The Wong Couple Begins

It has finally happened!  This website started as a humble blog five years ago, after we made our transhemispheric move from California to Australia, to allow us to share our stories and pictures with family and friends back home.  But it also turned out to be a wonderful personal record for us, allowing us to relive some of our best days and see how we’ve changed throughout the years.

And we have grown a lot these past years, as people, as a couple, and as photographers.  A lot has happened—we’ve shared many more adventures together, became true blue Aussies, had a brush with internet stardom, and finally formalised our ten-year relationship and made the grand transition into married life.  We’ve just returned from our belated honeymoon and we’ve archived our old wedding site for old time’s sake.  But we’re now ready to move on to newer and bigger things.  Allow us to announce our new wedding and portrait photography business!  That’s right, we’re going pro!

We have always been passionate about documenting our journeys through life and around the world through pictures… lots of them.  Photography has always allowed us to capture the beauty of the world through our eyes.  But what was once just a distant possibility, brought up during dinner table discussions about where our lives were leading us and how we could focus our creative energies, is becoming a reality.  We are now, The Wong Couple Photographers.

We’ve been busy… and it’s not just the remodelled website.  Whether you’re a regular visitor or have just stumbled upon our little site, now would be a good time to subscribe to our feed (or subscribe by e-mail).  We have some exciting stuff to share in the coming weeks.  You’ve already seen our personal travel and nature photography, but we’re excited to show you some of our portraiture work too.  For a preview, check out our work-in-progress portfolio.  We’ll definitely continue to share our personal travels and passions on this blog—we’ve had quite a few more adventures we’ve been holding out on.  Here’s a sneak peek at our recent honeymoon… can you guess where we went?

Honeymoon, Tropical, Sunset, Overwater Bungalow

We appreciate your continued support and we hope to make our blog a bit more interactive, so we’d love to hear from you in the comments.  We’ll do our best to write more often and respond to your comments and questions.  And if you like our work, or think you know someone else who might like it, send us a message and we’d love to hear from you.  If you know you’ll want some pictures soon, be sure to let us know before the end of 2011 to take advantage of our special launch rates!


Yours Truly,

Jeff & Erin!

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Jeffrey Wong - Hi Louise, we linked to our old site in the post above!

Louise - I am so happy that you are both “moving on” to the next chapter of your WONDERFUL LIFE together! I typed in, and I was directed to your NEW web site. I hope you will have a LINK to your OLD site ON TOP OF THE PAGE so that we can all EASILY look at all your travel and wedding photos, from your original video trailor to the banquet! Friends of mine REFER to your old site for their OWN wedding! Also…I have two sons that are getting married within the next few years and I will be SO SAD if they can’t review YOUR wedding and photos as they plan their weddings! Loving you both from afar, Louise

The Wong Couple Photographers - Thanks for the kind comment! It was nice meeting you… looks like you’re into video production too! Good fun. :)

Ray Gilmore - Hello Jeff and Erin. Watching you work at Martin and Ellen’s wedding on Saturday was a real pleasure. You have a great rapport and a real passion for the work. May I wish you many, many successes. Ray Gilmore (videoGuy at the church, but strictly amateur!).

Thippi - Jeff & Erin,
WOW! Your website is truly beautiful and amazing!!! It’s easy to navigate around and the pictures are phenomenal! I definitely plan on coming back to see all your work. I’ve got you on my RSS! :) You guys still are the cutest couple ever!

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