Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Part 2: Ellen & Martin

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding

It’s time for part two of Ellen and Martin’s wedding and more about their story—a love that blossomed through more than a thousand emails. Today we bring you the photos from their fabulous, fun, friend-filled reception at Cafe Birkenhead.  Jeff and I had SO much fun shooting this reception… the happiness in the air was just infectious!

In part one of their wedding, I alluded to the words that were spoken at their reception. I’m a big believer in the importance and power of words, and there were some beautiful ones spoken on this night. Ellen and Martin both elected to speak at the reception, which I think is an awesome idea! I love hearing the bride and groom speak at weddings, whether it is through their own personally written vows or through speeches. I love hearing the couple’s story and their feelings for each other in their own words. I’m such a sucker for love stories!

If you’re wondering about their nautical theme, these two are both big history buffs and have a particular interest in British naval history. In fact, they even met in a library while Ellen was in England doing research for her PhD. Understandably, Ellen spent a fair amount of time in the university library… where Martin worked.  Martin took notice of her immediately, but too shy to strike up a conversation, found excuses to overuse the photocopier just so he could continue to gaze in her direction. Martin recounted this cute story in his speech and said he always tried to stay “professional.” But one day, he couldn’t stand it anymore and invited Ellen for coffee. Ellen was due to return to Australia, but they kept in touch… and the rest, as they say, is history.

The guests enjoyed nibbles and drinks while waiting for the newlyweds to arrive…

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Cocktail HourCafe Birkenhead Wedding Grand Entrance

It was absolutely lovely at Cafe Birkenhead! The lighting and decorations looked just great and the staff were super friendly!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Reception

Once everyone was seated, the food was served and it was beautiful!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Dinner

I just LOVED their cake. It was beautifully made, and the cake topper of two owls in a little leaf sailboat was SO CUTE! Ellen, you must tell us where you got it! I love the historical touch on the guestbook pen, too.

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Reception

Everyone was all smiles!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding ReceptionCafe Birkenhead Wedding ReceptionCafe Birkenhead Wedding Reception

The guests did their duty of tapping knife to wine glass a good number of times, too!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Reception

Then came my favourite part, the speeches. Ellen started and gave a heartfelt speech that honoured all her friends and her love for Martin. You could tell how much her friends cared for her by their reactions. There was so much emotion in the room!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Speeches

Ellen’s maid of honour gave a moving and beautifully written speech that recounted childhood times and Ellen’s growing infatuation with all things historical and nautical, including a very funny story about a certain fictional navy captain called Horatio Hornblower… you’ll have to ask Ellen. ;)

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Speeches

They laughed, they cried, and then they raised their glasses to the newlyweds! One of our favourite shots from the night:

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Speeches

The father of the bride also delighted us all with some of his own charming poetry in honour of the happy couple.

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Speeches

Martin and his Best Man rounded off a set of brilliantly written speeches. You could tell this was a room full of academics. Cheers!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Speeches

Then it was time to cut into that gorgeous cake!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Cake Cutting

Ellen and Martin looked so lovely doing their first dance. I love this series!

Cafe Birkenhead First DanceCafe Birkenhead First DanceCafe Birkenhead First Dance

With all the formalities finished, it was time for the DJ to get things going. I just loved how absolutely everyone of all ages got so into the dancing.

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Dances

Everyone got a kick out of the group dances and they were all so coordinated. Here is the ‘Y’ in your favourite Village People song:

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding DancesCafe Birkenhead Wedding Dances

This little guy couldn’t get enough of the dance floor!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Dances

This was the most fantastic bouquet toss I’ve seen in ages. These girls REALLY wanted to catch it! I love the expressions on everyone’s face!

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Bouquet TossCafe Birkenhead Wedding DancingCafe Birkenhead Wedding Dancing

Love this spontaneous group shot. Such an enthusiastic bunch! :)

Cafe Birkenhead Wedding Dancing

Congratulations, Ellen and Martin! Thank you for trusting us as your photographers and sharing your story with us. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, wherever your journey takes you!

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Jeff Wong - Awww, thanks Ellen! Thanks you for letting us be a small part of your big day! :D

Ellen - These are fantastic, thank you so much! Again I got teary looking at them, especially the ones from the speeches. Our dance ones are great too, they makes us look like we almost knew what we were doing!
You were both amazing, thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job and the photos are perfect!

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