Pakistani Pithi Night Pre-Wedding Celebrations: Maria & Talib

If it happens to be a grey day wherever you are, then read on—there’s enough colour and happiness in this post to part the clouds! Today we have the first installment of Maria and Talib’s beautiful two-day multicultural wedding celebration to share. Maria and Talib combined Pakistani and Iranian wedding traditions to honour both of their heritages. The night before the wedding, they invited all their guests to Kashi Indian Restaurant in Annangrove to participate in the Pithi ceremony, a Pakistani pre-wedding tradition. The colours, fabrics and decorations are so mesmerising and beautiful—prepare to feast your eyes!

Pithi night Pakistani wedding, colourful and vibrant wedding photography

The preparations began with Talib’s female family members arranging the items for the ceremony, including coloured rice, sweets, Pithi paste made of tumeric, and small clay pots.

Pithi night Pakistani wedding celebration SydneyCreative wedding photography, Indian and Pakistani wedding photosKashi Indian Restaurant Sydney

The guests were all smiles as they eagerly awaited the arrival of the future bride and groom.

Our beautiful bride made a ceremonial entrance while her family and friends held a traditional wedding shawl over her head.

Pithi night celebrations Pakistani wedding

Our handsome groom soon followed!

Pakistan pre-wedding celebrations Pithi night traditional ceremony

The guests approached our bride and groom one by one to give their blessings. Each guest fed them a piece of candy to wish them sweetness in their marriage.

Creative wedding photojournalism, Indian wedding photos

They also took the Pithi paste, made of chickpea flour, rose water and tumeric, and rubbed it on the bride and groom’s hands or face to give them radiant skin for the wedding day.

Creative wedding photojournalism, Indian wedding photos

There was also much throwing of the coloured rice to wish them abundance and prosperity in their lives together. The guests seemed to really enjoy that part of the blessings!

Creative wedding photojournalism Indian and Pakistani wedding photographers Pithi rice throwingPithi ceremony creative photojournalismPre-wedding ceremony Pithi night Pakistani wedding, showering couple with ricePakistani and Iranian multicultural wedding

What fun! All the commotion was so lively and festive! With the guests crowding around in excitement, there was hardly any room for us to squeeze in.

Rice throwing at Pithi night celebrationsColourful wedding photos Indian and Pakistani wedding ceremoniesBeautiful wedding photography Pithi ceremony nightBeautiful wedding photography Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony guest blessingsBeautiful wedding photography Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony guest blessings

Didn’t our bride-to-be look gorgeous?

Creative wedding photography, Pakistani and Iranian multicultural weddingGuest blessings at Pithi ceremony Pakistan wedding celebrations

The guests were all in such good spirits!

Fun and creative wedding photography Pithi ceremony nightPithi night celebrations at Kashi Indian Restaurant

After the blessings were completed, our bride and groom broke sapatias. These small clay pots traditionally contain sugar, tumeric, lentils and silver coins, the breaking of which symbolises the release of the gifts that are inside—sweetness, good health, prosperity and wealth.

Breaking sapatias Pithi ceremonyColourful and creative Indian and Pakistani wedding photography

Then everyone enjoyed a delicious feast of Indian food!

Pithi night at Kashi Indian Restaurant SydneyCreative photography pre-wedding celebrations Kashi Indian RestaurantFun Pithi night celebrations Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony

Maria and Talib had told us that the end of the night would involve some “egg throwing” at the groom. Here I was envisioning a small group of people, perhaps with one egg in hand each, tossing them gently toward the groom… but once I saw that giant blue tarp go down, I suspected there might be something a bit different about to happen! Talib donned his protective Iron Man mask to prepare for what was to come. It was tradition for Maria to smash the first egg… and then…


Fun Pithi night celebrations Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony

Jeff and I thought it was hilarious they brought out ketchup, flour, pitchers of water, silly string, whipped cream… and of course, several dozen eggs!!

Egg throwing at groom during Pithi celebrationsEgg throwing at Pakistani groom during Pithi ceremony

Oh my goodness… what a mess!  The guests were very entertained, and I think it’s safe to say the groom was thoroughly “blessed” by this stage! :)

While our groom escaped to take a shower, the guests took the celebration to the dance floor!

Fun and creative Indian wedding photography

What fun! Next up on our blog will be Part one of Maria and Talib’s beautiful wedding day… stay tuned! Family and friends of Maria and Talib, we’d love to hear what you think of the images! Feel free to leave a comment for us below.

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