Land of Aloha – Part I

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On our recent last visit to the States (I know– we are way behind) we took a six-day stop-over about two-thirds of the way to Los Angeles at a remote chain of volcanic islands which you may have heard of before.

We spent the first night in touristy Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. There we enjoyed some proper margaritas (the best we’d had in ages) along with some long-overdue GOOD Mexican food before catching a classic Hawaiian sunset.

But the best part of our short stay in Oahu (before hopping over to Maui) was snorkelling in Hanauma Bay, an underwater volcanic crater teeming with coral reefs.

Watch the slideshow for a good representation of the underwater wildlife:

Check back soon for Part II. In the meantime, check out more photos from Honolulu and Hanauma Bay.

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Jeffrey Wong - The burrito in and of itself was not surprising, but it’s sheer size was what was so surprising. :)

foodbin - wow! we must protect the fishes before they are gone. nice blog.

Raj - Haha… Jeff was the burrito really that surprising! Seems like there’s a real big market for Baja Fresh in Australia.

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