Our Big Day – Part I

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Well, it was a long time in the making, but the eve of 10-10-10 has come and gone… and as we had hoped for, it was EPIC!!! It started with a co-ed bucks and hens weekend in where else but sin city Las Vegas! Predictably, the weekend was full of debauchery, but it also surprised us with many heartfelt moments and left us with some memories we will always cherish. With Vegas being so epic and unforgettable, the bar was set pretty high for the actual wedding… but the wedding delivered and it was AWESOME!

We’ve only just got back from our trip to the States, but we’ll tell you all about it after we get our hands on some photos and videos to show you. But for now we’ll leave you with a teaser… this awesome (and pretty accurate) caricature that our “Best Mate” commissioned for us:

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