird, which I have never seen in Sydney before.

Wedding photos with dramatic skies, Balmoral beach wedding pictures

Just look at that light, in the perfect peachy, metallic and cream tones of their wedding theme. Love!

Natural wedding photography, peach and gold wedding, peach and gray wedding

During the photoshoot, our bridal party got quite excited when they spotted this waterspout out at sea beyond the headland. How cool is that?

Creative wedding photography, wedding photos in dramatic weatherPeach and gray wedding, peach and gold wedding, wildflower wedding bouquetBride in Johanna Johnson wedding gown, Balmoral Beach wedding photos

Our bride and groom were looking good!

Bathers Pavillion wedding photos

Looking back toward the beach is the gorgeous Bathers Pavilion where all would be celebrating shortly.

Bride and Groom at Rocky Point Island Balmoral Beach

Bridal party at Rocky Point Island Balmoral BeachBathers Pavillion wedding reception photos

The guests were already enjoying themselves out on the upstairs terrace whilst we had a stroll along the sand.

Beach wedding photos, fun and natural wedding photography, wedding photojournalism

Beach wedding pictures, fun and natural wedding photography

Peach and metallic wedding, wildflower bouquet, Australian wildflower wedding bouquetBalmoral Beach jetty wedding photos, metallic and pastel wedding

Creative and natural wedding photography

How cute are these two? Out on the jetty, we were treated to the perfect sunset. Wait for it…

Peach cream pale blue lavender wedding, DIY wedding details

BAM! The sky lit up like fire! Cue Jeff and Erin almost jumping up and down with excitement… :)

Wedding photos with dramatic skies, peach and gray wedding, peach and gold wedding, coral and metallic wedding

Clouds in the perfect hues! Love love love!

Sunset wedding photos, metallic and pastel wedding, peach and gold wedding, coral and gray weddingLavender and gold wedding, bride in Johanna Johnson wedding gown

The late hour and rainy day meant our lovely couple had the place all to themselves. Well, to themselves along with their excited photographers. ;)  Perfect.

HDR wedding photography, sunset wedding photos

(We did give them a moment actually to themselves after that last sunset shot). :)  But before heading inside, we set up for a fabulous twilight panorama! Click to view it larger:

Panoramic wedding photography, HDR wedding photography

Balmoral Beach Rotunda, vibrant wedding photography

Frances and Gordon chose the perfect reception venue to fit both their personalities and style, and the theme of their day—the upstairs dining room at Bathers’ Pavilion. Its walls are unlike any other reception venue I’ve seen. They are completely covered in silver leaf! The shimmery sheets reflect the light and as you move around the room, they create beautiful metallic hues in silver, mica and rose gold.

Bathers Pavillion wedding reception photos

What a perfect space for an intimate celebration.

Metallic wedding, DIY wedding reception decorations

In addition to the lovely flowers, Frances and Gordon made these cute jars of preserves for their guests to take home as favours. They even made the jam themselves, from scratch!

DIY wedding decorations, wildflower wedding floral arrangementsBathers Pavillion wedding reception, DIY wedding reception decor, Australian wildflower florals

Frances is particularly fond of succulents, and she incorporated these along with cream and pale pink roses, eucalyptus leaves and other native Australian flora. Maybe someone can tell me the name of the little green and white-dusted box-shaped pods, which were a perfect addition. The setup looked truly lovely and suited the venue perfectly.

DIY wedding with jars, DIY wedding jam favors, peach and cream weddingDIY wedding decor, wedding florals with King Proteas, vintage wedding detailsVintage wedding reception floral arrangements, wedding floral arrangements with succulents, metallic wedding

If all that you’ve seen so far isn’t enough DIY amazingness for you, then just check out their wedding cake, which was not made by a professional bakery, but by the bride’s mother herself. We were once again so impressed! (And now, hungry with a sweet craving…)

DIY wedding cake, pastel and metallic wedding theme, peach and cream wedding colors

Bathers Pavillion wedding receptionBalmoral Beach wedding reception photos, metallic wedding themeBathers Pavillion wedding dinnerLong exposure wedding photography, creative wedding photography

The guests enjoyed a delicious dinner before the speeches began.

Bathers Pavillion wedding receptioncolourful and vibrant wedding photographyCandid and natural wedding reception picturesMetallic wedding, bride in Johanna Johnson wedding dress

The mother of the bride’s speech left many in tears. I love this part of weddings!

Creative wedding photography, Balmoral Beach weddingEmotional wedding photos, wedding photojournalismPeach and gold wedding, wedding with DIY detailsCandid and emotional wedding photography

Our groom also said some touching words to his new bride and in-laws.

blue and metallic wedding, wedding with vintage detailsBathers Pavillion wedding dinner photos


Candid and natural wedding photos at Bathers PavillionBlack and white wedding photography, emotional wedding photos

Frances was overwhelmed when thanking her current and new family for travelling from far and wide to be at the wedding. Everyone gave a big “Awww” when Gordon got up to support her. So sweet!

Natural wedding photography, wedding photojournalism, emotional wedding picturesBride in Johanna Johnson wedding gown at wedding reception, metallic wedding, gold and cream wedding

Coral and metallic wedding, peach and silver wedding, cream and silver wedding, DIY wedding cake

The cake looked too good to eat (of course it didn’t, it looked perfect to eat)!

Silver and gold wedding, cream and metallic wedding

Our happy couple danced to Jack Johnson’s Do You Remember, a very sweet tune.

Elegant wedding photography, wedding with metallic color themewedding photojournalism, candid and natural wedding photography

Of course, Frances and Gordon were still not done with the DIY details. They also set up this adorable polaroid photo booth for the guests!

It wasn’t long before the party really got rockin’ on the dance floor!

Candid and fun wedding photography

The mother of the bride had some excellent dance moves with her partner—even the DJ got on the mic to tell everyone to watch them to learn a few steps. :)

Love the expressions on everyone’s faces here!

Black and white wedding reception photos, candid wedding photography, wedding photojournalismWedding photojouranlism, black and white wedding reception pictures

Frances and Gordon, a huge congratulations to you both on your marriage. It was a delight to be your photographers and we were honored to be there alongside you on your special day. May these images bring back happy memories for you for many, many years to come!

Friends and family of Frances and Gordon, leave a message for the bride and groom below or let us know what you think of the photos. If you commented on either Part 1 or Part 2, we’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is ready for viewing online.

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Deane - Wow! Just beautiful.Well done THE WONG COUPLE you have truly captured the emotion of this day and put it in print for Fran and Gordon to reflect on for a lifetime. The weather was perfect in the end….the sunset photos are fantastic.

gay mccormick - Part 2 as fabulous as part one. I love the sunset pics, the venue (My best) the table settings, the cake, and the photos of people celebrating the day!

Balmoral Beach & Bathers Pavillion Wedding: Frances & Gordon – Part 1

We are so excited to share the images from this insanely gorgeous, stylish, dreamy and personalised wedding! Frances and Gordon put so much thought, time and effort into the planning of their Balmoral Beach nuptials and you could really see their personalities shine through in every detail. You’ll remember this beautiful couple from their engagement session on Narrabeen Beach earlier this year. As beach lovers, it just made sense for them to hold their wedding in Balmoral. We started the day with Frances up in Narrabeen, where we were treated to the beautiful array of details, all perfectly coordinated with their peach, coral, cream, gold, and grey colour palette. Frances incorporated Australian native wildflowers into the bouquet which I just loved!

Creative wedding photography, Pink wedding, coral wedding, Australian wildflowers

Frances even thought to get a colour-coordinated robe to wear while she got her hair and makeup done. I just love the colours! The lovely Fleur Denny created Frances’s gorgeous hair and makeup.

Creative wedding photos of bride getting readyBride getting ready, coral wedding, pink wedding, gray weddingBride getting ready, Narrabeen wedding, Balmoral wedding

I have to say I was just as head-over-heels about Frances’s wedding gown as she was! When we first met Frances, she had just visited the Johanna Johnson boutique and was in the process of deciding on a gown. Johanna Johnson is one of my personal favourite bridal gown designers, so I secretly hoped Frances would end up choosing one of her silky, elegant creations. The gown Frances chose seemed just perfect for her, made from the most luxurious thick champagne-gold silk with intricate beading. It’s dresses like this that make me wish I could get married again! =)

Creative wedding photography, Johanna Johnson wedding dressJohanna Johnson wedding gown, bride getting ready in SydneyGold wedding details, metallic wedding details, silk wedding gown

One of Frances’s family members hand-crocheted her garter for her…what incredible detail work.

Gold wedding dress, champagne wedding dress, silk wedding gown with metallic detailsCoral wedding, bride getting ready in NarrabeenCreative wedding photos, bride getting readyWedding getting ready photos, coral wedding, pink weddingBride getting ready in Narrabeen Sydney

Who made these amazing bouquets, you ask? It was actually Frances and her sister themselves. I was so impressed! I absolutely love the King Proteas they incorporated. What a beautiful Australian bloom.

Australian wildflower bouquet, Native Australian wedding flowers,  King Proteas, coral wedding, peach wedding, pink weddingWedding bouquet with King Proteas, Wildflower bridal bouquetPink and grey wedding, ceramic wedding ring dish

I think more brides should use native Australian flowers. They are so unique!

King Protea wedding bouquet, coral wedding bouquet, wildflower bouquet

Australian wildflower bouquet, King Protea bridal bouquetNarrabeen wedding preparations, Balmoral beach wedding preparationsBride getting ready before Balmoral beach wedding

Frances was looking gorgeous with her romantic curls and the perfect Johanna Johnson hair accessory.

Wedding day preparations in Narrabeen AustraliaVintage wedding details, peach wedding, gold wedding

Frances wore her grandmother’s watch as a very special “something old”. What a beautiful antique.

Vintage wedding details, coral wedding, peach wedding, gold weddingVintage wedding details, coral wedding, peach wedding, gold wedding

I love it when we get to see our couple’s wedding invitations!

Coral and grey wedding invitations, peach and gray wedding invitationsCreative wedding photography, bride getting ready

Frances finally got to see her look and she loved it!

Creative wedding photography, bride getting ready

Bride getting ready before Balmoral beach wedding

Frances’s mother had been hiding away and was really taken by her beautiful daughter when she saw her all dolled up. What a sweet moment!

Beautiful wedding moments, wedding photojournalism

Frances seemed to share a special bond with her sister, giving her the role of her sole attendant in the bridal party.

Black and white wedding photography, Narrabeen weddingCreative wedding photos, wedding day preparationsWedding photojournalism, silk wedding dress, Johanna Johnson wedding gownWedding photojournalism, silk wedding gown, Johanna Johnson wedding dress

Oh my gosh. I am so in love with this gown! It seemed so perfect for Frances.

Wedding photojournalism, metallic wedding gown, Johanna Johnson wedding dressWedding photojournalism, silk wedding dress, Johanna Johnson wedding gown

The bridesmaid’s gown that Frances selected was the perfect complimentary colour, and looked beautiful on her sister!

Bride getting ready, wedding photojournalismBlack and white wedding photography, creative wedding imagesMother of the bride helping bride get ready for her wedding

Elegant bridal portraits, beautiful wedding photography, Johnanna Johnson wedding gown

You looked absolutely stunning, Frances! Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Silk wedding gown, gold wedding gown, wildflower bouquet, coral peach cream gold wedding

It had been quite a rainy morning, and so the ceremony which was originally scheduled to take place on Rocky Point Island was moved to the rotunda. But the weather quickly changed in our favour…

Balmoral beach wedding ceremonyGroom waiting for bride before Balmoral Beach weddingBalmoral beach rotunda wedding ceremonyBride walking down aisle at Balmoral beach wedding

Gordon looked so happy and excited to see his beautiful bride.

Creative wedding photos Balmoral beach wedding ceremonyWedding photojournalism Australia beach weddingCreative wedding images Australia

Alison Dempster officiated the ceremony just beautifully. The sun began to peak out from behind the clouds, creating the perfect warm, dreamy light.

Balmoral Beach rotunda wedding ceremonyWedding ceremony at Balmoral Beach SydneyBalmoral Beach wedding ceremony Australia

Frances and Gordon’s parents looked very proud!

Balmoral Beach rotunda wedding ceremonySydney northern beaches wedding ceremony

Frances and Gordon recited their touching vows through smiles and tears.

Emotional wedding vows, Sydney northern beaches weddingHappy wedding images, Sydney wedding ceremonyBalmoral beach rotunda wedding ceremonyCreative wedding photojournalismEmotional wedding ceremony photosBalmoral beach wedding photos, wedding photojournalismWedding ceremony at the Balmoral Beach rotundaWedding ceremony at the Balmoral Beach rotunda

What perfect light. Gorgeous!

Beautiful wedding ceremony at sunset Balmoral Beach

I love this! Congratulations, Frances and Gordon!

Creative wedding photojournalism, creative wedding images

We can hardly wait to share the photos from Part 2, where we took some of the most stunning sunset wedding photos we’ve ever taken! Stay tuned! Friends and family of Frances and Gordon, leave a message for the happy couple below or let us know what you think of the photos, and we’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is available online.

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alison dempster - Hi Jeff and Erin. What amazing photos you take. I was the celebrant at Fran and Gordon’s wedding. You have captured every moment. They are absolutely beautiful photos. Obviously you both love your work.
If you don’t mind I would dearly love a couple of photos emailed to me please. I would love one or two, with myself in it so am able to put on my business facebook page (which I have asked them)and have in my photo album.
Kindest regards,
Alison Dempster. email:

Fleur - Such great shots, thanks for letting me be part of your special day, I had a lovely morning with you all. Fleur xxx

Anne Crombie - Jeff and Erin. Thank you for your perfect insightful ability to capture the little things that have made lovely memories of Fran and Gordon’s Wedding day in April. Regards. Anne PS. And your company Erin in the crazy car ride to the Ceremony, in particular getting to the bridge just in time, and Jeff, still sorry about the Pizza delivery joke too.Anne

Gay McCormick - Absolutely stunning photos, of a really wonderful occasion. Fran, you look so lovely, and Gordie you do too. Nice to see some pics of Jude’s and William :-)

Kim Carlyon - Wow, the part one pics are awesome! Can’t wait to see the rest! Fran you looked beautiful! Hope to see what little Angelica was wearing! Lots of love cousins!! Hope to celebrate soon in SA!!

Frances and Gordon - Erin & Jeff the photos are amazing! Thank you. You guys really are wonderful to work with. Fran & Gordon xxx

Pyrmont and Sydney Harbour Engagement Session: Jonathan & Nicola

It is an honour when anyone asks us to photograph the milestones in their lives: engagements, weddings, babies… but as many photographers know, it’s even more of an honour when those closest to you ask you to document their special occasions. Our friends Jonathan and Nicola are getting married in Mexico later this year (sí, México!) and of course we were beyond excited to not only be invited to their summertime bash, but to be asked to photograph it! We couldn’t be more thrilled for them, and decided to start their engagement shoot down in Pyrmont, near the site of their first date! It was a bit of a stormy weekend, but they happily posed for this panorama as the rain started to sprinkle. Click on it to view it larger!

Pyrmont engagement photos, Darling Harbout panoramic image

When Jonathan first told us he had met someone named Nicola, we could tell that something special was happening. Jonathan and Nicola are one of those couples that seem so compatible you just think that it makes perfect sense for them to be together.  I can’t recall a time seeing these two that did not involve copious amounts of laughter. They laugh at each other, with each other, and make fun of each other’s accents. They make funny bets with each other and then just laugh it off instead of making the other pay up.  It’s a wonderful thing to see your friends so full of joy!

Pyrmont pre-wedding photosPyrmont urban pre-wedding picturesUrban pre-wedding photographyFun engagement photos in Pyrmont Sydney

There’s some more of those big smiles! Of course, there was lots of laughter during the photoshoot, even in the rain!

Sydney harbour engagement photos

It was at this point the skies opened up and we got completely rained out!  We started up again another day when the weather was decidedly more cheerful:

Sydney Opera House engagement portraits

I loved Nicola’s choice of a beautiful red maxi dress. It was perfect for the warm day and the dramatic architecture!

Pre-wedding photos at Sydney Opera House

Creative engagement photography

In case you hadn’t already noticed in some of our previous posts, The Wong Couple are now also the proud owners of a tilt-shift lens! Woo—fun!! These guys are too cute.

Sydney Opera House couplecreative photography Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House pre-wedding photos

Sydney harbour engagement photography

Nicola giggled her way through a couple of the more serious poses we suggested, but I think she looks hot here, don’t you?! Serious model poses suit you too, Nicola! :)

Sydney harbour pre-wedding photos

Jonathan and Nicola, you guys were looking great! I love your choice of outfits with cheerful and happy colours—just like your personalities!

Sydney harbour pre-wedding portraits

Couples portraits on Sydney Opera House steps

Sunset at Sydney Opera House couples portraitsPre-wedding photos at Sydney Opera House

Creative wedding engagement photography Sydney Opera House

What a gorgeous ring, which was given to her in Paris of all places! Jonathan woke Nicola up at the crack of dawn at their hotel in Paris, and told her he wanted to go take some photos of the sunrise at the Eiffel Tower. Being cold and sleepy, Nicola almost refused, and told us she thought of telling Jonathan to go alone. Hah! I bet she’s glad she came along, because that’s where Jonathan popped the question and gave her this beautiful ring.

MilsonMilsonSydney Harbour bridge engagement photos

We couldn’t leave Milson’s Point or Lavender Bay out of the photo shoot, since that’s the place these two call home. In fact, they are practically next-door neighbors with none other than Nicole Kidman! They have claimed sightings and even conversations, but we’re yet to have photo proof…

Lavender Bay MilsonFun engagement photos in Lavender Bay Natural engagement photography Sydney

I just love this series in the tall grasses.

Lavender Bay Sydney harbour engagement photos, tilt-shift engagement photosLuna park engagement photos

The beautiful Lavender Bay. Click to see it larger!

Lavender Bay panoramic photo

Engagement photos at Lavender Bay jetty

Love that red dress blowing in the breeze!

Pre-wedding photos outside Luna Park SydneyCreative pre-wedding photos SydneyFun engagement photos Lavender Bay SydneyCreative pre-wedding photographyPre-wedding photos at Lavender Bay jetty

I love this one here. You guys are such a cute couple!

Tilt-shift engagement photography

After a quick outfit change, we headed back over to Kirribilli for the sunset, which was shaping up to be spectacular!

Sunset engagement photos in KirribilliSydney harbour sunset engagement photos

The skies really delivered this evening and put on quite a display! Creating the panorama below was not without incident, however. Moments before the skies lit up, with our tripod and flashes ready to go, suddenly we were attacked by a rogue wave! The entire camera setup, Jeff, the backside of Jonathan, the esky and champagne glasses, and myself were all completely drenched in a split second. Nicola was safely positioned at her spot in the photo below and remained dry. What’s the next thing that happened? Nicola burst out laughing and pointing at her half-soaked fiancé. I’m not sure which was more hilarious—this crazy rogue wave that leapt from the ocean to drench us all, or Nicola’s priceless reaction. Happily, the front side of our groom-to-be stayed perfectly dry. And then the sky did this. Awesome! Click to view both of these bigger:

Sydney harbour sunset panoramic photo, vibrant and creative engagement photography

Sydney harbour twilight panoramic photography

Sunsets like this just make my day! One for your wall, guys? :) Jonathan and Nicola, we couldn’t be more thrilled that you are tying the knot this year. We’re SO excited for your big day and are honoured to be the ones capturing it on camera for you. Felicitaciones y nos vemos en México! No podemos esperar!

Friends and family of Jonathan and Nicola, leave a comment below for the happy couple and let us know what you think of the photos! We’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is available online.

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jenny smith - nic/jonno these photos are absolutely stunning xx just captures how happy you both are :-) gorgeous setting and amazing couple love them xxxxxxxx cant wait for the wedding xxxx love to you both x

Michaelann - Love the pictures – Jonathan you and Nic look really great and I don’t know which ones I like better – the tall grasses or the sunsets —- maybe the story of you getting wet.

Sharon - Beautiful pictures! You guys have such a good eye for just the right shot. Really sorry you didn’t get any of the rogue wave…they would have been priceless! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.

Lisa - Guys, these photos are amazing and your subjects are HOT. Nicola, I loved the model shots!!! Just beautiful. Wish nothing but happiness for you both!!

Sally Rosa - Such amazing photos Nic. have a great summer wedding. Wishing you both a future filled with love and happiness. Xx

Kerry Bower - Absolutely stunning photos! You look blissfully happy, lots of laughs were obviously had too! The sunset ones are amazing xx

Sascha - Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Nicola looks stunning and Jonathan doesnt look too bad either :) What a lovely way to wake up today xxxx

karen murphy - wow! perfect photos for the perfect couple x

I am so looking forward to the next photos.

Elizabeth Bay House & Catalina Restaurant Wedding: Dominique & John – Part 2

As Dominique and John walked out of the Elizabeth Bay House as a married couple, the sun was making some magic light for our photos! Just across the road from Elizabeth Bay House is Arthur McElhone Reserve, a small and immaculate garden complete with a stone bridge and a coy pond. It was the perfect spot for some portraits with our happy couple!

Elizabeth Bay House Wedding portraitsElizabeth Bay Sydney wedding photos

Arthur McElhone reserve wedding photos

Just look how delicious that light was. Beautiful!

Bride and Groom at Arthur McElhone reserve

Elegant wedding photography Sydney eastern suburbs

Dominique and John looked so happy together and were so excited about the commitment they had just made to each other.

Elizabeth Bay House wedding picturesWedding photos at Arthur McElhone Reserve SydneyWedding photographers at Elizabeth Bay House garden

I just love this one with the stone steps sinking into the grass. What a lovely spot.

Elizabeth Bay House wedding photographers

We hopped in the car over to the wharf at Rose Bay and the sunset was getting even more warm and lovely.

Sunset wedding pictures at Rose Bay in Sydney HarbourSunset wedding at Rose BayRose Bay wedding sunset portraits

Once in Rose Bay, Jeff and I got our first glimpses of the amazing set up inside Catalina Restaurant. We mentioned in the last post how incredible the florals were—feast your eyes on this amazingness! Grandiflora put together an absolutely stunning, huge display of ombre red, magenta, pale cream and green floral arrangements. Personally, I think it can be tricky to successfully pull off a red, green and white colour scheme, but Grandiflora sure did it with style! So dramatic, lush, and modern… and just perfect against the backdrop of the lovely Catalina Restaurant. Also, I think the red, green and white is a nice nod to our happy couple’s Italian heritage!

Wedding with Grandiflora florist reception florals, creative wedding photography

Sooo many roses… soo beautiful! And now that I know what they are, I think the flowers of the “magnolia grandiflora” tree might be my newest favourite bloom…

Ombre red wedding, Rose Bay wedding photographers

In addition to the grand, towering arrangements, Grandiflora decorated the room and entryway with many candles in modern glass lanterns. The sunlight streaming through the windows lit up the venue in a dreamy way. Magic!

Modern red white and green wedding, grandiflora florist weddingCatalina Restaurant wedding reception photosOmbre red wedding, modern wedding reception floral decorationsView of Sydney skyline from Rose BayCatalina Restaurant elegant wedding reception

Their cake was a perfect match with the florals. It looked way too good to eat!

Red, white and green modern weddingSydney Seaplanes at Rose Bay WeddingCatalina Rose Bay wedding cocktail hour photos

The staff at Catalina were hard at work waiting for the guests! This beauty is what greeted everyone as they came through the door:

Ombre Red, green and white grand wedding flowersCatalina Restaurant Rose Bay wedding receptionCatalina Rose Bay wedding photosCocktail hour at Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay weddingSydney harbour wedding venueSunset at Catalina Restaurant wedding

After the guests had settled down, in came our happy couple! Looking good, you two!

Rose Bay wedding photographersGrand entrance at Rose Bay weddingWedding reception at Catalina Rose BayWedding reception at Catalina Rose BayWedding reception at Catalina Rose BaySunset over Rose Bay wedding

Catalina Restaurant has such a great location overlooking Rose Bay. Dominque and John lucked out with some beautiful weather! Click on this panoramic to view it larger.

Panorama of Catalina Rose Bay wedding venue, Sydney Harbour

Wedding reception at Catalina Rose BayCatalina Rose Bay wedding receptionSydney skyline at dusk from Rose BayGuest portraits at Rose Bay weddingCatalina Rose Bay wedding venue

Even after sunset, the temperature was perfect for enjoying the beautiful terrace at Catalina Rose Bay. No heaters necessary!

Catalina Rose Bay wedding venueSpeeches at Rose Bay wedding

I just love our bride and groom’s reaction here!

Photojournalistic wedding photographers at Rose BaySpeeches at Rose Bay weddingPhotojournalistic wedding photographers at Catalina Rose Bay

Dominque’s sister had some touching stories to tell.

Photojournalistic wedding photographers at Sydney Harbour venueSpeeches at Rose Bay weddingPhotojournalistic wedding photographers at Rose BayWedding speeches at Catalina Rose BayNatural and candid Rose Bay wedding photographersPhotojournalistic wedding photographers at Catalina Rose BayPhotojournalistic wedding photography in Sydney
Sydney Harbour wedding venue, Catalina Rose Bay
Catalina Rose Bay wedding photography

After the funny and heartfelt speeches, it was time for the party to really get started!

Cool bar in Rose Bay SydneyImpression DJs performing at Catalina Rose Bay weddingBeautiful wedding reception in Rose BayDance circle at Rose Bay weddingRose Bay wedding photographers

This was so cute… Dominique’s friends brought her outside for a must-have photo with her expectant pals, who were all looking absolutely radient! Of course, they had to stand in order from non-expectant to newly born, and every stage in between!

Photojournalistic wedding photography in SydneyBeautiful florals at wedding reception in Rose BayPhotojournalistic wedding photography in SydneyGuest portraits at Rose Bay wedding

I loved it when the family brought Dominique’s grandmother out on to the dance floor. You could just tell how special she was to her family!

Photojournalistic wedding photography in SydneyGrandma on the dancefloor at Rose Bay weddingRose Bay wedding photographyCandid wedding photography at Catalina Rose BayPhotojournalistic wedding photography in SydneyWedding reception at Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay

Love it! How adorable is Dominque’s grandmother?!

Candid wedding photography at Sydney Harbour wedding

What a beautiful moment.

Photojournalistic wedding photography in Sydney

Catalina Rose Bay wedding venue, Sydney Harbour

Dominique and John, we just loved being a part of your special day! Thank you for letting us share in your happiness, and we wish you many years of joy together! Friends and family of Dominique and John, leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the photos, or leave a message for the bride and groom, and we’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is ready for viewing online.

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Amanda - Hi I’m interested in your work, I must say your photography is beautiful.

Can you please provide me with your service fees and availability through out November next year please.

Thanks so much