Dockside Darling Harbour Hindu Wedding – Part 2

It’s not very often that we get to see a bride walk down the aisle twice in the same day, but that’s exactly what Niru got to do! After the first half of the ceremony where guests bestowed their blessings on her wedding sari and gold thali necklace, Niru changed into this stunning red and gold sari and came back down the aisle carrying the wedding garland that she would drape over her groom’s shoulders.

Indian bride in red wedding sari, beautiful Hindu wedding photography SydneyBeautiful bride at her Hindu wedding at Dockside Darling Harbour

Niru and Charlie exchanged floral garlands, as a symbol of acceptance, and as a pledge that they will respect each other throughout their marriage.

Bride and groom being married in traditional Hindu wedding ceremony Australia

Then it was time for the tying of the Thali, or Mangalyam, a gold necklace for the bride that is meant to protect her marriage and symbolise good luck, love and friendship.

Family members held up a sheet while Charlie tied a knot in a golden cord, binding them together officially as husband and wife.

Tying of the thali at Sydney Hindu wedding, colourful and vibrant Indian wedding photosDockside Darling Harbour wedding photos, Maangalya tharanam ceremony

As the music played, Charlie secured the gold thali around Niru’s neck and their family members showered them with red rose petals.

Dockside Darling Harbour wedding, Hindu wedding pictures, tying of the thaliGuests throwing rose petals at Hindu wedding ceremony Sydney

Niru and Charlie were given a small mirror to look at themselves for the first time as newlyweds. They looked so happy!

Beautiful Indian wedding photography Sydney

Charlie dabbed Niru’s forehead with sindoor, the red vermillion powder worn by married Hindu women.

Groom putting sindoor on bride

The newlyweds placed a total of three garlands over each other, symbolising their unification as one soul in two bodies.

Hindu wedding garlands, Indian wedding photojournalismDockside Hindu wedding ceremony traditions

In one of the most important events in the ceremony, Niru and Charlie now began their seven circles walking around the sacred fire, signifying their transition into married life. They were led by the bride’s brother, her lifelong supporter.

Hindu wedding ceremony Saptapadi seven steps, Bhawar ceremony Indian weddingCreative Hindu wedding photography, walk around the Hawan and MaaRor Indian wedding Saptapadi ceremony seven steps around the fire, creative Hindu wedding photographyUnique and creative Indian wedding photography, bride and groom take seven steps around the fireIndian bride and groom married as they take seven steps around the fire in Bhawar ceremony

After encircling the fire, Niru and Charlie poured the special popcorn from the Bhatwaan night into the fire as an offering. It was all soo beautiful to watch!

Hindu bride and groom pour popcorn into fire during their wedding ceremony, Indian wedding photography Sydney

Then our bride and groom took seven final steps, representing seven special vows of marriage. They joined their feet together on a grinding stone, in the hopes that their marriage will be as firm and strong as the stone, and Charlie presented Niru with toe rings that indicate her married status.

Hindu wedding seven steps, groom placing ring on bride

Niru and Charlie played a fun game at the end of their ceremony: it was the game of “fishing the ring”, which would determine who would take charge in their relationship! Bangles were placed in a bucket of water and the first to grab hold of one would be the winner…

Hindu wedding tradition ring game, Indian wedding ceremony photos

I love this shot of Niru grabbing the bangle! Now she will always have the upper hand! :)

Creative Indian wedding photojournalism, fun and colourful wedding photography

Niru applied the sindoor to her new husband’s forehead at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Bride putting sindoor on groom, Hindu wedding Dockside

What a beautiful, beautiful ceremony! There were hugs all around.

Parents blessing couple during Hindu marriage ceremony, beautiful Hindu wedding photography

The weather outside looked absolutely beautiful on this unseasonably warm winter’s day. The guests all enjoyed some canapes on the balcony while the room was flipped for their lunch reception.

Darling Harbour SydneyDockside Darling Harbour Sydney, creative wedding photography

The staff did a great job completely transforming the space at Dockside in only about 30 minutes!

Dockside Darling Harbour lunch wedding reception setupDockside Darling Harbour lunch wedding, red wedding at DocksideRed and orange wedding at Dockside Darling Harbour Sydney

Our happy couple emerged again once all the guests were seated. What a good looking couple!

Beautiful Indian bride and groom at their wedding in Darling Harbour

Beautiful wedding photojournalism, Dockside Darling Harbour Hindu weddingCandid and natural wedding photojournalismDarling Harbour Dockside wedding lunch reception

The formalities weren’t quite over yet. Though they were spiritually and emotionally already married, there was the legal side of things to take care of!

Darling Harbour wedding civil ceremonyDockside Cockle Bay wedding civil ceremony

The guests were served a delicious Indian lunch and treated to a heartwarming, touching speech by Niru’s father.

Dockside Darling Harbour wedding lunch reception speech

Niru’s father, a professor and researcher, presented his findings and investigations into when the happy couple really first met, revealing details that seemed to come as a shock to his daugther. Niru has some of the greatest facial expressions! Haha, love it!

Beautiful and natural Hindu wedding photographyWedding photojournalism, Hindu wedding, Indian wedding reception

Niru’s father’s tribute to her grandfather, who had recently passed away, made everyone tear up.

Beautiful and natural Hindu wedding photography SydneyCandid and natural Indian wedding photography

For their first dance, Niru’s beautiful bridesmaids sang an amazing duet. Their voices were absolutely enchanting! I, for one, did not want them to stop singing!

Creative Indian wedding photography, Dockside Darling Harbour weddingDarling Harbour Indian wedding receptionBlack and white Hindu wedding imagesCreative Indian wedding photosBride and groom

So cute. Bravo, ladies!

Creative Hindu wedding photography Australia

Everyone enjoyed the delicious lunch before departing. How lovely it was–click to view this panorama larger!

Dockside Darling Harbour wedding photos, Panoramic wedding photography

The sunset was approaching, so it was time to venture down to the harbour with this beautiful bridal party!

Hindu wedding photography Sydney Harbour bridal party portraitsHDR wedding photography, Indian wedding photography Sydney Harbour

Love these! You can’t tell in these shots, but they were certainly attracting lots of attention from onlookers, who all seemed a bit spellbound!

The Rocks wedding photography, red and orange wedding, Hindu wedding SydneyThe Rocks and Walsh Bay wedding photos, Indian wedding pictures Sydney Harbour

Niru’s brother did something pretty cute here on his own… did you notice it? Haha!

Candid and natural Indian wedding photography

Niru and Charlie looked soo happy. I love these!

Beautiful Indian wedding photography, sunset bride and groom portraits Sydney HarbourBeautiful Indian bride and groom, sunset wedding photography

Looking very cool, guys!

Sydney harbour bridge creative wedding photos, bridal party portraits in The Rocks SydneyWedding portraits under Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks Indian wedding photographySydney Opera House wedding photos, Indian wedding photography Sydney Harbour

HDR wedding photos, Sydney Opera House Hindu wedding

Sydney harbour bridge bridal party wedding photo, Indian wedding bridal party The Rocks Sydney

Bride and groom at Sydney Opera House, twilight wedding photography

What a beautiful twilight sky and a gorgeous couple.

Twilight wedding photography, beautiful wedding portraits Sydney Opera House

The sun was gone, but there was still more fun to come! Everyone went to the groom’s house for the final ceremonies and games of the night.

Inside, they played a number of games, including a second round of Fishing the Ring! Guess who came out on top again?

Family members presented Niru with gifts of jewellery and many hugs.

Indian bride receiving gifts on her wedding day

As the last tradition of the night, Niru got to hold and play with a baby, to give her luck in her own endeavors at starting a family. How cute is this? A sign to come perhaps?

What an amazing day! We just loved being a part of Niru and Charlie’s first day as husband and wife and having the opportunity to capture such beautiful moments. The following weekend, we were all off to Brisbane for their gorgeous reception at the Brisbane Convention Centre for all the guests who couldn’t make the journey to Sydney. Stay tuned for the final installment!

Friends and family of Niru and Charlie, leave a note below for the happy couple and let us know what you think of the photos, and we’ll notify you when the full gallery of images is ready to view online.

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Shristi - These pics are stunning! I feel like I was there. Just gorgeous and I love the blog. Beautifully explained. You guys can do no Wong!

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Niru - Oh my God Erin and Jeff, these photos are amazing! Love the colours and the lighting, and the moments!! Everything has been so beautifully captured!!! Can’t wait to see all of them! Thoroughly enjoying the blog as well! You guys have done your research!!! You know some of the rituals better than the family! Thank you so much guys! Looking forward to the next chapter! :D

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