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Cuddly Creature Encounter #3

It really makes me mad when people feed wild animals, although I’ll admit that it was really fun to be able toView full post »

Cuddly/Harmful Creature Encounter #2

On one of the last days of our trip, we visited the Thredbo River near dusk, in an attempt to see the “abundanceView full post »

Cuddly Creature Encounter #1

Fortunately, creepy crawly snakes weren’t the only creatures we saw at Kosciuszko. We were greeted ChristmasView full post »

Deadly Creature Encounter #1

The photo above is not a photo we plagiarised off the internet. On the contrary, it is an actual photo taken with myView full post »

Kosciuszko National Park

With time off for Christmas, Boxing Day, and Canon Day (27th Dec this year) for me (Erin had two weeks off) we decidedView full post »