The Great Barrier Reef – Part I

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As Erin mentioned, my brother Richie visited us for two weeks earlier in the month and we have heaps to share. I’ll start with the most exciting part of his visit, at least for us: a trip we all took to Cairns in Northern Queensland, the starting point to go see the magnificent Great Barrier Reef!

This massive coral reef system boasts of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching 2,600 kilometers. From Cairns, we hopped aboard Sunlover Reef Cruises to go snorkelling and scuba diving at one of these reefs, Moore Reef. You can actually see the reef pontoon at our dive site here (zoom out for some perspective):

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At Moore Reef, we came face to face with Wally, a giant humpheaded Maori wrasse!

It was Richie’s first time scuba diving and our senses were overwhelmed! We saw giant flourescent clams:

Colourful corals and sea anemones:

And even touched a sea turtle as it swam through us!

And this was just the first day! Check out the album or just view this slideshow:

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And don’t miss the underwater movie we put together from the day’s adventures, including some teaser footage from another dive (turn up the sound):

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