Our Big Day – Part II

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We’re a bit behind schedule in posting Part II, but three months down the track we’re still reveling in the magic of our wedding day, so we wanted to share some pictures with you all from our photographers’ blog!

I think it’s safe to say that I anticipated our wedding day a bit more than most brides. Our four-year engagement allowed me ample time to mull over our theme and color scheme, find my favorite bridal designer and then follow her work for multiple seasons, and spend countless hours daydreaming about our ceremony and my vows – something I’ll admit I thought about before we even got engaged. Our long engagement also allowed plenty of time to dream up and execute our little video, the unexpected success of which seemed to bring even more anticipation to the event.

Had I built it up in my own mind over four years of romanticizing? Maybe a little. Had some of our family conjured up visions of movie cameras and news crews? Perhaps for awhile. We all tried to remain grounded and thought to ourselves, even if something like *this* happens, we’d still have a rockin’ good time!

But the weekend of October 9th delivered. Impending storms steered clear of Los Angeles. Wacky temperatures stabilized. All our international and interstate guests arrived safely. My dress–that I couldn’t try on until two weeks before the wedding– fit. We had an amazingly fun weekend in Las Vegas in the company of our incredibly generous friends. All the effort that our family, friends and vendors put into the wedding came smoothly together into the most magical and memorable day. I don’t usually use the word “magical” for anything, but on the day it was the only word I could think of to describe how it felt.

We started off the day getting ready separately at our hotel. My mom, sister and I all got our hair and makeup done:

Jeff and the boys bonded over some tie-tying fun:

When the time was right we shared our “first look” in the hotel courtyard. I couldn’t wait to finally show Jeff the outfit I had hidden from him for a year!

Dressed to the nines, we were ready and stoked!

It was time for some portraits. We walked from the hotel to the historic Bradbury Building in downtown LA. Our photographers got some simply amazing photos in this gorgeous building:

One of my favorites:

Then the bridal party joined us:

Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the venue for the ceremony. Stay tuned for Part III! Click here to see the rest of the getting ready photos and portraits.

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Sarah - hello ! wow you both look absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

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