Land of Aloha – Part II

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Once we arrived in Maui, we picked up a 1988 VW Vanagon from Aloha Campers, which would serve as our transportation and accommodation for the duration of our stay. Here we are waking up to a sunrise from the beach.

We were eager to jump back into the water, so we headed offshore on the Maui Magic Dolphin Discovery tour. True to the name, we encountered a giant pod of spinner dolphins (who refused to do their famous aerial tricks for us) while cruising the volcanic coast of southern Maui.

But the highlight of the trip was snuba diving! Nope, that was not a typo. Halfway between snorkel and scuba, snuba involves breathing through a 20′ tube connected to an air tank floating on the surface and following your every move.

Our first stop was “Turtle Town” where we saw (you guessed it) Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

We also got to dive in a crescent-shaped volcanic crater known as Molokini Crater, and nicknamed the “Fish Bowl”. It is famous for its unrivaled visibility (up to 200 feet). It was like swimming in a giant aquarium!

As always, check out the slideshow for the rest of the photos:

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