Western Plains Safari

On our recent road trip to the country, our first destination was Dubbo, in the western plains of New South Wales. It was from here that we embarked on a safari zoofari adventure of grand proportions. We slept in a lodge near the savannah, where we could see and hear giraffes and zebras roam alongside kangaroos and emus. On our first night, we saw an African wild dog hunt (poor kangaroo)…

We watched cheetahs and tigers stalk their prey…

And we got up close and personal with a friendly wombat.

On our second day, we explored the area and it’s 15 kilometers of bush trails on mountain bikes. Who knew you could find rhinos and Galapagos tortoises in the Australian outback?

And gibbons and giraffes too!

Well, we had a great time on our two-day Zoofari Experience at the Western Plains Zoo, a vast and unique open-range zoo. As you can tell, it was an incredible opportunity to use our new Canon employee purchase. More photos here!

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