Festival Fever

Alright, it’s about time we broke radio silence and gave you an update on life down under. Summer has come and gone, but we made good use of it while it lasted. Aussies love a good excuse to get out and gather en masse to enjoy the beautiful weather and we took every opportunity to join in.

Although we missed most of the month-long Sydney Festival in January, we celebrated its finale on Australia Day with free outdoor music events at Darling Harbour and The Rocks, where we rocked out to Kiwi/Aussie band Evermore and others.

Can you feel the patriotism?

In February, Sydneysiders gathered in the Royal Botanic Gardens to watch the world’s largest short-film festival, Sony Tropfest. You can check out the winning film and the other 15 finalists that were shown here.

Only two weeks earlier, we sat on the same lawn under the same stars to enjoy this year’s Mazda Opera, Pucini’s La Bohème, over a few bottles of wine. By the time March rolled around, we were doing things the true Aussie way. When we watched Juno under the stars at the Nissan Moonlight Cinemas, we made sure to bring along a full-on picnic dinner with antipastos, several bottles of wine, and some good Aussie mates.

Sydney also saw the return of the annual Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, which was just as colourful as last year’s:

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And the whacky Red Bull Flugtag made its first appearance down under in Sydney, drawing a fairly sizable crowd down to the sparkling harbour:

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Hmmm, when I started this blog post I had set out to cover the last few months all in one go, but I still have more to go and I’m tired, so keep an eye out for more soon!

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