Day 9-10: Tasmania, Act IV

On our second night in Freycinet National Park (day 9 of our trip) we took a side trip up to Bicheno, a small coastal town that is home to a rookery of Fairy Penguins. Also known simply as Little Penguins, they are the world’s smallest species of penguin and are only native to Tasmania, southern Australia, and New Zealand. They are best described as “adorable”, especially the chicks.

We got a chance to see them on their daily return to shore after a full day of fishing up to 100km away in the open sea. They arrived on cue just after dusk, waiting near the shore until reaching critical mass before waddling as a group across the sand to their burrows behind us. Watch the videos:

On the next day, on our way back to Devonport for our ferry ride to Melbourne, we explored Narawntapu National Park in northern Tasmania. It has been called the “Serengeti of Tasmania” for its savannahs and rich wildlife.

In fact, it’s the only place we know of where you can find supposedly nocturnal wombats roaming about in the middle of the day!

We also spotted heaps more pademelons grazing about in the bushlands…

And discovered yet another beautiful Tasmanian beach.

Go on, check out the other photos and videos of the Fairy Penguins and of Narwantapu National Park.

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