China’s Southwest – Part II

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We soon left the city of Guìlín and entered what the chinese consider “the finest scenery under heaven.” We packed our bags, got on the dinky bamboo raft below, and ventured deeper into the heart of China’s southwest, floating along the famous Li River (??).

Our journey started in the fishing village of Yangdi (??). A cold front had hit this part of China a few days earlier, with temperatures dropping below freezing at night, so the villagers were well bundled up…

And so were we!

The poor weather meant that our vistas weren’t as amazing as the brochures; nor did we see the sunset we were hoping for. But it did mean that we had the river mostly to ourselves– and undisturbed waters means beautiful reflections of the karst peaks surrounding the river:

In the photo below, we are standing at the exact spot where you can see the scene that is drawn on the 20 Yuan note:

After being dropped off on the river shore two hours from the start, we trekked through some farmland…

…before arriving at the ancient fishing village of Xingping (??).

Stepping onto the streets of this charming village was like stepping back in time.

From Xingping, we hopped on another bamboo raft to an even older-looking town, Yu Cun.

While exploring the town, we encountered one lady entrepreneur who let us up to her roof for 1 Yuan (~AU$0.20) to view the ancient architecture from above:

So many photos and we’re not even in Yángshuò yet! So check out the slideshow and check back soon for more of our adventures.

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