The Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres, Mexico Wedding: Jonathan & Nicola – Part 2, The Ceremony

After their super fun pre-wedding bonfire on the beach, the big day for Jonathan and Nicola had arrived! The hot tropical sun was shining down over The Beloved Hotel, despite an incredibly brief and exciting thunderstorm that morning. Jeff and I sat down for lunch at the beach-side cafe in the sunshine, and in less than five minutes, the cutlery, napkins and cups were blown off the table with sideways rain soaking everything. Then, suddenly it was all gone, sunshine again! It was so brief that some of the guests didn’t even know it had happened. Everyone was really excited as they got dressed for the big event that afternoon. Our bride and groom had put in so much effort planning every detail of their international destination wedding all the way from Sydney, it was hard to believe the big day had finally arrived! Nicola finally got to reveal her amazing and gorgeous Maggie Sottero gown which we had a lot of fun photographing on their private terrace.

Creative Mexico wedding photography, Playa Mujeres Cancun beach wedding

Nicola had also chosen the perfect sparkly heels!

Beloved Hotel Mexico wedding, Cancun creative wedding photography

We mentioned a bit in the last post about how beautiful The Beloved Hotel is. The grounds are truly stunning, with meticulous landscaping, lovely modern architecture and perfectly pristine swimming pools. Nicola and Jonathan had an amazing 270° view of the ocean and resort from their room!

Playa Mujeres beach wedding Mexico, summer destination wedding MexicoThe Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres, Cancun MexicoCreative beach wedding photography, Mexico destination beach weddingCancun wedding photographers, summer beach wedding Mexico

They even had their own personal plunge pool on their top-level balcony.

Beloved Hotel La Amada Hotel Wedding Mexico

Jonathan and Nicola’s wedding bands were handmade by Nicola’s uncle. Aren’t they beautiful?

Creative wedding photography Mexico, beach wedding Cancun Mexico

Jonathan and Nicola had the foresight to make their wedding programs so that they would also function as fans to keep the guests cool. Perfect for a tropical beachside event!

Creative beach wedding photography, destination wedding MexicoThe Beloved Hotel Mexico wedding photos

The resort did an excellent job on the beautiful bouquets for the ladies.

Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres wedding pictures, coral and ivory beach wedding

We started off the morning with a few of the bridesmaids, who happened to be getting ready in nearby rooms.

When we found our beautiful bride, she was all smiles!

Beloved Hotel wedding, Cancun Mexico wedding photojournalismPlaya Mujeres summer beach destination wedding photos

Jonathan, who was getting ready in another suite downstairs, sent up this adorable card to his wife-to-be.

Nicola’s aunt created the beautiful french-twist updo for our bride.

The rest of Nicola’s six bridesmaids soon joined in on the fun and everyone was in happy spirits!

Fun beach wedding photojournalism, coral and ivory wedding

Now it was Nicola’s turn to send some loving words to her groom…

Nicola gave each of her bridesmaids one of these beautiful personalised bracelets as a gift. So sweet!

Coral and ivory Mexico beach wedding pictures

I love this cute reaction of Nicola’s mum seeing her in her dress.

The lace on Nicola’s gown was just divine. Look at that beautiful train!

Beautiful wedding photojournalism, Mexico coral beach wedding

Playa Mujeres Beloved Hotel wedding photojournalismMexico coral and ivory beach wedding, summer Cancun wedding photography

Meanwhile, our groom was getting ready in a room two floors directly below our bride.

Groom getting ready at the Beloved Hotel MexicoCreative wedding photography Cancun MexicoCreative wedding photojournalism, destination wedding Mexico

Jonathan chose some fun socks for the day!

Creative wedding pictures destination wedding MexicoThe Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres groom getting readyPlaya Mujeres creative wedding photography

The boys were gifted with some awesome cufflinks!

Playa Mujeres Cancun Beloved Hotel wedding pictures

It was pretty cool that Jonathan had become so close to Nicola’s brother that he wanted him to have the honour of being a groomsman alongside his old college friends.

As usual, the boys were ready in no time, so there was plenty of time to relax. Jonathan spent his last minutes of bachelorhood playing a game of cribbage with his groomsmen, something they had bonded over back in college.

Groom and groomsmen playing cards before wedding Mexico

One last celebratory toast before the big event!

Groom and groomsmen celebrating at Beloved Hotel Mexico

Jonathan’s khaki-coloured linen suit, white shirt and coral-coloured tie were perfect for their beach wedding. Looking sharp, Jonathan!

As everyone was finishing getting ready, the resort was suddenly drenched in another brief thunderstorm just like the one we experienced at lunch! Like the earlier one, it lasted no more than ten minutes, and soon we were able to go outside for this shot that we couldn’t resist. Since their rooms were directly over each other two floors apart, we had everyone come out the balcony. Keeping with tradition, we made sure they couldn’t actually see each other, but we thought it was the perfect way for them to share a moment “together” before the ceremony. We loved these shots! Click to view them even larger.

Mexico destination wedding photographers Playa Mujeres

Creative destination wedding photos Mexico beach wedding

Down on the beach, the skies cleared just as suddenly as the storm had come, and the ceremony setup looked amazing! The resort created some stunning floral arrangements in their wedding colours of coral, orange and ivory. Gorgeous!

Mexico destination wedding photographers

Jonathan and Nicola also arranged to have a harpist, who played beautifully as the guests began to arrive.

Cancun destination beach wedding photosCoral and ivory beach wedding decor MexicoCoral and cream beach wedding decor Mexico

The rattan aisle scattered with rose petals was the perfect touch!

rattan aisle runner beach wedding, coral pale yellow and cream wedding

The cloud cover came just in time to shade the guests from the intense tropical sun as the ceremony started. There was so much excitement in the air as the bridal party began to make their entrance.

Coral and ivory beach wedding Beloved Hotel

Mexico wedding photographers, Mexico destination wedding pictures

Playa Mujeres beach wedding photos, coral and ivory wedding colorsGulf of Mexico beach wedding pictures

A few onlookers sent smiles toward Nicola as she walked down the aisle with her father.

Yucatan Mexico beach wedding Mexico beach wedding photojournalismMexico destination wedding photographers, beautiful beach wedding

Sooo beautiful!

Bride walking down aisle Mexico beach wedding Playa Mujeres

Beloved Hotel beach wedding photosPlaya Mujeres resort beach destination weddingThe Beloved Hotel resort beach wedding picturesCoral and ivory beach destination wedding Mexico

As our bride and groom prepared to say their vows, some grey clouds began gathering again, providing some welcome breeze and cooler temperatures…

Colorful wedding photos Mexico, tropical beach destination weddingVibrant wedding photos Mexico destination wedding

As the clouds moved rapidly, suddenly we saw the most amazing thing: a beautiful long rainbow, touching down exactly where Jonathan and Nicola stood. How much more perfect could you get than that?

Mexico beach destination wedding photographers, rainbow over wedding ceremony

Our bride and groom exchanged rings and suddenly the wind picked up speed. Another thunderstorm seemed to be approaching at an incredibly rapid pace!

Beach wedding Mexico approaching thunderstorm and rainbow

The weather had everyone a bit fascinated, and wondering just how much time we had before the skies opened up! The celebrant decided to play it safe and postpone the sand ceremony, instead bringing out the official documents to sign!

Creative wedding photojournalism, wedding ceremony approaching storm Mexico

With their thumbprints, it was official! Yay!

Playa Mujeres tropical beach destination wedding ceremony

The bridesmaids suddenly noticed the beautiful rainbow behind them.

Coral beach wedding tropical Mexico beachInternational destination wedding photographers, rainbow beach Mexico wedding

And they were pronounced husband and wife!

Tropical destination beach wedding with rainbow

As quickly as they had come, the dark thunderclouds seemed to be passing on, and so it was on with the final part of their ceremony. A beautiful sand ceremony symbolised their newly official union. Like the sand, Jonathan and Nicola were now one and inseparable.

Tropical beach destination wedding Mexico

Congrats to our happy couple, back under blue skies again!

Playa Mujeres Beloved Hotel beach wedding

I think we were all a bit amazed that we didn’t get soaked! :)

Wedding ceremony Mexico Cancun beach wedding

How cute are our newlyweds?

Wedding photojournalism Mexico Cancun

That little storm was pretty exciting, but there was lots more excitement to be had at Jonathan and Nicola’s reception that evening. And that rainbow was pretty spectacular, but wait until you see what the skies did for us at sunset. We have lots more beautiful images to share of this beautiful couple in our next blog post. Congratulations, Jonathan and Nicola!

Friends and family of Jonathan and Nicola, leave a comment below for the newlyweds and let us know what you think of the photos. We’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is ready to view online!

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Zee - Gorgeous photos!! This resort looks amazing. We are currently planning our destination wedding for next year and were wondering how many guests they had at this wedding?

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Tom Lekawski - Reliving those very special moments of the wedding through the photographs brings back all of that wonderful ceremony and these two very beautiful people, son and daughter-in-law. Looking forward to future posts, of the rest of the weekend’s events.

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