The Tea Room Gunners Barracks Wedding: Kate and Chris – Part 1

We absolutely love the photos from this emotional and beautiful wedding, filled with huge belly laughs and big fat tears. We love the photos just as much as we love the story of these childhood sweethearts! Kate and Chris’s relationship began like it would in a movie—on the train platform in year eight—when Chris had to work up the courage to speak to his cute classmate, Kate. As their friendship evolved over the years, they clearly became inseparable. Their journey together took them through school, through university and first jobs, and then overseas, where they got engaged while travelling in New Orleans. Kate and Chris had clearly won over each other’s families long ago. It was so heartwarming to see in the faces of all their friends and family just how much everyone had been anticipating this day that had come at last! Kate and Chris wanted to do a first look before their ceremony—the type of special wedding moment that we just love! Chris waited patiently for his bride…

I love Kate’s expression here, as she saw Chris standing with his back toward her as she came down the stairs…

You were a gorgeous bride, Kate!

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding photos

Bride and Groom first look at Tea Room Gunners BarracksTea Room Gunners Barracks wedding photos

These two are too cute! I love first looks!

Wedding first look photos in Mosman SydneyWedding first look at the Tea Room Gunners BarracksSydney wedding at Tea Room Gunners Barracks

Though Kate and Chris’s school days are long past, these two have certainly both kept a giggly, goofy side that is so endearing! I wonder what their 8th-grade selves would think of these pictures? :)

Cute and fun wedding photos SydneyCandid and natural wedding photography Sydney

Kate’s lovely bridesmaids were so cute, sniffling in the background as they watched their happy friends.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding photos

What a good looking couple, and a good looking bridal party!

Sydney harbour wedding photos

Kate and Chris’s theme colours of green, white, charcoal grey-blue, and the palest pink were just lovely. Kate’s family did all the flower arrangements themselves and they looked fantastic!

Green wedding, white wedding, blue wedding, grey wedding, bouquetsBalmoral Beach wedding photos

The guys were looking great in their well-coordinated suits!

Mosman Sydney harbour wedding photos Tea Room Gunners BarracksVibrant colourful creative wedding photos Sydney

So beautiful, Kate!

I love these. You guys looked so relaxed and happy!

Tea Room wedding, beautiful wedding photography Sydney

After photos at the Tea Room, we took a drive out to Sydney Harbour National Park, to the Middle Head Forts for some more fun shots with the bridal party.

So beautiful!

Middle Head Forts wedding photos, Sydney harbour national park wedding pictures

It was a fantastically beautiful day!

Wedding portraits at the Middle Head Forts, Sydney north shore

What a gorgeous view. Click to view this one bigger!

Photos on patio at Tea Room Gunners Barracks

Kate and Chris had their ceremony on the patio at the Tea Room Gunners Barracks.

Wedding photos at Middle Head Forts, Sydney harbour national park

The very lovely Lorraine Wright did a beautiful job officiating the ceremony. When Kate and Chris sent us a link to her website before the wedding, we laughed out loud… because the address is! Kate and Chris hadn’t made the connection that they had hired both The Wright Celebrant and The Wong Couple! Lorraine, great minds must think alike. Hilarious!

Natural wedding photography Sydney north shore

Everyone was eagerly anticipating the start of the ceremony.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks wedding ceremony photosWedding photojournalism Sydney north shoreTea Room Mosman wedding ceremony picturesPhotos of wedding on patio at Tea Room Gunners BarracksGreen and white wedding

Kate and Chris did a ring warming as part of their ceremony. Each guest got to take a moment to “warm” the rings and make a silent wish for the happy couple.

Candid and natural wedding photojournalismCreative wedding photojournalism

Some of the most beautiful emotional moments happened during the vows. Chris started to speak, and had to take a pause. Then he just melted onto his bride’s shoulder. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Then, suddenly everyone’s tears morphed into contagious laughter.

Wedding photojournalism, Tea Room Gunners Barracks Wedding

I love the bridal party’s reactions! Emotional grooms, we salute you!

Kate and Chris exchanged some beautiful vows, and no one could hold back their tears.

Black and white wedding photography, emotional wedding photographyEmotional wedding photos, Tea Room Gunners Barracks weddingBlack and white wedding photos, wedding photojournalism

And they were husband and wife!

A dear friend of Kate and Chris did an outstanding job playing the saxophone during the signing.

Tea Room Gunners Barracks Mosman wedding photosBeautiful wedding photography, natural wedding photos

Congratulations, Kate and Chris! Watch this space, because there are many more gorgeous photos coming of Kate and Chris’s reception! Stay tuned. Friends and family of Kate and Chris, to be notified when the full gallery of images is available for viewing, leave a note for the happy couple below in the comments, and let us know what you think of the photos!

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Lorraine Wright Marriage Celebrant - Hi Jeff and Erin,
Your exquisite photos from Kate and Chris’ wedding took my breath away! You truly captured the unbridled joy of this memorable day.
Can’t wait to work with you again.
Best wishes,
Lorraine Wright, Marriage Celebrant

Amanda - The photos are so beautiful! I just looked at them again for a third time and got teary! Haha such a great day had by all :)

Iris-May Vanden Berg - Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom.
Such proud parents too……

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness…. I so enjoyed reading your Love Story !!!!

Looking forward to seeing Part 2

All the best

Kate - The photos are just beautiful ! I love the shots with the bridal party. Can’t wait for part 2!!

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