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G’day everyone! As I’m sure you’ve noticed Jeff usually does the posting here, so I figure I’m overdue for a turn. As some of you know, my future brother-in-law Richie spent the last two weeks with us in Australia and as a result, we have more adventures to share. But first, we need to finish catching you up on what we have been up to these past few months.

Over the 4-day Easter Holiday at the end of March, Jeff, Matt, and I drove 770km up the coast of New South Wales to the chill beach town of Byron Bay (possibly my personal favourite place in Oz).

Like everyone else at our campground, we had made the journey to attend the annual East Coast Blues & Roots Festival. This massive 5-day gig has been voted Australia’s #1 festival 15 times, and I’d say it lived up to expectations. There was no way we’d be able to see all 130 artists over 5 stages, but we did get to see performances by legends like Don McLean (“bye bye Miss American Pie”):

And John Butler, who dazzled us with unbelievable skill on at least five or six different types of instruments in the guitar family. If you haven’t heard of this famous Aussie, listen to this.

We also rocked out to Aussie band Eskimo Joe:

And discovered some new artists, such as emerging band from the Northern Territory, Worldfly. Here’s an example of their work. Another band, Tribali, caught our attention with their unusual combinations of musical instruments from around the world:

If you like Thievery Corporation, you may like their sound. I also discovered my newest favourite artist, Jason Mraz. You may have heard my latest favourite song on the radio.

After our enjoyable long weekend of camping, BBQs, beaches and great tunes, I left inspired to pick up my guitar again. Jeff and I have since been taking lessons! Don’t ask us to play anything for you yet, though, unless you want to hear a sad attempt at Smoke on the Water. Check out the rest of the photos (many taken by Matt).

In May, we and our mates Andrew and David witnessed musical genius of a different style in a concert by DJ Tiësto, when his Elements of Life tour made its way through Sydney. His four-hour set was more energizing than a Venti Red Bull Frappuccino. We felt 20 again! That is, until the effect from four hours of nonstop dancing hit our feet the next day. Check out the photos here:

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