Balmoral Beach Wedding: Kylie & Justin

How do we know Kylie and Justin are a lucky couple? For one, they live in Bermuda. Yep, that’s right, as in the mysterious airplane-scrambling triangle that contains mostly ocean, and a small bit of gorgeous tropical island. This half-Aussie, half-American couple got lucky when they both landed in there separately and love brought them together. Land a job in Bermuda, fall in love in Bermuda, stay in Bermuda? Isn’t that the life! Kylie and Justin did the nice thing and Skyped with me with a blank wall behind them, instead of the view—no doubt—of the slivers of white, turquoise and blue that gleamed just outside their window…ahhh. They giggled simultaneously when I asked to hear the story of how they met. Their chance meeting took place at a bar in Bermuda, where Kylie proceeded to ignore Justin for a full two hours. But Justin was intrigued and determined and at last, after a great conversation, he knew he had to ensure that he could see Kylie again. With Kylie’s imminent departure looming, and no contact details in hand, Justin resorted to a self-described “Jedi mind trick”, which Kylie said she fell for completely. He said, “Oh, gosh, if I had a business card on me I’d give you one!” Kylie said she replied automatically, “Oh no worries, you can have one of mine!” Nicely done, Justin. Nicely done. Although we only got to know this sweet travelling duo briefly, Jeff and I could tell they seemed so well suited to one another, and this is another reason we know Kylie and Justin are definitely one lucky couple.

Rocky point park wedding photos Balmoral Beach Sydney

Kylie and Justin got married at beautiful Balmoral Beach, one of my personal favourite harbour beaches, at the lovely Rotunda, surrounded by their family. It’s hard to beat Sydney beaches (except of course, perhaps by places like Bermuda)! Their luck travelled with them, and we were blessed with a beautiful summer’s day. There was no telling what the weather would do, but it was warm and bright and happy!

Wedding ceremony at Balmoral Beach Rotunda Sydney

Justin anxiously awaited his beautiful bride.

Wedding ceremony at the Rotunda at Balmoral Beach

Kylie came into view with her father and both of their faces just lit up!

Balmoral Beach Sydney lunchtime wedding ceremony

Justin gave a huge smile as he caught his first glimpses of Kylie, looking radiant in her gown.

Bride walking down aisle at Balmoral Beach wedding ceremonyWedding photos at Balmoral Beach Rotunda SydneySydney north shore wedding ceremony pictures

Julie Ferguson did a lovely job officiating the ceremony.

Balmoral Beach Rotunda mid-day wedding ceremony photosEmotional and natural wedding photos SydneySummer beach wedding photos Sydney north shoreSydney north shore wedding ceremony photosWedding pictures Sydney Balmoral Beach Balmoral Beach summer wedding photosSydney north shore beach wedding ceremony photosSydney beach wedding ceremony photos

I love this one. What a gorgeous new married couple!

Balmoral Beach and Sydney north shore wedding photographers

Their families were so happy and proud!

Candid and natural wedding photography SydneyNatural and relaxed beach wedding photography Sydney

Then it was time for some portraits with just the bride and groom.

Balmoral Beach wedding portraits

Looking sharp, Justin!

Groom portraits at Balmoral Beach

Kylie, you are stunning!

Bride wedding portraits Sydney north shore

And don’t they just look great together?

Balmoral Beach bridge wedding pictures

Wedding photos on the bridge at Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach wedding portraits

We went for a walk in the beautiful Rocky Point Park in the middle of the beach. I love Balmoral for this unique feature.

Bermuda bride and groom weddingCreative beach wedding photography SydneyBride and groom portraits at Rocky Point Park, Sydney

Wedding photos in Rocky Point Park, Balmoral Beach

Balmoral Beach is so scenic. What a beautiful day it was.

Beautiful wedding photography Balmoral Beach Sydney

I just loved the way the sea breeze flowed through Kylie’s beautiful dress!

Rocky Point Park wedding pictures

Bermuda bride and groom wedding

Kylie and Justin’s lunchtime reception was held in the venue on the sand, Bathers Pavillion. Their guests gathered in the Blue Room.

Bathers Pavillion photos Balmoral Beach SydneyBathers Pavillion wedding venue Balmoral BeachWedding lunch reception at Bathers PavillionCake and details at Bathers Pavillion weddingBathers Pavillion wedding receptionBride and groom at Bathers Pavillion wedding receptionFun wedding photos

How cute is this cupcake-eating photo? Love it!

Fun and creative wedding photography SydneyBlue room wedding lunch reception at Bathers Pavillion

There were several touching speeches to warm everyone’s heart. I love this part of weddings.

Wedding speech photos SydneySummer lunchtime wedding at the Blue Room in Bathers PavillionEmotional wedding speech photos SydneyPhotojournalistic wedding photography Sydney

I just loved Kylie’s ring—there’s something special and unique about emerald cut diamonds. So beautiful!

Sydney and New South Wales wedding photographers

Kylie and Justin, we loved meeting you both and are so happy to have been a part of your wedding! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your amazing lives, and we wish you many, many more years of amazingness, travel and friendship as husband and wife.

Friends and family of Kylie and Justin, click here to see the full gallery of images! In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Biju Photography - Brilliant pictures. Loved all the clicks. Beautiful light and awesome location. Another wedding nailed. :)

Natalie - I love how soft the couple looks even in the bright sunlight!

Erik Hornung - Beutiful photos as always you guys! Looks like it was a nice intimate wedding!

Gina Lewis - Love the cliff shot and the last ring shot. All great images! :)

Emily Heizer Photography - Lots of happy fun sunshine!!!! They look super happy and I love how their eyes are shining!

What’s the orange drink in the tea cups?

Kylie - Erin & Jeff – you really did a wonderful job. I love the one of Justin’s face as we were feeding each other the cupcakes! You captured that moment wonderfully. I can’t thank you enough! Kylie

Justin Tomas - Hi Erin and Jeff,

Thank you so much for the sneak peak! These look great. I especially like the introduction and compliment for the jedi mind trick.

Talk to you soon and thanks again,

Justin & Kylie

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