The Snowy Mountains

While The Chaser team were busy getting arrested for making a mockery of APEC security with their risky stunt, which we recommend you watch, Erin and I escaped Sydney for the long weekend and headed six hours southwest to the Snowy Mountains for some spring skiing. We visited the area last summer, but it’s a much different place in the winter– one of Australia’s few alpine snow resorts. We went with five of our Aussie mates (introduced in the captions during the slideshow at the bottom) and had three great days of snowboarding, drinking, and pain. Watch the movie below, with sound, for a recap of all the excitement! Don’t miss the end of the video with the Jagerbomb Challenge.

We’ve sped it up to keep your attention and to make ourselves look way cooler than we really are. Here are some other photos from the weekend adventure, many taken by our mate Matt (big version here):

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Kate - Jagerbomb Challenge?? sweet. i hope you guys drank one.. or two. haha. also, cool snowboard video :-)

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