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Wow, it’s already winter and we haven’t blogged about a single thing that happened this summer in Sydney! There’s usually less going on in Sydney during the winter months, so we’ll do a recap soon about the summer events, but first I want to tell you about a new festival this year to welcome us into the winter season: the Vivid Sydney Festival of Lights, Music, and Ideas.

We actually missed most of this festival and didn’t decide to check it out until the last night it was on. Basically, for three weeks the streets and buildings around the Rocks and Circular Quay are transformed into a spectacular living canvas of light, all while groovy beats fill the air.

The main attraction, of course, was the majestic Sydney Opera House. We spent most of the little time we had mesmerized by the trippy light show projected onto its sails. We tried to capture some of the magical transformations, animated in the images within this post.

Below you can see some of the patterns projected onto the Museum of Contemporary Art.

From the right angle, the light show on the sails of the Opera House gave us some gorgeous reflections in the water, giving us some great shots… and we never get tired of photographing this iconic architectural masterpiece:

Check out all the photos in a big slideshow!

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Sandy - I enjoyed the video and now these photos! Beautiful….

Travel Junkie - Beautiful photos of Vivid Sydney

Claudia - Wow! How did you post the photos like that? They are awesome!

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