Westella Renaissance Persian & Pakistani Wedding: Maria & Talib – Part 1

It was a stunningly sunny day for Maria and Talib’s Persian wedding ceremony! Maria and Talib had a beautiful ceremony in Iranian tradition in a family member’s backyard. Their families did a lovely job decorating. Summer had come early and left everyone quite literally dazzled by all the beautiful details in silver and white! The ceremony spread, or Sofre-ye-Aghd, was decorated with traditionally symbolic items of herbs, spices, sugar, flowers, and the Qu’ran.

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The spread symbolised many hopes and wishes for the new couple in their life together—that they may have joy (pomegranates), wealth (coins), sweetness in life (sugar and honey), fertility (walnuts), and that they may avoid the evil eye (salt) and be protected from evil spirits (poppy seeds and other spices).

Sofre-ye-Aghd Persian Muslim wedding ceremony pictures

The Aghd spread also included a mirror, one of the most important items in the Aghd ceremony, and a candelabra representing brightness and light in the future of the couple. This beautiful bowl of saffron-coloured rock candy symbolised a wish for the couple to have sweetness in life.

Pomegranates and seeds in Aghd Persian wedding ceremonyWalnuts and black tea leaves in Persian Aghd wedding ceremonyQurPersian wedding ceremony Sydney

A very talented family member also created this amazing carved fruit and vegetable spread!

Maria’s traditional wedding outfit was elaborately adorned with sequins and metallic embroidery. Beautiful!

Persian wedding ceremony bridal outfit

Maria’s mother and sister helped her get ready before the ceremony.

Persian wedding ceremony photos bride getting readyPersian wedding ceremony preparations Sydney

The little flower girls were quite taken with our beautiful bride!

Beautiful Persian wedding photography Sydney

Did Maria look gorgeous or what? Absolutely stunning!

Beautiful and elegant wedding photography Sydney

Sydney wedding ceremony Iranian and Pakistani traditions

Persian Iranian wedding gown, beautiful bride on her wedding day Sydney

Sooo beautiful, Maria!

Iranian wedding traditions, Persian wedding ceremony, elegant wedding photography Australia

Talib waited patiently for his bride at the start of the ceremony. Adhering to tradition, Talib gazed into the mirror and waited for Maria to walk down the aisle and approach him. The groom is to see his bride for the first time in the mirror.

Persian Muslim wedding ceremony Sydney AustraliaAghd wedding ceremony, creative wedding photography

The adorable flower girls led the procession down the aisle.

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Talib looked so happy to see his beautiful bride all dressed up! Such a nice moment as they smiled at each other’s reflections.

Wedding ceremony with Sofre-ye-Aghd

The ceremony began with some words of prayer and the signing of the marriage certificate.

Aghd Iranian Australian wedding ceremony photosAghd Iranian Persian Australian wedding ceremony photosPerisan wedding bride and groom under the silk scarf in front of Sofre

Maria’s family members held a silk scarf over their heads and tossed a thin flatbread onto it, as a wish for feasting and prosperity in Maria and Talib’s future together.

Ring exchange wedding photos Australia

At the end of the ceremony, Maria and Talib dipped their fingers in the cup of honey and fed it to each other.

Afterwards, in Talib’s Pakistanti family traditions, they held a brief ceremony in the doorway of the house.

Pakistani wedding traditions doorway ceremonyPakistani wedding traditions ceremony in doorway on wedding day

Then, Maria and Talib gave each other tea, sharing their first drink together as husband and wife.

Bride and groom give each other tea during Pakistani wedding tradition

We then travelled with Maria and Talib to their own home for a quick outfit change before some photos and their beautiful reception.

Maria chose a gorgeous silk ballgown to wear for their big, festive reception! It was just perfect for her!

She also had the perfect shimmering silver accessories to go along with her gown.

Persian and Pakistani wedding, silver and white wedding Sydney

With no bridal party or family members to attend to, Maria and Talib got their first chance to relax and enjoy this quiet downtime together before the festivities ahead. It’s not often the bride and group get a chance to help each other dress for their wedding!

Bride and groom get ready together for their multicultural wedding Sydney

Looking very sharp, you two!

Sydney multicultural Iranian and Pakistani wedding

Once our bride and groom were all dolled up, we headed out for some photos by the harbour! Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming in Part 2…

Stay tuned everyone for more portraits of this gorgeous couple, and their beautiful ballroom reception with lots and lots of dancing! Friends and family of Maria and Talib, we’d love to know what you think of the photos in the comments below!

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