The Imaginary Spaceship Wedding at Sergeants Mess: Heli & Shaun – Part 2

If you loved Part 1 of Heli and Shaun’s amazing science-fiction themed wedding, you’re going to just die over all the incredible details from their nerdtastic reception! Well, it’s time to set a course for the Heli and Shaun nebula. Ensign? Warp 9. Engage.

Sergeants Mess was beautifully decorated with so many details made by Heli and Shaun themselves. One of my favourite elements was the large black backdrop that they hung across one wall. The backdrop was covered with tiny pin lights, simulating the observation desk on a starship! Awesome.

Creative Sydney wedding photography, offbeat wedding reception

Being aboard a spaceship, and having ordered their cake from a distant part of the galaxy, Heli and Shaun’s cake would of course have to be delivered by wormhole. Fortunately, it emerged from their on-board Stargate just in time for the festivities! How amazing does this look?

Photo of wedding cake at sci-fi themed wedding receptionPicture of Sergeants Mess wedding reception, Mosman SydneyPhoto of blue and turquoise wedding reception at Sergeants Mess, Sydney

I was amazed at this incredibly detailed seating chart that our bride and groom had put together. Each table was given the name of a spaceship from various sci-fi films and novels. This work of art was fittingly mounted into a big frame. It looked fantastic!

Science fiction themed wedding reception in Sydney

Heli and Shaun’s attention to detail really came across in the individual seating cards. Each guest had their own personalised character name or Starfleet job title, some with inside jokes like this one!

Fun and colorful and vibrant wedding reception photographySci-fi inspired wedding menu, science fiction themed reception

And this detail here just might be my favourite of all. Each table had a copy of this hilarious menu, including items such as Soylent Green, Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie, Vulcan Plomeek Soup, and the best one of all: Ameglian Major Cow. If you haven’t read The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, a novel in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, the Ameglian Major Cow is a cow that has been bred to want to be eaten (and is capable of saying so). Heli and Shaun added to their menu, “Available to discuss his tastiest body parts post payment.” Haha!

Sci-fi inspired wedding menu, science fiction themed reception

This fun thumbprint guestbook was also ready and waiting for guests to sign.

Science fiction themed wedding reception in SydneySergeants Mess wedding reception photosCandid wedding photography SydneyStar Wars themed wedding reception photos, photos of guests in costumePictures of fun science fiction themed wedding

Captain Picard also made it to the reception, despite still being part Borg. Good effort, Captain!

Star Trek themed wedding reception photosWedding reception with guests in costume SydneyPhoto of wedding cocktail hour in Mosman, SydneyColourful wedding reception photographs Sydney

Once it was dark, the venue took on a magical mood.

Sergeants Mess wedding photos, vibrant wedding photographyColourful and creative wedding photography Sydney

The centerpieces were all fit with blue LED lights, creating a dramatic and very spacey glow!

Sergeants Mess creative wedding reception photosSydney colourful wedding reception setupPhoto of sci-fi themed wedding reception decorations

Heli and Shaun entered their reception in true sci-fi style. But don’t worry, the phasers were set to stun. ;)

Bride and groom grand entrance at costume themed wedding

Vibrant and colourful wedding at Sergeants Mess

A sci-fi wedding would not be complete without some tricorder scanning…

Fun and candid wedding photography SydneyGuests at costume themed wedding reception

Another spaceship floated by while the guests partied away. Good thing it wasn’t a Borg cube!

Mosman wedding venue photographs

It’s nice to see the forces of both good and evil coming together and setting aside their differences for such a special occasion.

Guests in costume at sci-fi themed wedding

Heli’s mother moved all the guests with her touching speech.

Candid wedding photography SydneyFun wedding reception photos SydneySergeants Mess wedding pictures, Mosman Sydney

The groomsmen and bridesmaids kept everyone entertained with lots of fun stories!

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When it came time to cut the cake, I think Shaun was still a bit reluctant to ruin the beautiful creation! I absolutely love their expressions!

Science fiction wedding theme photos Sydney offbeat wedding reception photos

Creative Sydney wedding photography

Photo of bride and groom dancing at Sydney offbeat weddingPicture of bride and groom dancing at science fiction themed wedding

Sci-fi inspired wedding reception photos

Sergeants Mess wedding reception fun photos

Sergeants Mess Sydney fun wedding pictures

While the adults partied away, the young padawans practiced their light saber dueling and light-jump rope skills!

Photos of kids having fun at Sydney wedding receptionSergeants Mess wedding reception photos

Costume themed wedding photos Sydney

Colourful and fun wedding pictures Fun Sydney north shore wedding reception picturesSydney north shore wedding reception photosFun Sydney wedding photography

All the guests got to go home with some of these cool personalised dice! Awesome!

Vibrant and colourful wedding photography

Of course we had to end the night with a beautiful panorama. I just loved what the clouds were doing this night. Looks like there might be a Bird of Prey or Romulan Warbird hanging around up there! Click to view this one bigger.

Sergeants Mess Sydney venue, vibrant landscape photography

Heli and Shaun, we absolutely loved being your photographers. Thank you for inviting us to be passengers on your very cool imaginary spaceship.  Since you know we are both serious sci-fi fans ourselves, you know that we are 100% serious in our wish for you both: May you live long, and prosper.

Friends and family of Heli and Shaun, leave a comment below with your email address in the email field to be notified when the full gallery of images is online. Or, just leave a comment for the happy couple and let us know what you think of the photos!

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Kitty Kan - Heli, this is the most spectacular & memorable wedding I have ever come across! Wishing you and Shaun a lifetime of hapiness!

To the photographers, you guys are amazing. Top professional quality! I enjoyed reading the blog as well.

Biju Oommen - OH MY GOWD ! Super Duper Pictures. Loved the whole theme. Definately one of its kind. You captured all the details and I really felt in the midst of all the action just by looking at these images. You guys ROCK !!!!

rich - wow – this wedding is out of bounds… super amazing photos of such an awesome wedding!

Raven - OH MY GOSH! You were not lying! These are such fantastic details! What an incredibly fun looking wedding!! You guys have some amazing clients!!

Corinna See Stansbury - These are fantastic!

Pirjo Lähteelä - I love both of the sets of photos of Heli & Shaun’s wedding. And also, not helping Shaun at all, we shouted to Heli in Finnish Polkaise! meaning Trod!

Denise Tabone - Fabulous pics!!!!

Jeff Wong - Haha, that’s a great tradition! Thanks for the insight Heli! :D

Heli - Awesome! As always guys.
And during the cake cutting, part of Shaun’s expression is the fact I’m trodding on his toes. It’s a Finnish thing, and it means I’m in charge now. (partly because he didn’t know what was happening)

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