Thai Riffic Quiz

I forgot to add this haiku I have written in memory of my beloved curry companion:

yummy orange drink
all the times i would swirl you
oh how i miss thee!

Let’s all have a moment of silence…

Sydney has, by far, more Thai restaurants than any other type of cuisine. (Why don’t any of them have the heavenly sugar-saturated drink thai tea??) It was only a matter of time before some had to get quite creative with the “Thai-Tles”!!

Can you guess which one of the following Thai restaurants DOESN’T exist in Sydney?

1) Thai Riffic
2) Thai Tanic
3) Thai Spy
4) Thai Tanium
5) Thai The Knot
6) Thai Me Up
7) Thai Foon
8) Thai-Tle

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Lama Glama - so now that we saw your blog, we got ultra retarded as well and started up our own blog. Lame huh? Let’s link up and share traffic and slowly work our way to IPOs.

Erin Martin - Chris–you’re a genius! Those are great… I especially like suit and thai, and thaidelwave! thai bo..hah! thaispace…haha!

Jeffrey Wong - Those are quite good– are these restaurants in NYC? Or are these names up for grabs? Are you interested in a Thai Restaurant venture?

I particularly like Thai-lenol. By the way, the answer is “Thai me up.”

Anonymous - Here are a couple that are missing from that list:

Suit and Thai: where corrupt business men hook up with underage prostitutes.

Thaiphoon: our food will make with the massive typhoon.

Thaidal wave: wave and wave of flavor.

Thaispace: eat noodles and post a note.

Thai Fighter: may the force feed you.

Thai Bo: kicking flavor.

Thai Kwon Do: beat hunger.

Thai Chi: chinese thai fusion.

Thai Rone: Southern Thai fusion.

Full Metal Thai: 5 dollar feed you long time.

Glad to hear you’ve having a good time down under. How does it feel to have all that blood be in your head all the time now that you’re upside down all the time.

– Chris HM

Anonymous - Also good would be

Thai one on

Suit and thai

(Ride the wave of flavor)

Thai kwon do (hunger ass kicker)

Thai bo
(The flavor with a kick)

Thai figher (feed the force)

It’s a thai!
(Flavor never comes in last)

Thai-rone (southern thai fusion)

Thai-lenol (kills hunger pains)

My thai (hawaiian thai fusion)


Hope youre having fun down under. Wtf is canon comm?

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