Day 1-3 & 11: Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia’s second most populous city (3.7 million) and our first major stop after driving 9 hours southwest of Sydney.

A friendly but longstanding rivalry has existed between Sydneysiders and Melburnians since the dawn of Australian colonization. Aussies had to create a brand new city to make their capital since both camps were too stubborn to let the other city take the honour. Melburnians regard themselves as the arts, cultural, sporting, fashion and food capital of Australia.

True, they might have a more European flare with their lanes and arcades full of cute little cafes and pubs.

And their public transport system is marginally better, with a comprehensive system of trams, trains, and buses.

But our visit left us unconvinced that Melbourne can hold a candle to Sydney. To be fair, we weren’t able to spend a weekend night there to properly experience the supposedly thriving nightlife.

So we’ll have to visit again soon. Check out the rest of the the photos. As you’ll see, Melbourne is just not as photogenic as Sydney, but we tried our best.

P.S. Sydney rules! Melbourne sucks! :P

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