Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday the 28th of August, at 7:52 pm Sydney time, the moon moved completely into Earth’s shadow; the sun, Earth, and moon became collinear and the moon turned a blood red. This rare occurrence signifies a shift in the energy zone of the 10th house of Virgo, meaning that we are about to take that next step in our lives and experience personal transformations as the cycle of creativity goes into phase with our spiritual wave functions. Either that, or we just got to photograph a really cool total lunar eclipse! We got a bit carried away with the photo op. Below, is a multiple exposure shot (once every 5 minutes) showing the various phases of the eclipse as the moon continued rising above the Sydney Opera House (high-res version and more photos available, including the ones used to make the above collage).

Below is a time-lapse animation using close up shots of the moon as Earth’s shadow crept over it until it was totally eclipsed. The fluctuations in brightness are only due to changes in the exposure settings between shots. (Sorry, we didn’t have the patience to wait for the moon to move back out).

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