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After leaving Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park, it was time to make the 500 km journey back to Alice Springs, this time along the main highway. Although there was less to see along this leg of the circuit, it was far from a featureless desert wasteland. A lookout along the Lasseter Highway offered us this view of Mt Conner:

And a view of one of the many dry lakes in the region:

We made sure to catch every sunrise and sunset during this trip. In fact, its quite possible that I saw more sunrises on this trip than I had in my entire life thus far! So we couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch the sun’s last rays light up the sandstone cliffs of Rainbow Valley:

After the sunset, we setup camp at nearby Jim’s Place, a tiny roadhouse 90 km south of Alice Springs. Jim’s Place has become a bit of a tourist destination after Jim discovered his pet dingo’s amazing musical talents:

You’ll have to watch the video below, with sound turned on, to see why Jim’s dingo has become famously known as “Dinky the Singing Dingo”. Before we started recording, Dinky was actually playing the piano himself!

Next morning we arrived in Alice Springs, where we would spend our last day in Central Australia. Here’s the view from Anzac Hill:

At the nearby Alice Springs Desert Park, we got up close and personal with some of the soaring wildlife throughout the desert region.

Below is a video montage of our driving adventures through the outback of Central Australia. We had a great trip, but it seems that no trip with us is a trip without incident. Watch carefully (especially around 2:35) and you’ll see a wildlife encounter that was too close for comfort!

Well, we’re finally to the end of the posts on Central Australia. There’s a lot that’s been happening in Sydney and we’re way behind, so come back soon to check out whatever we get around to posting next.

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