Our Big Day – Part V – The Banquet

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Our wedding photos by The Youngrens

Yes, the wedding was epic! But why stop there? There was more partying to be had! We spent the next day having brunch with family and friends, relaxing by the pool, and simply enjoying our first day as husband and wife. But we weren’t done yet! The wedding wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Chinese-style wedding banquet! Of course, before the sun went down the boys couldn’t resist taking some photos with our friend’s super-cool red Ducati motorbike. And I couldn’t resist putting on my dress again! We had fun pretending to be too cool for school…

Then we headed downstairs where the party was about to begin!

The whole place was decked out in red, of course! We also managed to reuse some of the flowers from the night before, which had held up well overnight.

The important guests were introduced, and after a lovely welcome speech from both of our fathers, out came the food!

Just before the traditional “toasting”, I snuck off to change into a traditional Chinese Qipao.

I rejoined the party and it was time for the toasting, which is a tradition in Chinese culture. The bride and groom visit each table and share a toast with their guests. This is also the time when guests traditionally give the newlyweds a red envelope, usually filled with a lucky number of dollars. Guests sometimes also provide the new couple with advice for the future of their relationship.

This was my favorite part of the evening. I found it to be a wonderful tradition as it made sure we said hello to each and every guest and thanked them for coming. We felt completely showered with love and good wishes. It was very moving!

Jeff’s uncle’s band was kind enough to be our entertainment for the night.

Even guests got into it!

And of course, LOTS of photos were taken…

What a fab way to end our wedding weekend! It was epic indeed and we will remember it forever.

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michele - Very colorful, happy looking wedding. Love the red..

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