Tis Tim Tam Temptation Time!!!

If you were at Will’s party the week before we left, you would have been introduced to Tim Tams, thanks to Amy (the chocoholic). Tim Tams are a staple of the Aussie diet, “Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit.” Most of you also know that I am not a big fan of chocolate, which is why I did not partake. Indeed, I still am not a big fan of Tim Tams… the original kind, that is. But Arnott’s has made available a plethora of flavours, including the irresistible chewy caramel and creamy truffle temptation. Okay, I admit these other flavours contain chocolate too. You chocoholic’s can go ahead and claim another convert, for I have given in to the Tim Tam temptation. But I can still save some of my dignity, because I have not yet partaken in the Tim Tam Slam (despite Erin’s efforts). I recommend you follow the link if you don’t know what that is…

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Jeffrey Wong - Actually Amy bought those Tim Tams. They are actually selling them in the US right now. I believe they’re called Arnott’s.

Luis - I remember how everyone gathered around, eager to be the next to try the Tim Tam Slam with hot chocolate. Too bad I didn’t take pictures of that, would’ve been great to put those pics up. By the way, where did Erin get the substitute Tim Tams again? My curiosity has been piqued and I am most definitely a chocoholic and wouldn’t mind sharing my newfound knowledge with the masses.

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