A few weeks ago, one of you asked me to hunt down some “mangosteens” and try them out, since they are banned in the USA but available here. We checked wikipedia to see what they look like and decided to keep an eye out in case I should ever come across one.
On a side note, when my parents were here they wanted to gorge on some of the tropical fruits that they developed a taste for in Vietnam but can’t easily find in the USA. While visiting Cabramatta, Sydney’s equivalent of Little Saigon, we found fruit stands galore. My dad found his favourite, “trái măng cụt.” When we got home we had a fruit feast. The trái măng cụt were very delicious I thought. The outside was hard and firm but the inside was very sweet and tender; you’d never guess what it tasted like or even looked like on the inside without cutting one open. On second thought, they now looked kind of familiar. Erin concurred. Then we finally made the connection… we were eating mangosteens!

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William - Haha, you found them! :)

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