The Great Barrier Reef – Part II

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On our recent trip to far North Queensland, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to return to the reef from the more remote Cape Tribulation area. Although the reef comes right up to the tropical rainforests along the coast, the stuff worth seeing was a one-hour boat ride away.

About 16 km out to sea, we encountered Mackay Reef, where we would spend another full day scuba diving and snorkelling.

The highlight for our entire trip up North, at least for me, was the 10 minutes or more we spent swimming with this awesome green sea turtle!

We followed it for what seemed like an eternity and even had the chance to take some good videos. It surfaced twice for air (second time at 2:40 in the video) and eventually dove off into the depths. Check out the compilation video!

The reef up here seemed a bit more pristine, probably due to smaller floods of tourists than what you see near Cairns.

As expected, there were heaps of fishies to see!

Along with some other exotic sea life, such as this prickly red sea cucumber!

Well, you know the drill. Click the slideshow for the rest of the photos or hit the link to view it fullscreen.

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Christine - hello! what are you using for water housing? i love your underwater pics! p.s. i found you guys via your STD video…figures..

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