Dining and Wining

One of our favourite things to do, and there is plenty of opportunity for it here, is to eat out and try new restaurants. For the first two months, we never ate at the same restaurant more than once! As Erin mentioned, there is no shortage of great Thai restaurants. We’ve even found a few (finally) that have good Thai iced tea (why Thai iced tea would be so hard to find in a country that loves tea is beyond us). Indeed, Sydney’s restaurant scene is comprised in large by good Asian food. Second to Thai in popularity and yumminess is Indian food. Third might be Turkish or Lebanese. Spanish restaurants seem to be the latest trend. You can find pretty much anything you can find in LA in addition to some new options such as Malaysian, Laotian, and Nepalese. In relative terms, the most lacking, not surprisingly, is Mexican food (and other Latin American food) which we do miss. :(

Australia even has it’s own cuisine, “Mod Oz”, which goes beyond fish and chips to include kangaroo, emu, and crocodile. A popular concept here that is pretty cool is BYO. Wherever there are restaurants, there are bottle shops, and you can just pick up your favourite bottle of wine to take to your favourite restaurant.

And how about restaurants where the food comes to you? Mmm…

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Luis - Did you guys ever try pupusas? They are a food indigenous to El Salvador. While this is obviously biased, my mom makes the best pupusas I have ever tasted. When you visit, I’ll have to have some ready for you and when I visit I hope there is at least one Salvadorian restaurant, but I won’t hold my breath. :-)

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