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513 Stine N/A 4:33pm, 23-Jun-11
Hi Jeff and Erin! I am from Germany and saw your trailer just a couple of minutes ago. Had to go to your page right away and check out the weddings pics! LOVE THEM! I hope you two will have a wonderful life together and stay happy! =D Best wishes from Germany sends you Stine
512 Wendy Rocamora fan 4:31am, 30-May-11
Hello Jeff and Erin! Your wedding video was epic. Congratulations & I would like to wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Best, W.R.
511 Mando Liussi Depaoli N/A 6:45am, 14-May-11
Truly, lovely, amazing video! Congratulations and my best wishes in your marriage.
510 Mark Gerics Don't know you, wish I did! 9:40pm, 19-Apr-11
Outstanding trailer! Best to you in your marriage.
509 Allison M N/A 2:22am, 5-Apr-11
Your video was amazing! What an awesome idea and so cool that you got to go through with it! Way to go on the coolest save the date ever!!
508 Louise Internet friend from NY city area 3:55pm, 19-Mar-11
OH WHAT A GOGEOUS WEDDING invitation! So elegantly artistically oozes of grace, with a slight touch of royalty! Hurry with the wedding photos...I check your site at least once a week in anticipation of them! I hope my heart can hold-up to the excitement once I start viewing them!
507 yifat yaffe N/A 6:53pm, 2-Mar-11
hi, I'm a photographer from Israel, I want to tell you that I'ts beautiful and amazing. I wish I did that film for you and all your wedding pictures. I also looked on your albums from all the places you were in the world and I didn't find any pictures from Israel, so I want to invite you to travel In Israel together with me and my family. to show you my beautiful country and to see the photos after on your album in the picasa. enjoy your life only from looking at the pictures I alredy love you and feel close to you. yifat
506 Jean Trinidad no relation just found them on the internet 3:43am, 1-Mar-11
Hi Jeff and Erin. I just saw your wedding trailer and your website while searching on the internet. I really love it. It's unique, beautiful, and amazing. I also dream to have this kind of wedding preparations and I think this will need a lot of effort and time to finish this. I inspire you for doing this. Thanks for it. I wish you all the best. (.^_^.)
505 jamie b. found on internet 5:43pm, 28-Feb-11
my husband and I thought your video was awesome. It was well put together. Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes on your future life together!
504 Clarisse N/A 5:20pm, 23-Feb-11
Saw the video because of the feature in Reader's Digest Asia. You have the most amazing video! :) Super cool.
503 Laura Bride's Mother's Best Friend's 2nd Cousin's Husband's Boss's Mother's Lawyer's Daughter 1:08pm, 19-Feb-11
502 Louise friend from afar 4:15pm, 18-Feb-11
Would you kindly post your wedding invitation that everyone is talkin g about so your non-friends, like me, can see it! thanks!
501 David Key N/A 5:20pm, 28-Dec-10
Just saw the wedding invitation a while back and just wanted to wish you a happy marriage.I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for over 46 years so happy marriages do happen. Four children and seven grandchildren and we still hold hands. Again wish both of you the best.
500 stan N/A 10:17am, 20-Dec-10
your wedding should have been so fantastic! congratulations!
499 The Wild Handyman No relation 11:40pm, 12-Dec-10
Congratulations! Sorry I missed the wedding.
498 Wolfgang none 3:30pm, 12-Dec-10
saw your invitation video and all i can say is WOW!!!
497 Susan Matano a friend you have haven't met yet 10:13pm, 22-Nov-10
Congratulations Erin and Jeff. My whole family loved your video. We watched it so many times. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventures.
496 Evilbaga N/A 3:12pm, 6-Nov-10
MOAR pics damnit! :-) All the girls who liked me, and me them were taller than me. I was always too chicken to do anything about it. Please email me!
495 Marycris Cardenas Fan #1 9:01am, 16-Oct-10
I just wanted to tell you I can't wait to see your wedding pictures. I hope you have a great honeymoon.
494 Carmen Cosme Puerto Rico Fan 11:45am, 11-Oct-10
Hope you have a lifetime of happiness...
493 Lorraine US Fan 10:08am, 11-Oct-10
I wish you both a lifetime of happiness. You are such an inspiration. All the absolute best to you.
492 Bubba N/A 1:58am, 11-Oct-10
Found your wedding is amazing! Thanks for allowing the rest of the world to view it! May you have a long and wonderful life together! God bless you!
491 Monica fan 4:38pm, 10-Oct-10
Hello Jeff & Erin, many months ago I saw your trailer announcing your upcoming wedding. I, as millions of others, loved it!!!! I have waited for "THE EVENT" for months. I just wanted to leave this note to wish you CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding!!!!!!! I hope you have many wonderful, wonderful (adventure packed) years together!!! All the very best to you both!! P.S. I'm waiting for the sequel!
490 Marlen fan 2:00pm, 10-Oct-10
Hello Jeff& Erin, our nae is Mar & Abdu and really we love your trailer wedding just we foud your video in internet when I was searching something original for our weddig Im from Mexico and Abdu from Egipt, really we wish to make a video like yours but we dont know how, can you help us? please actualy we are living in the Mexican Caribbean and really I think that can be so perfect... maybe you can telme wich program or if you know someone that can make it... please
489 Louise internet friend 3:48pm, 16-Sep-10
I wish you would let your internet friends IN on some of the wedding who is in the wedding party and details of the theme. I have folowed you for so long...and I just want to be part of the wedding, even if it is from afar. PLEASE, please, please, post pictures and information AFTER the wedding!
488 Stefan Schöbel Married with my erin :-) 10:13am, 3-Sep-10
Hi Erin and Jeff, how are you only 37 days before your wedding. I am from Germany and I saw your trailer at the beginning of 2010. I want to give all my graduates for that ONE day. Sorry for my English, but we have here in Germany 02:00 A.M. Greetz from Worms.
487 Timberly Wishing I knew you both 8:12am, 2-Sep-10
Found your trailer on ad freak. It freaking OWNS. I am gonna post on FB. K?!
486 Vy Vo First Cousin Once Removed 3:58pm, 30-Aug-10
your video is beautifully done. very entertaining and cute.
485 Erin N/A 11:24am, 24-Aug-10
I think you both are awsome! loved your save the date! so brilliant! good luck on 10-10-10!
484 Natalie Huong Great Aunt of the groom 11:21am, 14-Aug-10
the video is awesome!!! hilarious and cute..
483 Jessica Complete and utter stranger 4:21am, 31-Jul-10
Greetings from South Bend,IN USA! Your STD trailer was/is amazing. If this says anything about your approach to life, you two have a great journey ahead and there is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey. All the VERY best.
482 Louise friend from afar 2:59pm, 17-Jul-10
Ever since I saw your FANTASTIC wedding trailer, I've been a fan of your adventurous lives. Your "adventures" section is so inspiring. I want to become an australian even though I live in NJ, U.S.A. and almost consider myself a New Yorker. So I only know you from afar...but i love reading about your inspiring life. Don't EVER stop the "music". I hope you continue this web site AFTER your wedding to keep everyone informed about your beautiful lives. The way you both live is the way we should ALL live.
481 Jen & Niv potential guests 5:20am, 3-Jul-10
Hey! We just got your save the date via youtube and wanted to know is there a certain color we should be looking for when purchasing our dresses. The wedding seems to be a great opportunity to meet and greet. Also, what's the deal with bridesmaids, do you need any? If so, we are available. Anywho see you 10-9-10 or 10-10-10. Love ya!!!
480 juliet random internet surfer 3:32am, 2-Jul-10
totally awesome! brought a happy moment to a crappy day! best wishes for you both!
479 Elaine Delaney admirer 5:28am, 26-Jun-10
AMAZING!? I know this might be considered borderline freaky to be signing your guest book in the hopes of gaining information from you, but I thought you two seemed like you wouldn't mind. I have to say, that trailor was fantastic. I would like to create something similar but more like a love story surprise for my soon-to-be husband that I can plan at the reception. I live in Chicago. Do you have any equally creative amazing friends like you? If not, best of luck and ENJOY this planning process.
478 Mary Davis mother of a fellow mudder. 3:53pm, 19-Jun-10
read the article on your wedding in the Spring 2010 publication. Nice job on the trailer. Best of luck in your lives together.
477 Jérémie Surfer Miles Away 1:40am, 15-Jun-10
Great Trailer You Guys...I Would Really Want To Watch That Movie If It Was Real...I Wish You Many Years Of Hapiness And Love Together.......:D
476 Irene Stranger 10:22am, 7-Jun-10
West wedding invite EVER! Marked it on our calendar and will celebrate from Spain in your honour :)
475 Victoria Complete Stranger 9:41am, 25-May-10
AWESOME video!! I truly wish you guys the best of luck and a lifetime of love and great memories together!
474 Terri Complete stranger 10:43am, 20-May-10
Just saw your video. Very nice! Congrats and I wish many happy years together.
473 Julia Complete stranger 9:54am, 20-May-10
LOVE LOVE LOVE your spirit - unique and fun - you guys appear to be a blast! Come visit PA anytime!
472 Jan Complete Stranger 4:50am, 18-May-10
That was a totally amazing video, really awesome. Best of luck to the two of you, hope you have a great life together! :)
471 Jane Doe Complete Stranger 2:53am, 18-May-10
I would love to be a fly on the wall at your its goint to be fantastic!
470 Valorie Cardell Complete stranger 2:36am, 17-May-10
Fantastic! All the very best wishes for a long and happy life together!
469 - none 6:33am, 16-May-10
seen your trailer here
468 Greg None 12:22am, 12-May-10
Incredible. Unique. Really cool!!!
467 Robyn Z net surfer 8:41am, 11-May-10
GJ! Best wishes!
466 Megs None 10:51am, 9-May-10
Love your unique approach to your wedding. You seem like a great couple & I wish you both the best that life has to offer. Enjoyed all your photos.
465 Bigtvman Film Maker 8:12pm, 8-May-10
WOW! Better than a James Bond Epic!!
464 Meryll Gobler N/A 2:52am, 8-May-10
I don't know what I'm getting into. My sister just sent me this link. But it looks fun and zany so far. Just my cup of tea.
463 Yuesheng Zhong Web Surfer 2:42am, 8-May-10
Best wishes for you 2!!!
462 Davey Web Surfer 4:09pm, 7-May-10
Your trailer was just named "One of the 25 most epic commercials that aren't called '1984'" by AdFreak. Congrats, great video, and best wishes.
461 Veronica Hilado Web Surfer 11:53am, 7-May-10
Love the Save the Date trailer! How clever and original.... wish I thought of it! Best of luck to both of you!
460 Kasey Rigsby Stranger 9:02am, 7-May-10
Loved the video! Good Luck
459 L. Marcum A Web Surfer 7:57am, 7-May-10
Saw your awesome wedding trailer via MSN and had to come by and drop you a line. Creative people like you guys make me smile. Thank goodness there are people like the two of you to keep the world full of joy! Congratulations from West Virginia!
458 Roxanne just a net surfer 7:48am, 7-May-10
Best of luck...the trailer was so much fun to watch!!
457 Helen Catania stranger 7:44am, 7-May-10
Congrats and great video! Wishing you the best of luck from someone who has been married 22 years! What a great way to announce your day!
456 Tracy awed admirer 8:08am, 29-Apr-10
I think your wedding video is wonderful. Very unique. You are wished the very best!!!
455 Monique Elwell Complete Stranger 7:52am, 24-Apr-10
Dear Jeff and Erin, what a phenomenal video. I LOVE it. I found it on Stephanie Agresta's wedding site. I am getting married in about 30 days or so, so it was totally appropriate! I LOVE it. It looks like you both have a wonderful relationship filled with joy, happiness and laughter. My wedding site is just in case you are curious who is posting on your site. Best, Monique
454 Viet Dang Guest 10:50pm, 21-Apr-10
Thật tình cờ em kiếm ra trailer của anh chị trên Youtube - em bị ngạc nhiên bởi subtitle bằng tiếng Việt :D. Xin chúc hai anh chị trăm năm hạnh phúc - đến khi đầu bạc răng long, gia đình luôn êm ấm và hạnh phúc. This is so AWESOME!!!
453 Corinne et Patrick fans 3:42am, 14-Apr-10
Superbe !!! tous nos meilleurs vœux de bonheur pour votre mariage les froggies ;o)
452 Louise from N.J. trailer friend 2:56pm, 10-Apr-10
What an EXCITING trailer that is just a glimpse into the adventerous and joyful life you share...and will continue to share. The two of you are so inspiring and remind us all of the excitement life offers when you travel through it with someone you love. I look forward to following your journey.
451 Stephanie Ciccarelli Friend of the wedding trailer narrator 3:48am, 9-Apr-10
Dear Jeff and Erin, Thanks for sharing your awesome story and wedding trailer with the world! I'm glad that we could be part of it in some way. Larry Wayne is a wonderful narrator and you made an excellent choice :) Best wishes, Stephanie Ciccarelli Co-founder of
450 Jai Ingersoll Dark Stranger 12:54am, 8-Apr-10
That was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time!! Thanks for sharing it on I wish you the best of luck for your future journey together. Love Darkly, Jai
449 Angela N/A 2:56am, 5-Apr-10
I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations and I wish your lives together to be the best journey of all!
448 lenalena none 7:04am, 2-Apr-10
Felicitations aux futurs mariés, sacrée aventure ! I wish you peace and joy and fun. Helene from lyon in France
447 Melody no one you've ever met! 6:53am, 30-Mar-10
Such a cool 'save the date' video. You guys are going to have a WONDERFUL wedding. BEST WISHES from Texas!
446 Roxanne R. N/A 12:50pm, 25-Mar-10
This is sensational!
445 Katia Canciani N/A 11:08am, 21-Mar-10
Wedding Trailer was so much fun to watch ! Thanks ! Very inspirational... Happy times ! Safe travels ! From Quebec, Canada
444 Steve Other 1:32am, 16-Mar-10
Awsome job on the whole concept. I myself am getting married in 2011 with my beautyfull girlfriend. Wow, that was inspiring!!! Congrats and long live your couple!
443 Ganya scripps college 10:48am, 15-Mar-10
hey erin, i stumbled across the youtube video and thought you looked really familiar. i checked out this website, and realized that i know you from scripps! i graduated '02, and we had a good friend in common - emily liu :) congrats on your upcoming wedding!
442 Laura arrived from Clueless in Carolina blog 4:10am, 12-Mar-10
This video makes me happy! Joy and Happiness to the both of you!
441 Melissa curious observer 1:16pm, 10-Mar-10
LOVE IT! One of the absolutely most creative things I've seen. Best wishes to both of you. It would be so cool to meet you in October - I live in LA (and work for a hotel, btw!!)
440 Jerry Single, looking for love and marriage 7:37pm, 3-Mar-10 A few little flowers, hope you like it ... ;-) Feel free to contact me via email or MSN ;-)
439 See Mehta some random bride to be looking at save the date ideas,,,any got side tracked by yours 12:35pm, 3-Mar-10
Hey! Wow what a fab wedding save the date. This was wicked, i loved it! I think i'm going to stick with the boring magnet, but i'm soo happy to see how much fun creating this was. I read through your post regarding the video, and smiled the entire time...the terminator piece at the end was the cherry on the top! Congrats! you'll have to keep in theme with this idea for your wedding!
438 katie random 7:06am, 3-Mar-10
someone mentioned your wedding video here at work- we work at the university of iowa emergency room. we really enjoyed the video- good luck and congratulations. we are off to save some lives...
437 Kimbo online fan 1:11pm, 1-Mar-10
Hi guys, Just wanted to say the video was awesome! My cousin forwarded this trailer to my fiance and me and said it reminded her of us. I was very impressed and wish I had thought of it myself. Good luck with the wedding! Chuc mung hai bang!
436 Hufford Photography na 3:34pm, 24-Feb-10
Just wanted to say this is one of the most creative things I have ever seen. I wish I could photography your wedding! lol Best of Luck!
435 Basil Goodridge no relation, but impressed, and am a fan 11:24am, 23-Feb-10
What a great idea this was! Incredible!!! My wife and I wish you all the best in your new adventure, and I guarantee you that, if you keep up these kind of idea's in your marriage, you'll be together forever. Thanks....
434 Jen not 9:46am, 22-Feb-10
Loved the wedding trailer! Best of luck to you both.
433 Aaron A seeker of curious videoes. (Anonymous and unknown) 12:10pm, 19-Feb-10
Wow! Your video is too beautifull & creative!!! U-r the bests! Congratulations for ur near marriage; I wish the better thing them.
432 Lilllian Clark Friend of Mercy 11:41am, 18-Feb-10
431 Victoria Complete Stranger 7:38am, 17-Feb-10
You guys are awesome! The video is sensational! I wish you guys every happiness, true love like yours is the most beautiful thing in the world. Thank you for sharing yours this way. Have a wonderful wedding, and live long happy lives together.
430 Julie nobody 7:00am, 16-Feb-10
hey, My name is Julie and I'm from Germany. Your wedding trailer is really cool.Congratulations and I wish you all the best.(the photos of you travels are awesome)
429 Rebecca Friend of your Aunt Connie 6:43am, 16-Feb-10
We, my hubby Chris, and I, loved your trailer and website. Connie sent us the link. I would like to ask you some questions but don't want them to get posted on this page. Can you email me privately? Anyway, we wish you both all the best with your wedding and marriage. You seem like a great fun-loving couple! God Bless!
428 Kate Noonan N/A 5:45pm, 14-Feb-10
cannot wait!
427 Macintosh N/A 2:32am, 14-Feb-10
All the Best!
426 Ellen Fan of the Trailer 1:57pm, 12-Feb-10
That was fabulous. It made my daughter and me laugh. Congratulations. I wish you every joy in life.
425 Sarah www user 4:09am, 12-Feb-10
Hey erin and jeff, i saw your trailer! such a nice idea! i wish you both all the best for your future! Sarah
424 Kamil Average www user 4:01am, 12-Feb-10
Hi!!! My name is Kamil I saw somewhere your wedding trailer, and I just wanted to say that is AWESOME!!!!! All the best Jeff and Erin!!!!!
423 Michele Navega unknown 8:16am, 11-Feb-10
Congratulations! Your save the date is the hottest I've ever seen! I have a wedding blog and will love to post about it there! Cheers!
422 Dorota no one special 6:54am, 11-Feb-10
Hi!!! My name is Dorota and im from Poland:) My friend sent to me your wedding trailer, and I juzt wanted to say that is AWESOME, U both R AWESOME and I hope to find love like U have:) Congratulations and I wish U all Your dreams come true!In Polish: Wszystkiego najlepszego i spelnienia wszystkich marzeñ! Greetings Dorota
421 Glenn Edward Roy fan of the century 8:03pm, 10-Feb-10
Wow! What a crazy concept. I love the mocumentary aspect of the trailer, and the wesite is way cool too! Keep up the good cheer and spirit you two.
420 Albert unknown 8:56am, 10-Feb-10
All the best!
419 Karolina from Poland A woman, who should be doing her homework instead of watching videos;) 6:54am, 10-Feb-10
I have to tell you, that this video is really, really good. I'm happy that in the world there are still people who like fun. Everything the best for you!
418 Victoria Quiding N/A 6:25am, 10-Feb-10
Your wedding trailer is news in Sweden, and it is wonderful, romantic and funny. We wish you all the best and hope you will have a wonderful, romantic and funny wedding.
417 Rory from Scotland Fan 10:02pm, 9-Feb-10
Hi Jeff and Erin! Just seen your wedding video invitation (my girlfriend sent me the link who sent her the link from Australia!). Just wanted to comment on the amazing job you did with it and wish you both all the best!
416 Michael Wilke none 3:49am, 9-Feb-10
Your wedding invitation is the hottest I´ve seen for a long time. I´m editing some friend´s wedding video and YOU gave me some inspiration for it. Wish you both good luck for your future. Nickel from Germany
415 Mariana Y one that loved the trailer 1:46pm, 8-Feb-10
Hi, just to let you know the power of the internet! :) i`m from Brazil and i thought your invitation for the wedding so cool. very very impressive creative stuff.. really fun! good luck with everything and lots of happinnes for you :)
414 cliff martinez none 6:40pm, 7-Feb-10
I am stunned! The trailer is brilliant and it makes me want to know you two... So...I offer my services as a Karaoke DJ to you. If you would like that sort of thing, just let me know, I'll fly out there whenever...
413 Ethan Random viewer 11:44am, 7-Feb-10
Hi, I saw you on sunrise today. WOW, what a great trailer, it is worthy of a feature length film, you should get in contact with hopscotch films and have a movie made, perhaps it could start from a year before you met each other right up to you're wedding and feature this trailer in it some where or perhaps as the actuall trailer for the film! here is hopscotch films' web adress : I think Delta Goodrem could be Erin and and Jhon Cho would be great as Jeff!! I hope to see a movie in cinemas called "The wedding of Jeff & Erin" in cinemas soon.
412 Nic from Aus Random Viewer 11:16am, 7-Feb-10
You guys seriously kicked ass :) it was original, out there and entertaining! Well done and congrats on your wedding day this year!
411 Tasha random viewer 2:22pm, 6-Feb-10
I LOVE THIS!!! sooo funny and cute! it could be an awesome movie!
410 crystal johnson fan 2:13am, 6-Feb-10
what a cool wedding trend... You've started somethig BIG....giggle... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
409 Suzanne not at the moment 1:41pm, 5-Feb-10
found your wedding trailer on a friend's Facebook page... AWESOME!!! great job on it, and happiness always!
408 Todd I only wish... 8:34am, 5-Feb-10
OMG, after watching your video I laughed and then sank into a deep depression over my ordinary, I now realize, life! Congratulations! I wish you all the best.
407 Tanya Self none what so ever 7:14am, 5-Feb-10
I saw the Wedding Trailer on YouTube and was blown away! Congratulations on the most original trailer. Best Wishes
406 Jerry Sierecki Stranger with extra time during the work day 6:34am, 5-Feb-10
I stumbled across your wedding trailer while searching for a hand ninja video and I was blown away. It is fantastic! You did such a magnificent job, I just had to tell you. Brilliant idea! You two are original, admirable, and make such a great team. Congratulations!
405 Deborah & Fred Folsom friend of mother of the bride 1:16pm, 4-Feb-10
What a very cool video. Very creative-just like your wonderful mom, Erin (who is my neighbor in the mountains and dear friend). Good luck to both of you.
404 Shelly Huynh Lewis AIFD A Fan 11:58am, 4-Feb-10
Just love what you did. If you don't have a florist, I am willing to donate my services.
403 Rose C. Nardi friend of family 3:23am, 4-Feb-10
402 hülya N/A 12:03am, 4-Feb-10
great... all the best for you from germany how did you make the first sequence in the program: cinema?
401 kelly lurker 11:14pm, 3-Feb-10
Not a big fan of marrriage, ( two down not going for a third) but you guys are definatly off to a good start. If you put as much creativity and passion into your marriage as you do in your life now you will make it! Good for you and safe journies!
400 Suzanne Skeeters Friend of Erin's aunt, Connie N. 7:14pm, 3-Feb-10
Aloha from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island! What a fun and creative way to announce your wedding! My best wishes for you both that you will continue your love, friendship and adventures together for the rest of your lives! Suzanne
399 Hyun N/A 5:43am, 3-Feb-10
You guys seem like an amazing couple! Congratulations and best wishes for many years to come. Thanks for posting your wonderful video!
398 Sarah NA 5:08am, 3-Feb-10
Epic trailer! You guys look like you have a lot of fun together! Congrats and Good luck!!
397 Connie Nicholson Aunt to Erin, maternal side 2:49am, 3-Feb-10
Star quality! that's you two! It's a sphere!
396 HL fellow australian? 3:22pm, 2-Feb-10
Brilliant video! All the best!
395 Kurty N/A 1:30pm, 2-Feb-10
My cousin forwarded me your awesome, state of the art video. I just want to say that I loved your video for its originality and creativity. I am a professional photographer, and I tip my hat to you! Have a wonderful wedding!
394 Brooke B-G HMC '01 1:05pm, 2-Feb-10
Yeah! Great work, and congrats on the coming wedding. Looks like life is good in Sydney. Oh, what will the sequel trailer hold? Greetings from Seattle. Have fun, you crazy kids! (loved the eye-patch)
393 Joel Curious guy 9:41am, 2-Feb-10
I live in Puerto rico. I just found out about your wedding because it was all over the news . I dont know how or why but you guys were on the news. Please keep us up to date about the wedding
392 Sherry interweb pal 7:09am, 2-Feb-10
Congrats on the std video. It was sent to be by my step sis. I LOVED it! My FH and I are getting married 11/6/10 at the Texas Renaissance Festival after what will be right at 7 years of dating! WOO-HOO! Annyway, Best wishes to you both! Make it great and have a blast!
391 MelE unknown 12:39am, 2-Feb-10
what a great wedding trailer. Congrats from Germany. I hope you will have the best day of your life. Good luck and all the best for the future. Melanie
390 Karyz N/A 5:18pm, 1-Feb-10
Les deseamos una feliz boda desde mexico!!! Y sepan que su video es genial :P espero que sean muy felices n.n
389 Hester Nash Huge Fan 2:06pm, 1-Feb-10
As I just mentioned elsewhere, I am now using your trailer as a substitute for anti-depressants. a few minutes of Jeff and Erin and the world looks all sparkly and joyful. Thank you
388 Katherine Yu Random Internet surfer 1:39pm, 1-Feb-10
Like many other people, I saw your wedding trailer video on YouTube. I just wanted to say that I think you guys are the most awesome couple ever and that one day I hope to be in a relationship like yours. Cheers and happy wedding!
387 ebru N/A 6:34am, 31-Jan-10
hi:) First of Congratulations:) I have just seen the video and I found myself while thinking love is real:) Now, as everyone:) I am waiting for new episodes:) Loves from Istanbul:)
386 bill wood N/A 12:02am, 31-Jan-10
385 eric & chel ours or yours? 8:51pm, 30-Jan-10
We wish you well! Very cool vid. I love the wedding date!
384 Ozgur Gonen Married 5:03pm, 30-Jan-10
Your trailer is great. i am from Turkey and I saw you in my country an Internet newspaper. We wish you happiness. I have this opportunity if you would like to be a partner of happiness. Congratulations
383 Anton A Friend 12:29pm, 30-Jan-10
You both are awesome! Best of Luck!
382 Juan fanatic 10:49am, 30-Jan-10
i just found u in the internet!!! MANY BLESSING FOR U from Colombia...i cant b at the party but if u come here ill ge tu both drunk!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEDDING!!!
381 Rachel N/A 4:34am, 30-Jan-10
I saw you on tv this morning, had went to work and found your video on you tube. Good luck and many blessings to you both...
380 Amy Random Stranger 4:26am, 30-Jan-10
How ironic that you "missed out" on the Free Hugs internet sensation - or so you felt in 2006. Now you have taken the Internet by storm! Congrats, best wishes and keep up the amazing life attitude!
379 Cathy Wada F (fan) 3:35am, 30-Jan-10
your trailer is great entertainment and what a touching life story. Best wishes to you both. I await your sequel.
378 Bobby N/A 3:18am, 30-Jan-10
Best home video.
377 MJ N/A 2:30am, 30-Jan-10
Great wedding trailer. One of the best things I've ever seen on YouTube. Thanks for sharing the fun. Wishing you many new adventures together! [Saratoga Springs, NY]
376 Samantha fan 2:10am, 30-Jan-10
I just saw your video on a friend's facebook page! Congrats on the engagement and AWESOME save the date!! I'm so happy that two such creative people found eachother and are on their way to a lifetime of happiness.
375 Dottie G Early Show viewer 1:40am, 30-Jan-10
Truly awesome! Congratulations to you both from Louisiana on your marriage. I wish you great happiness! Live long and prosper.
374 Chuck Parrott Saw on the Early Show 1:13am, 30-Jan-10
I love the pics of Sydney, and it's very interesting to see the creativity of you two. I love Australia, so thanks so much for the pics, I posted a link to the Vivid Sydney on my facebook. Blessings in Christ, Chuck Parrott, Jonesville, South Carolina
372 P GODWIN VILAS N/A 9:54am, 29-Jan-10
wishing you all the best
371 Todd Gadawski N/A 9:34am, 29-Jan-10
Great, fun story for you two! Wishing you all the best and a lifetime of happiness!
370 bob primo internet surfer 9:13am, 29-Jan-10
the Video was IMPRESSIVE!!! to say the least.. Good Luck to both of you in all you may do!!
369 Dean Klingler mother of the bride (optional), or, no relationship whatsoever 5:44am, 29-Jan-10
OK, I don't know how amenable you are to R-rated language but your trailer, ie: wedding announcement, is one of the most amazing fu@*&$g things I've ever seen. Not amazing as in, y'know, a baby wildebeest outrunning a pack of hungry lions, or spray tans but amazing nonetheless. Well done Jeff & Erin, well done indeed. Best wishes from New York City
368 Winks Grandmother 4:50am, 29-Jan-10
You have covered a lot of ground in 10 years, how come no balloon over Marietta, Ohio? Congrats on your wonderful video, so much fun to watch and brings on the smiles. Thanks Winks
367 JEFF LONG WONG CUZIN 4:33am, 29-Jan-10
366 Kai57 N/A 4:05am, 29-Jan-10
i have sern your video on an german internet page and i loved it. and i have a question: how did you made the beginning like 20 century fox? please answer me
365 Shawn Leathers Complete Stranger 3:46am, 29-Jan-10
I just saw the wedding trailer on a random internet site, and I had to say, I LOVE IT!!! You guys rock!! Movie love happens!!
364 peter N/A 3:41am, 29-Jan-10
I just watched this video clip today and it's awesome. Congrats! hope your happiness. ps. anybody know the music when jeff's proposal in the video clip?
363 Aussie American N/A 3:17am, 29-Jan-10
Very cool to move to Australia. But VERY UNCOOL to climb Uluru.
362 icegirl not at all related 3:12am, 29-Jan-10
very cool invitation video! saw it on an icelandic news webpage ;)
361 Emi Guo £¨Quach Hue My£© younger female cousin of the groom 10:52pm, 28-Jan-10
happy and happy forever!!! Congratulations you, my cousin!
360 Malin & Mike Cyberspace 6:54pm, 28-Jan-10
We saw the video on a swedish newssite and it's fantastic!! We dont know eachother but we still would like to send you our best wishes & congratulations. Malin & Mike @ Sweden
359 Peter & Pauline Kirby cyber space 5:07pm, 28-Jan-10
The video was fantastic and we thought that although you do not know us, we did want to pass on to you both our sincerest congratulations. Best wishes for your future and enjoy good health. Love Peter & Pauline
358 Jonathan & Gloria Random Viewer from Sydney 3:09pm, 28-Jan-10
Thank you very much for your wonderful wedding trailer. Our own wedding date is 10.10.2010, in Sydney, so I'd dare say that we'll be celebrating at around the same time! In the meantime, we thought you'd like to know that we have made a donation to the Haiti earthquake appeal through the Australian Red Cross. Best wishes to you both for a long and happy life together!
357 Gayle Random Viewer 2:30pm, 28-Jan-10
My husband and I married October 9, 1998. Great Date! My friend Laura sent me the Youtube link for your video - it didn't work at first - guess it was when you went offline. Thanks for putting it back. Very amusing. Amazing - you two have been able to travel together SO MUCH. If you have children, you will certainly have lots of wonderful memories. Travel...? Not so much!!!! :-)
356 Sarah N/A 1:58pm, 28-Jan-10
Good luck!
355 Ben Z N/A 1:01pm, 28-Jan-10
I saw the trailer on the news! It was really cool. You inspired me to start doing something similar! Congratulations on the wedding and good luck to you both.
354 DivineFun N/A 11:29am, 28-Jan-10
awesome vid! It forwarded it as a challenge to my friend who got engaged! This inspires us all to remember to have fun in our lives!
353 Einar n/a 11:27am, 28-Jan-10
con grats
352 Delvene N/A 11:14am, 28-Jan-10
Your video is amazing! Your famous for your wedding, how awesome is that! Good luck on your lifelong journey together :)
351 danna random person in Califronia 10:12am, 28-Jan-10
loved your video!!! congratulations on the engagement and wedding planning!!! :-)
350 Marcel None 9:43am, 28-Jan-10
dear jeff and erin, i have seen your video about twenty times... it's sooooooo cool :)! (your video was shown also on - the homepage from the biggest newspaper in austria)... so you get the best wishes for your marriage from AUSTRIA!!!
349 Barbara None 7:23am, 28-Jan-10
Your wedding trailer was so adorable. The best of wishes to the both of you. I hope you have a long and happy marriage.
348 Camilla N/A 6:50am, 28-Jan-10
The world is waiting for part two of your storie! All the luck to the both of you! Lycka till med ert äktenskap!
347 Michael D. Yaeger Worship Pastor - Temple Baptist of Dalton, GA 6:27am, 28-Jan-10
Congrats on your engagement and to the worldwide popularity of your "EPIC" wedding trailer. May God bless your marriage.
346 Jennie none 5:53am, 28-Jan-10
My girlfriend told me I should check out the trailer!
345 steve N/A 5:24am, 28-Jan-10
344 Dora not 5:22am, 28-Jan-10
Saw trailer on Channel 7 NY
343 Lisa N/A 5:03am, 28-Jan-10
WOW!! I just got married 9/19/2009 and I'm such a huge fan of wedding ideas that go outside the box of your traditional wedding. That video was so well produced! I loved it! I wish you too the best on your upcoming nuptials. PS I love the date! It's my birthday!
342 MM N/A 4:58am, 28-Jan-10
I saw your trailer on tvn24 the biggest TV in Poland :)
341 Brittney N/A 3:51am, 28-Jan-10
Oh no! After seeing the trailer I was convinced you had the clever idea of marrying on 10-10-10... but it's 10-9-10 instead.
340 Vincent n/a 3:03am, 28-Jan-10
Great trailer, but why'd you guys take it down? I've been trying to show my friends, but now it's not available. Bummer
339 Joan n/a 3:02am, 28-Jan-10
You guys rule! Thank you for putting a smile on my face today and making us all believers that love is alive in this world. My best wishes to you both!
338 Sue N/A Louisiana 2:43am, 28-Jan-10
Saw you on GMA this morning and the video was awesome! Wishing you both love, happiness, and the best that life has to offer.
337 Dave N/A 2:30am, 28-Jan-10
336 CJ N/A 1:32am, 28-Jan-10
Saw a link to your Save the Date "trailer" and thought it was soooo fabulous! I only wish I'd had something that fantastic done when I got engaged and married over 4 years ago!! I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
335 Beth Random Unknown Person in CT 1:32am, 28-Jan-10
Love your creativity!! I wish you happiness, joy and adventure! Best, Beth
334 Kathy Peoples N/A 1:25am, 28-Jan-10
Saw you on GMA this morning, fabulous video! You two make a great team. Is there any way to see it on the internet to show my husband? Best wishes for your wedding!
333 Naomi inspired 12:42am, 28-Jan-10
Hi Jeff & Erin I saw your trailer on Channel 9 tonight and thought I'd drop you a line to congratulate you and give my best wishes on your impending nuptials - for a lifetime of continued happiness. You are both inspirational in Love, in Life & in trailer making! I'm sure someone from Hollywood will be calling you soon LOL.
332 javier jejejejej 12:30am, 28-Jan-10
feliz boda, gracias por hacer la vida mas facil vuestro video aparece hoy 27 de enero en Elperiodico de catalunya
331 Lorena just another stranger 11:57pm, 27-Jan-10
Saw your wedding trailer on Channel 9 News, love it, love it! Wish you both all the luck as you make the journey together.
330 Darren friend of a friend 11:25pm, 27-Jan-10
329 Sophia fellow-human 9:37pm, 27-Jan-10
Loved, loved, loved your trailer! I got married last September, if my husband and I had seen this, we would have asked for advice on making one ourselves! My husband is a huge Bond fan and the references you made are a very nice touch. If you are ever in Greece, drop by for drinks!
328 Simon Lie stumbled upon by chance 8:35pm, 27-Jan-10
Well done guys... Don't know who you guys are, but as a fellow Aussie, now living in London... I'm loving the videos you guys have made, awesome stuff :)
327 Mark none 7:06pm, 27-Jan-10
326 Faye N/A 6:54pm, 27-Jan-10
325 Yvonne none 6:17pm, 27-Jan-10
Hy Jeff and Erin, I saw your wedding trailer on the Internet (, a very incredible invitation. Very well done. Hope the best for you both on your marriage. Nice greetings from Austria, hopefully you will come one day for a visit. It would be great. Best regards, Yvonne
324 user47324 N/A 5:40pm, 27-Jan-10
it was great i saw it on the news
323 karin N/A 5:06pm, 27-Jan-10
saw this on the local news, I'd like to see the whole video. Man we were so boring in our wedding!
322 m looky lou 5:05pm, 27-Jan-10
321 Rosa Jimenez a lookie loo 4:58pm, 27-Jan-10
Awesome trailer guys!!! I cannot wait to see what you post on your website...congrats and years of happiness!!
320 Ron friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's third cousin 3:58pm, 27-Jan-10
It's all good in California, but it does rain in southern California.
319 Alison from Baltimore, MD, USA (ex-UK) Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend 3:18pm, 27-Jan-10
Wow! I loved your wedding trailer (which I found on Mazal Tov and all best wishes for your lives together.
318 Madison Wannabe Family Member/Friend 2:43pm, 27-Jan-10
I'LL SAVE THE DATE!!!!!... Whoooaaa I wanna come to your wedding purely based on the amazing video... If anyone declines.. Ill be a fill in... Hahahaha.. AMAZING!!!. All the best with your wedding andyour future... xxx
317 Julie N/A 2:18pm, 27-Jan-10
Your trailer was awesome!!!! I hope you guys have a great wedding! All the best!!!
316 Adalia Echelmeyer N/A 2:15pm, 27-Jan-10
Glad that you shared your video of your upcoming wedding. Great couple - and continue to have fun with each other. Wish you all the best.
314 CAROL WITHERS N/A 1:35pm, 27-Jan-10
wanted to review the save a date page...heard it was really cute:)
313 Julio Just saying hi 1:35pm, 27-Jan-10
Hi guys. Congrats on ur video and ur wedding! Amazing - just thought you'd like to know that it's been featured on a Spanish countrywide newspaper: El Periodico. Check it out here: Best wishes from a Spaniard in Shanghai!
312 Kandy Horn friend 1:34pm, 27-Jan-10
great wedding announcement
311 Kathleen Fleming None 1:30pm, 27-Jan-10
I loved your wedding video and have been sharing it. It made me believe in love all over at the age of 55. Now it is marked private. Please make it public again. I want to watch it over and over. It made me happy and amzaed at your creativity.
310 Robyn fan 12:37pm, 27-Jan-10
Just found out about the set the date video-trying to view it but looks like you have removed it - what a shame. Good luck with the wedding - hope you have a fantastic time!!
309 linda fans 12:22pm, 27-Jan-10
can we come to your wedding? sounds better than any family wedding that we've been to yet. we are going to be in la this summer. would you mind moving the date a smidge?
308 Bob McQueen fan 12:19pm, 27-Jan-10
Loved your Trailer! (-: All the best wishes on your marriage
307 Mel video fan 11:46am, 27-Jan-10
Saw your video on the Huffington Post. Fan-freakin-tastic! Made me smile and gave me a serious case of the warm fuzzies. I love it when people use their creative abilities in such fun and positive ways. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Best wishes for a long and happy life together...
306 Mel video fan 11:45am, 27-Jan-10
Saw your video on the Huffington Post. Fan-freakin-tastic! Made me smile and gave me a serious case of the warm fuzzies. I love it when people use their creative abilities in such fun and positive ways. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Best wishes for a long and happy life together...
305 Stephanie Core nobody 11:15am, 27-Jan-10
Loved the video. I posted it to my Facebook page and all my friends asked me if I knew you guys. I said, I wish! I would love to go to this wedding even though I don't even know them. I gotta feeling it is going to be EPIC, as my 16 year old would say. Cheers to you guys for being creative enough to do this. It is people like you that make it a joy to be an American.
304 Pamela N/A 11:10am, 27-Jan-10
none yet
302 David McCombe Media 11:01am, 27-Jan-10
Getting inquiries about you from our American broadcast affiliates (this is Nine Network Australia) following the posting of this video. Hoping to view the video, to understand growing buzz about your work. David.
301 Barbara Buckingham friend and fan 10:54am, 27-Jan-10
I am honored to get this invitation! I wish you both long life and happiness.
300 Maria M Fan 10:43am, 27-Jan-10
Lovely and awesome video! I wish I had thought of something similar fourteen years ago. Best of luck.
299 J trailer fan! 10:38am, 27-Jan-10
Loved your Trailer! (-: All the best wishes on your marriage
298 Rick 5 degrees of separation 10:27am, 27-Jan-10
Loved your trailer - very clever. You're off to a great start.
297 Rob Wallace friend of voice over dude 10:18am, 27-Jan-10
Want to see the video and wish you a happy life together!
296 S. Shelton N/A 10:17am, 27-Jan-10
Jeff and Erin, Congratulations on your upcoming or ongoing nuptials! Just viewed your wedding trailer; creative, darling, and lovely. The best to both of you as the next phase of your life together begins. Look out 10-10-10 - here comes ERIN AND JEFF! Regards, Susan D. Shelton
295 Ashley B. None! Weird, huh? 10:02am, 27-Jan-10
Your trailor *is* hilarious.
294 JOverby Innocent bystander 10:00am, 27-Jan-10
This is so cool. Congratulations. I don't know you, but wish I did. Please have a happy life.
293 Tina random fanm 10:00am, 27-Jan-10
I saw your wedding invitation through the KimKomando show online. AWESOME! You did a phenomenal job and while you don't know me, I wish you all God's blessings during your wedded life! Congratulations on the marriage,,,and on the creativity!
292 drdave fan of your trailer 9:57am, 27-Jan-10
awsome job on your wedding trailer
291 UnbornTurd None but wish I was lol 9:26am, 27-Jan-10
I was fortunate enough to see your video. You two look like you live a wonderful life and don't miss a moment of it. I wish you all the happiness that anyone could ever have in your lives together.
290 beto montesano N/A 9:22am, 27-Jan-10
Hi!! I´m brazilian and will get married in 13 november...May i see yours video save the date?? Please send me an invitation
289 Lizbeth Hernandez n/a 9:10am, 27-Jan-10
I just saw this and I thought it was the coolest thing! It is so sweet how much you are looking forward to that big day. I wish you guys the best of luck. Kudos to coming up with such a great idea.
288 Mark None 9:05am, 27-Jan-10
For reasons I don't know...I think you guys are great!! Honestly, I think most people get married for the wrong reasons and do it the wrong way! If you ever get to Dallas Tx. I would love to meet you! BTW - I've been married for 18 years and have a similar passion for life! Good luck Mark!
287 Heather Hasto Fan 9:01am, 27-Jan-10
WOW- The creativity of your wedding trailer brings to tears to my eyes and lots of smiles. What a great way to celebrate your love. And I pray the future and the marriage are just as exciting. Just know you've brightened up a lot of peoples lives with the sharing of your story! Thank you and Blessings!
286 Nicole Just a fan 8:37am, 27-Jan-10
What a unique and amazing way to "save the date"! You both seem like awesome people. Congrats and good luck in your new lives!
285 Santina Boccanfuso Friend 8:27am, 27-Jan-10
284 AJ Random Fan 8:21am, 27-Jan-10
Very creative and inspiring website. I saw the trailer on the Huffington Post website and had to come here to view your website. Good luck for a fabulously interesting and successful future together. (Note: Hubby and I have been married 35 years and did it without benefit of save the date or wedding website but I absolutely LOVE this.)
283 Leana none 8:21am, 27-Jan-10
282 Agatha none 8:13am, 27-Jan-10
"...incredible..."-LA Times. "...laugh out loud funny!..."-Rolling Stone. "! why didn't I think of that?..."-Agatha Mag... Okay, maybe the first two reviews aren't real, but the last one sure is. You two are impressive! That was a real Hollywood blockbuster! Good luck to you both and keep on having fun! (If you need any help with coordination in the Los Angeles area, let me know! My husband and I just got married this past September, so we understand the "fun" of wedding planning.) Sending you congratulations, love, luck, and laughs!
281 Celine none 7:59am, 27-Jan-10
Greeting from germany! Your save-the-date-video is so fabulous! Very creative! Have a nice time and a wonderful weddingday!
280 evelyn none 7:55am, 27-Jan-10
Awesome save-the-date video! Looks like you had so much fun creating it! Good Luck. Wishing you guys lots of joy and happines!
279 Lori N/A 7:16am, 27-Jan-10
One more thing-- how can your wedding ever live up to that promo? Please don't let it be another Hollywood promo with boredom to follow!
278 Lori random viewer you've never met 7:15am, 27-Jan-10
Guys-- that video is fabulous! I love the creativity and I am so jealous that we didn't do anything like that. While I suppose I could pass you on a street in Los Angeles (where my sister lives) or Australia (where we'll travel for my 40th birthday in 2012), we will probably never meet. But know that you brought a great smile to my face today and I wish you a wonderful life together wherever you are. Cheers!
277 Logan none 7:14am, 27-Jan-10
Great website. Making one for my upcoming wedding, and now I'm jealous and really need to work hard on mine! Anyhow was hoping to watch the movie on my lunch break at work, guess I waited too long. Good luck with the marriage, I'm sure you two will live happily ever after!
276 Gaby none whatsoever 7:12am, 27-Jan-10
Greetings from Barcelona. We're blown away by your invite - saw it in a local newspaper ( Wishing you guys all the best!
275 Jennifer Doan random news journalist who thinks you guys are a pretty cool couple 6:43am, 27-Jan-10
after my show this morning, i got a chance to check out your website and read some of your blogs. I emailed a link to my sister and a good friend. I'm Vietnamese, family and i got on a boat and set out for sights unknown. My friend was one of my co-producers here at FOX 10, moved to Australia because she fell in love with an Australian guy she met at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. They're back in the states, working in wine country in Northern California. we all love to travel, photography, trying new foods, etc. you guys are so fun. Can't wait to read more posts. I ran some of your wedding save the date video this morning. Gave credit to your website, hope that's okay. Can't wait to hear about the wedding. The anchors said on air, the Save the Date was so fabulous, wonder what they have in store for the wedding
274 Trudy Handel Friend 6:24am, 27-Jan-10
neat video - good luck on your wedding day
273 Alain Web Guess from LUXEMBURG 6:15am, 27-Jan-10
Great Idea....wonderfully .....I've got your trailer even here Luxembourg. Let me wish you all the best & congratulationsssss....I could not imagine what you will do the day where you will become MAM & DAD :-) God bless you
272 Steph N/A 6:11am, 27-Jan-10
The absolute coolest save the date I have ever seen. I wish you all the best in life and love. I saw your video on the Huffington Post.
271 Jan Fan 6:11am, 27-Jan-10
Fantastic Wedding Trailer! I hope you'll produce a sequel. ;-) Best wishes from Germany
270 Dennis N/A 6:00am, 27-Jan-10
Heard the trailer was cut in Premiere Pro. ;-)
269 Luis Fan 5:53am, 27-Jan-10
With a trailer like this, the movie has to be awesome! Just saw your video in a Spanish newspaper ( Congratulations from Barcelona.
268 Kristin Uv fan 5:47am, 27-Jan-10
Hello! Love your trailer, have a great wedding. Regards From Norway
267 huge fan by the internet 5:47am, 27-Jan-10
I absolutley love your ssave the date video. It was truly unique. I wish you both all the love and happiness in the future. I know your wedding will be awesome!!! Have a very blessed life.
266 fan no 5:42am, 27-Jan-10
excelent video! im a gret fan of your wedding... wish both happiness and love.
265 Dana Legg N/A 5:39am, 27-Jan-10
If you want the hottest dance band for your reception, check us out. We've just added Jen Zias, one of Chicago's fastest rising singers. We keep the dancefloor full all night!
264 Guille None 5:38am, 27-Jan-10
I did saw you in messenger videos and I think you did a great job making your video. Just passing by for congratullations to you and to tell you that all thing`s has a purpose. Sad thing we will never understand what is it. Happy thing it`s there for some reason. Thanks for sharing your happiness and excuse my english. I am from southamerica (Uruguay) and I hope to meet you some day. We have several things in common. Bie!!!
263 Kevie n/s 5:32am, 27-Jan-10
Congratulations! Great Video! Have a wonderful life together :)
262 MS Internet from CT 5:06am, 27-Jan-10
Excellent site, and great video. Saw it on the web and then it also made its way to my email (on a very long thread). Best of Luck!
261 jessica N/A 4:44am, 27-Jan-10
just saw your trailer on AOL. super cool! kuddos.
260 Jails anonymous 4:31am, 27-Jan-10
Attractive video, I wish you a long life of happiness and love.
259 Ric Torres awe-struck photographer 4:28am, 27-Jan-10
I hope this isn't overly intrusive. But, we'd be honored to earn your business, if you don't already have a wedding photographer. Our team might interest you. Thanks for your time!
258 Joe MSN User 4:23am, 27-Jan-10
The epic wedding trailer is just beautiful; who's responsible? Stellar job! Good luck this October. Joe (NJ)
257 Sue Robinson internet viewer 4:17am, 27-Jan-10
I loved the video, so imaginative!! Your family must love that! I am always looking at sites featuring weddings. I am glad I came across yours. Thank you, Sue Robinson Your wedding & shower favors
256 Andy observer 4:10am, 27-Jan-10
Great clip but I got confused on the wedding date. A part on the clip mentioned 10-10-10 then I noticed on your official wedding date is 10-9-10. Anyway, Congratulations!!!
255 Leah Internet viewer from down state NY 3:25am, 27-Jan-10
Excellent video and fantastic web site! Congrats and best wishes!
254 Amy N/A 2:49am, 27-Jan-10
Wow... saw your video... very cool! Here's to MANY years of happiness -- congrats!!
253 Crystal Cooper none 2:24am, 27-Jan-10
great video
252 Spencer viewer 2:02am, 27-Jan-10
Terrific job. Extremely creative.
250 Bonnie Internet viewer from Indiana 1:45am, 27-Jan-10
I saw this video at and thought it was great! Enjoyed reading about how you did it on your blog. May you have a joyous wedding!
249 Paola wedding planner from Italy 1:44am, 27-Jan-10
I'm a wedding planner. I wrote from Bologna -Italy. I watched your "wedding trailer" and I think that is fantastic! Great idea! Congratulations for your wedding. Bye, Paola
248 Tessa Internet viewer from Minnesota 1:24am, 27-Jan-10
Well done! Excellent idea :) Best wishes to you both.
247 Paola wedding planner from Italy 12:53am, 27-Jan-10
I'm a wedding planner. I wrote from Bologna -Italy. I watched your "wedding trailer" and I think that is fantastic! Great idea! Congratulations for your wedding. Bye, Paola
246 Jodi Internet viewer from Massachusetts 12:44am, 27-Jan-10
My mom found your save the date on you tube and I have to say that was awesome! I wish you all the luck and happiness with your wedding.
245 Joel Internet viewer from Colombia 12:38am, 27-Jan-10
Great wedding trailer. I wish the best of luck in your marriage. Just wanted to let you know that a stranger from Colombia is rooting for you. (Hope that doesn't creep you guys out.)
244 Adie Hendrix None :) 12:13am, 27-Jan-10
I don't know you guys, but this video was amazing! I hope the wedding is as great as you want it to be. Hope you're doing well, -Adie :D
243 Pavlin total stranger 11:23pm, 26-Jan-10
U two look so cute ! All the best from Bulgaria ;)
242 Jose just curious 11:11pm, 26-Jan-10
Great trailer guys, you really got class. Lots of luck, wishing you the best.
241 Dave Reynard None whatsoever! 10:55pm, 26-Jan-10
Saw the trailer and just had to visit your website. All the very best of luck for your big day and great work on the trailer! No scratch that....awesome work on the trailer!! Dave R - UK
240 Jerry Pecarsky Internet Friend 9:09pm, 26-Jan-10
Thank you both for great entertainment. The two of you are having a great relationship. Your marriage will just add too your happiness. I hope too be part of your wedding!
239 jerry awed by ur vid 8:24pm, 26-Jan-10
lovedit, loved it. you guys are awesome. and oh yeah. who gets the top? lol many happy returns and have an awesome marriage.and make lots of little jeffs and erins
238 theEdge Internet 7:24pm, 26-Jan-10
Hi and good luck and all the best from germany, really nice video!!
237 Randy Flaherty N/A 7:00pm, 26-Jan-10
How awesome! I am just a guy from Kentucky who saw your wedding video. I just wanted to say that I pray God's blessings on your marriage. Take Care... Randy
236 Nic Wish we were friends 6:57pm, 26-Jan-10
You two are so rock awesome. Best wishes.
235 Tammy Wedding Crasher 6:45pm, 26-Jan-10
You two rock! What a fantastic way to celebrate your love. God bless you both.
234 T.P. fan 6:30pm, 26-Jan-10
Awesome creativity! The trailer is spectacular! Congratulations!
233 Ste random surfer 6:23pm, 26-Jan-10
Stumbled on your trailer on the site of an italian newspaper. Awesome! Wishing you a life full of happiness!
232 Diana Knauf absolute stranger 6:01pm, 26-Jan-10
This came to me in Shanghai via a girlfriend in Virginia - what an absolutely cool thing to do! Thanks for making my day. Have an excellent life, you are already on your way.
231 Don A Fan! 6:00pm, 26-Jan-10
Saw the trailer on - loved it! Best of luck to the both of you!
230 Marleen Fan 6:00pm, 26-Jan-10
Caught a portion of your video on Fox 11 News; had to see it in it's entirety- what a blast! I really enjoyed watching it. What fun! You two are too cute! Wishing you & you!r families many many years of love, happiness, & prosperity. All the best, -always.
229 xxpeacenotwar Redditor!!!! 5:41pm, 26-Jan-10
Hey guys! I saw your video after it was posted on Reddit. It's fabulous! I wish you both the best of luck, and hope you have a wonderful life together!
228 Jen fan 5:38pm, 26-Jan-10
Erin & Jeff- I saw your video on my MSN homepage, sooooo cute! Congratulations! Wishing you many wonderful years of happiness!
227 (deleted) A compatriot 5:38pm, 26-Jan-10
Can I come to your wedding? I thoroughly enjoy all your travel photos and videos. Best wishes to you both.
226 Allison Johnson A Fan! 5:19pm, 26-Jan-10
Got married in 2009 myself---what a blast. I thought we were awesome until I saw your video---you guys are the cutest couple ever! Congrats!!
225 Nikki just a passerby 5:07pm, 26-Jan-10
How can you NOT get married on 10/10/10?????
224 Randy in Cincinnati well wisher 5:03pm, 26-Jan-10
What a spectacular site. Thank goodness MSN had the foresight to recognize excellence in photography, videography, and an adventursome couple destined for their own reality TV show. Congrats and best wishes now and in the future...and mucho gracious for sharing the exciting adventures around the globe with Jeff and Erin.
223 Newt from L.A. movie buff 4:40pm, 26-Jan-10
You guys are awesome. Saw your video on the main page of and had to see more. The site is awesome and the video was so well done. Congrats. Now the wedding should be incredible. I can't wait for the sequel (aka: Jeff & Erin's Wedding PArt deux!!)..... Best of luck in your marriage. Have a Bundy & Coke for me.!!!!
222 tiffany b. random college student 4:37pm, 26-Jan-10
hi! like a lot of people commenting in your guestbook, i'm a stranger that happened to stumble upon your video online. best wishes for your wedding and i'm glad you guys are holding it in LA! (yeahhh, represent!)
221 The Robison family fans 4:31pm, 26-Jan-10
Wish you all the best that anyone can have. You have brought a smile to many faces and you deserve a wonderful life. We shall toast you on that date. Let your love endure beyond the last sunset.
220 Cordy N/A 4:21pm, 26-Jan-10
Saw the link on yahoo, and couldn't resist exploring the rest of the site. My kids and I loved the video and wish you the best. This is one save-the-date that no one could receive and say, "Gee, I think I'll pass on the wedding." lol
219 roy random dude 4:15pm, 26-Jan-10
My wife and I thought we were cool when we made a compilation cd for the Wedding... Dang-it. Great Job! :)
218 Landry Stumbler 3:49pm, 26-Jan-10
I can honestly say that has to be the most creative and original idea. I wish you both the best of luck in your future.
217 Glenda you don't know me 3:32pm, 26-Jan-10
I saw your video online and I ADORE this!! Your creativity is just wonderful and I wish you the best and happiest life together. If your trailer is any indicator, you will be wonderful together.
216 Craig Random Internetz person 3:31pm, 26-Jan-10
I found your video on Break.Com. Cant say enough good things about it. Shared it with my wife and we both were impressed. Wish you both the best!
215 Kasey N/A 3:26pm, 26-Jan-10
Saw the "Save the Date" online! I must say, VERY CREATIVE!! I wish you two the best! (Anyone who takes the time to do such an awesome thing deserves a life full of happiness!) Congrats!
214 Micah Random internet goer 3:22pm, 26-Jan-10
Congrats, saw your trailer on, good stuff. GOOD LUCK
213 Spencer and Tamara Botzum happily married couple from Ohio 3:12pm, 26-Jan-10
What a testament to Love! Bravo! There is no doubt that you both have enough love to carry yourselves far into the future. Thank you for sharing your love with the world! Best wishes and keep smiling!
212 Erich Cosmically Connected 3:03pm, 26-Jan-10
Great trailer! I wanted to wish you two the best of luck. My wife and I were married on 10-9-99, You picked a great date. Anyway, best of luck to you two and keep creative, but seriously Jeff, six years?!? What took you so long.
211 Brittania Rivas you don't know me! 2:53pm, 26-Jan-10
I saw your wedding trailer, it was amazing, i wish i was that creative when i was getting married!
210 Li Newlywed New Yorker 2:50pm, 26-Jan-10
What a an amazing video and awesome website! A friend thought I might enjoy your video on Youtube since I was recently married in October 2009. Congrats and best wishes on your engagement and upcoming wedding!
209 Bob Random Visitor 2:41pm, 26-Jan-10
Congratulations and best wishes for your marriage.
208 short guy none 2:34pm, 26-Jan-10
207 Cheryl N/A 2:32pm, 26-Jan-10
Congratulations and excellent video! How fun! I too am from the Coachella Valley so I feel connected. Ha! Best wishes for a long lasting marriage and cannot wait to see your next production posted on!
206 William Pham fan 2:19pm, 26-Jan-10
You guys are so awesome. What a great story! Best of luck! Wish I were invited to the wedding, lol!
205 Tracy Stranger 2:19pm, 26-Jan-10
Loved the trailer! Hope you two have a great wedding and life together!
204 Gabriel none 2:16pm, 26-Jan-10
Hello, i saw your wedding trailer on I just asked my GF to marry me the other day. I just wanted to congradulate you guys. I dont know either of you but i can just tell your marriage will work! I know mine will too. Im in the army and shes a lawyer in miami. Even though though we live far apart we see eachother at least 2 weekends a month. Goodluck you two. Nice trailer too :)
203 Chris A pretty nice guy from Internet land who happened upon your video from 2:13pm, 26-Jan-10
That video was Outstanding! My first thought was one of you probably works in the entertainment industry in some aspect. Then it was even cooler when I noticed that you both went to college in my hometown of Claremont, CA!
202 Dane Second cousin twice removed of the bride 2:08pm, 26-Jan-10
Now I've saved the date, just don't forget us long lost far and distant relatives. If you don't invest everyone who comments in your guest book here, we'll be disappointed. :)
201 Zenith and The Maker Couple 2:07pm, 26-Jan-10
Man! Ku-Freakin-Dos That was absolutely THEE BEST Wedding Idea I have ever seen. It was absolutely the cutest and funniest. Very well thought out. I love what you did! I am black so I will say this...that was the muth%@#$ s*%t!!!!!
200 Caroline Selby A stranger from the Internets 1:56pm, 26-Jan-10
I, too, found your blog through your wedding trailer, which put a big smile on my face. (And as an aside, as someone who also has dual Aussie/US citizenship, isn't having two passports awesome?) Congratulations and best wishes!
199 Danie Blais A curious viewer (nobody you know) 1:42pm, 26-Jan-10
Your wedding invitation is so original and professional. I really enjoyed it. Hope you live happily ever after (and that people will notice your talent and humour)! Kindest regards, Danie Blais A writer and cheese shop communication director from Montréal, Canada P.S. Please pet a kangaroo for me =)They look stupid, but also very cute. =)
198 Rich Chesler It's Complicated : ) 1:40pm, 26-Jan-10
Just another fortunate recipient of your Save the Date video link. Absolutely fantastic!!! I'm a wedding photographer with my eyes always open for unique twists on the wedding theme. You have the best so far!! Best of luck to you both!!! Rich Rich Chesler
197 Johnny Uno none 1:34pm, 26-Jan-10
if the wedding is going to be epic imagine the honeymoon after that lol..nay exposions and Martial arts fill your days I wish you both the very best!
196 Mercy and Danny friends of Jeff and Erin 1:28pm, 26-Jan-10
Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe your awesome video made it out to so many, many people. Your creativity has now been shared with all!!
195 Amanda internet well-wisher 1:27pm, 26-Jan-10
Wow! I came across your save the date video by way of a fellow blogger, and I'm floored! You guys are so creative! Best wishes for a wonderful marriage!
194 Susan stranger from the internet 1:16pm, 26-Jan-10
that was an excellent save-the-date! I hope your marriage is just as epic and enjoyable!
193 Jackie Bellanton N/A 1:02pm, 26-Jan-10
You guys are AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME!!! God Bless this union forever( Just got married-12/31)
192 Chase saw your trailer on youtube 1:01pm, 26-Jan-10
really awesome video. i hope u have a great life together.
191 Jillian none 12:58pm, 26-Jan-10
don't know you guys, but totally love you! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and fun!
190 Graham O'Mara Just an internet no one 12:55pm, 26-Jan-10
May I say a) WOW! b) Good Luck and c) 2011 for Jeff and Erin, the sequel? :P I want to see what you do for the wedding video - BTW I right this on the anniversary of my wedding to Jenny (Originally from Hong Kong) (Oh, and my birthday too - cannot ever forget the anniversary)
189 John and Nikki None 12:53pm, 26-Jan-10
I loved your vdideo! It was really really cool. You both seem very cool, and perfect for each other. John and Nikki.
188 Jill Dallas fan 12:51pm, 26-Jan-10
Love your video trailer. What a special way to capture the spirit of your relationship.
187 Elizabeth Found your Video by Accident on net 12:51pm, 26-Jan-10
thought your video was really clever & amazing. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. You two seem like wonderful people! Loved the music & voiceover. Elizabeth from Medford, Oregon :)
186 Ursula Case Another person on the Internet. 12:45pm, 26-Jan-10
I saw your video on the internet and came to your site. Congratulations on getting married! Thank you for having a love of life and a heart to share your joys with the world. I wish both of you all the happiness life can give.
185 Fan Stranger 12:40pm, 26-Jan-10
The video was so great and show exactly what kind of couple you two are. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
184 Bridget just an onlooker 12:34pm, 26-Jan-10
I saw this on AOL mail on the Today on AOL mail. I think this was such a great and unique idea. Awesome and kudos to you guys. Kinda wondering what's gonna happen when a baby finds it's way into the mix.. maybe a sequel ha ha!! Congrats again.
183 Isabell Random internet person 12:34pm, 26-Jan-10
Loved your video. Wish you all the best in life! Hope all your dreams come true... Hope you make it to outer space!!!
182 Ralph N/A 12:24pm, 26-Jan-10
181 Liza A Jeff & Erin Fan! 12:19pm, 26-Jan-10
Congratulations on setting the date! I wish you both the very best!
180 Michele complete stranger 12:12pm, 26-Jan-10
Wow - my husband saw this and posted it on his facebook page and I have to say I am very impressed - I thought our "" wedding was so cool, but shoot - you make ours look midieval in comparison! Congrats to you both and I can tell you two will have a very adventurous and happy marriage!
179 Paige An Admirer 12:12pm, 26-Jan-10
Amazing video announcing your wedding - very special and awesome!! Congrats! You both look very happy - many wishes for a long and happy life together.
178 Yvonne A stranger from California 12:10pm, 26-Jan-10
Wow! That was so much fun to watch. Congrats and best wishes to you both! I can hardly wait for the sequel.
177 jeanette none 12:09pm, 26-Jan-10
such a cool cool idea! wishing you the best in your future!
176 Judy Stranger from California 11:57am, 26-Jan-10
Awesome trailer!! You are an adorable couple and I wish you all the well wishes and happiness in your future. Your family and freinds have left such heart warming wishes for you. You are both well loved by them! Many, many years of happiness in your marriage!
175 Jim You don't know me 11:50am, 26-Jan-10
Brilliant video!! You, your friends and family are all lucky to be a part of what will surely be a creative wedding... Good Luck and much happiness.
174 Brooke random viewer of your YouTube video 11:50am, 26-Jan-10
You guys are so cute and creative! I wish you many happy years of marriage :-)
173 Chris Kuhn just a harmless little blogger 11:49am, 26-Jan-10
I saw the news of your innovative way to announce your wedding and just had to say as a completely irrelevant stranger, you are two crazy cats and are sure to have a wonderful wedding adventure and rich life together to follow. Anyone that can join forces to be that creative and fun is destined for only great things. All the best to you, Chris (
172 Ashley Random Person 11:44am, 26-Jan-10
I just wanted to Congratulate you guys. Your trailer was so unique. I loved the idea. Good Luck!
171 Nick Rangel Son of my mother 11:41am, 26-Jan-10
Congratulations. May you enjoy the rest of your fun and fasinating lifes together. Cheers, Nick
170 Tammara N/A 11:41am, 26-Jan-10
Saw your trailer on a friend's facebook. It's amazing! Great job, and congrats! Wish you the very best!
169 Marie Giongo N/A 11:38am, 26-Jan-10
Saw your invite on an American morning show. I said to myself "These are my kind of people" and posted your invite on my facebook page. You have definitely set the bar for wedding invites---luckily my children are all school age so I have a few years to prepare! Wishing you every blessing and happiness! Look forward to seeing more about the wedding-maybe even scoring some personal invites! ;) Best, Marie Spring City, PA
168 Scott nobody important 11:33am, 26-Jan-10
The trailer for your wedding was amazing. I am not related to anyone in either family, but stumbled across the video and must tell you that it was well done. Good job.
167 Tia Dugan N/A 11:29am, 26-Jan-10
Just saw the video on MSN. Great Job and Congradulations!
166 Ashley Random Stranger 11:21am, 26-Jan-10
Hahah! That's such a cool video! I'm a random person, and I hope your wedding is great! :D
165 Harris Welch don't know anyone 11:19am, 26-Jan-10
I saw the trailer and was completely floored by it, simply one word can describe it, WOW! Looks like this will be one marriage that will stand the test of time.
164 Sophie A person who saw the video on the internet 11:19am, 26-Jan-10
The wedding trailer was so cool! I can't believe you guys did that! This marriage better last, becuase you put a lot of effort into it. Congrats, and have a great life!
163 Pat web well-wisher 11:10am, 26-Jan-10
Hey guys, I just want to tell you that your video is veeeeery cool! I cant wait to see the video from the wedding! I wish you both all the happiness in the world.
162 joykatleen none 11:08am, 26-Jan-10
what a fabulous way to kick off your wedding festivities. best of luck in the future, and may your lives together having way more staying power than the average hollywood blockbuster. :o)
161 Don M Biggest Fan in America 11:01am, 26-Jan-10
I just want to say that you two are probably the coolest two people on earth. I also need to be at your wedding. Please e-mail me for deetz on where to send the invite. Don PS - I'm totally cool and not at all creepy. Thanks.
160 Rebecca Total Stranger... 10:54am, 26-Jan-10
don't know either of you, but I love the video! congratulations!
158 Cherie Peyton Random Stranger! :) 10:26am, 26-Jan-10
Greetings Jeff & Erin! I'm one of the random strangers that happened upon your video via my radio stations website! I just had to comment! Your invite video is absolutely awesome! It certainly made my day and made me laugh and smile :) I hope the best for you both and congratulations :) Shoot I don't even know you guys and I want to come to your wedding haha!
157 Cathy and Pat aunt 10:10am, 26-Jan-10
Erin and Jeff, Loved your trailer!! Thoroughly captivating! Sorry it's taken me so long to sign your book. We watched it right after getting your card. Now I see you were on the CBS Morning Show! You're famous! We will be at your wedding and really looking forward to it.
156 Susan F Friend 10:08am, 26-Jan-10
Not really a friend just a viewer. I might need an invite to your wedding.
155 DELORES NONE 10:07am, 26-Jan-10
I really loved your wedding anouncement. It was great. I wish you the best and congrats. May you have a long and happy life together. BEST WISHES FROM DELORES AND VINCE IN DETROIT
154 Jessica Fan 10:04am, 26-Jan-10
I LOVED your wedding trailer! I came upon it from aol today and think it was just a genius idea and so well done! Congrats on your weddings and many blessings for your future! :-) Jessica Boise, Idaho!
153 Cindy none 9:18am, 26-Jan-10
liked the announcement on wedding - clicked on it from aol today and loved it - good job and very creative - good luck to you both
152 Ron Random stranger 8:46am, 26-Jan-10
Great invite. Congrats!! Looking forward to the horror film trailer when you're expecting.. lol Good luck!
151 Sue Absolutely none! 8:35am, 26-Jan-10
Got to your video via Ravelry (Google it!!) and think it is the best thing I have seen for a long time. Well done! Have a fantastic wedding and a wonderful life together. Sue from the Netherlands
150 Tammy viewer 8:27am, 26-Jan-10
Very Creative! Good luck.
149 Amiee Smiling Fan 8:20am, 26-Jan-10
What a cute save the date video. You guys look like a fun couple with a GREAT sense of humor!!! Best of luck to you and CONGRATULATIONS!
148 fan N/A 8:14am, 26-Jan-10
best invitation i have ever seen...
147 Paula came across on the web 8:04am, 26-Jan-10
Fantastic trailer........very creative......looking forward dto the sequel. Wishing you much happiness!!
146 debra hiebert wedding industry 7:56am, 26-Jan-10
Watched your video several times........loved it! I smiled soooo much! So that it seemed to capture your outgoing/adventurous personalities. Best wishes!
145 Tabitha Gonzalez glamour subscriber 7:53am, 26-Jan-10
I found the wedding trailer via . I love it! 10-10-10, sounds like the worlds gonna end (again). Good luck to the lovely couple!
144 Martin random web surfer 7:42am, 26-Jan-10
Well done, awesome job. I enjoyed the wedding video.
143 Ilaria unknown 7:41am, 26-Jan-10
Hey Erin and Jeff, your video made the Italian news I wish you good luck and happiness. PS this is not very interesting but... my brother is getting married too :) !!!!
142 Kristie N/A 7:40am, 26-Jan-10
LOVED the video. I also wish I knew you, but wish you much love and happiness in your marriage.
141 Amy Hartley None 7:33am, 26-Jan-10
JUST LOVE the trailer. Wish I actually knew you both, you look like really wonderful peeps. Marriages built on Friendship first succeed. I would know. Friends over 10, married for 6, together for 8. Remember to Communicate, even if you are really mad.
140 Dave Rubert None 7:08am, 26-Jan-10
I loved your video, somehow my fiance found it and sent it to me. One question though. Am I really invited? If so where is the wedding going to be?
139 lori someone inconsequential 6:52am, 26-Jan-10
Awesome way to "save the date". Loved it!
138 Lisa Just an online viewer 6:46am, 26-Jan-10
THAT! was amazing! You both are too cute and deserve a life full of happiness!! :)
137 Lola A new fan 6:41am, 26-Jan-10
I came across your wedding trailer via Huffington Post on Facebook. What a clever idea you guys had. I wish you the best of luck now and forever. You guys are destined for great things. Can't wait to see what you guys do when you find out your pregnant. Keep us all posted!
136 Sue appreciative viewer 6:29am, 26-Jan-10
Hi Jeff and Erin - I just saw your video via AOL. VERY clever! And the photographs on your site are beautiful! I am a script supervisor, so if your ever in need of one on the west coast of the US, let me know. Congratulations :o)
135 Kelly N/A 6:25am, 26-Jan-10
I wish you two the best of luck, will visit your site again soon for updates. The trailer was wonderful!
134 Patricia Hernandez N/A 6:20am, 26-Jan-10
I just saw your wedding trailer and just wanted to say THAT WAS AWESOME! Congrats and lots of love and happiness on your big day and also lots of fun on planning it. You seem like a great couple.
133 Metz Rogers Fan 6:19am, 26-Jan-10
The Greatest wedding trailer!! nice going!! My wife and I have been married for 10yrs(12/2/10) The best thing is that you are getting married on my Birthday!! I'll be 40 and the party will be rockin!! I wish I was in Cali I would so come by. But anyway have a GREAT TIME!!!
132 Metz Rogers Fan 6:18am, 26-Jan-10
The Greatest wedding trailer!! nice going!! My wife and I have been married for 10yrs(12/2/10) The best thing is that you are getting married on my Birthday!! I'll be 40 and the party will be rockin!! I wish I was in Cali I would so come by. But anyway have a GREAT TIME!!!
131 David None 5:53am, 26-Jan-10
Cool site and save the date. Very creative.
130 Scott Creepy Uncle 5:50am, 26-Jan-10
Epic Video. Is that the wedding of Long Duck Dong and his date from 16 Candles?
129 Nick N/A 5:30am, 26-Jan-10
Epic Trailer - Please let me know when the sequel is due. I'm guessing 2013?
128 S Smith Stranger 5:24am, 26-Jan-10
This trailer was AMAZING. I am going to be late for class because I took the time to watch this instead of finding my other shoe. Worth it. I hope you have an equally amazing wedding!
127 mirjam none all the way from europe 5:05am, 26-Jan-10
Hi Jeff and Erin, are you aware that your wedding trailer is sent all through the world: I par example live in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. My son has sent me and a lot of his friends a link and a lot of people has seen it already. I enjoyed watching it! All the best and good luck for the 2 of you!
126 Jim K N/A 4:41am, 26-Jan-10
I don't know you and you don't know me but your wedding trailer was epic!
125 franni v simple viewer 4:11am, 26-Jan-10
124 Jake Turner None - just casual internet observer 3:37am, 26-Jan-10
Congrats! You guys rock - I bet the wedding is going to obviously be a blast! Good luck and keep up the fun and you will have a great married life together. I love your sense of humor. Make sure to post your registry :) For entertainment you should add country or state to this form to see how widespread the comments come from.
123 KH unrelated 3:30am, 26-Jan-10
Awesome wedding trailer!!! Good luck!
122 Kris Faux friends 3:19am, 26-Jan-10
hey steven mitton sent me here he said it was pretty cool so I'm just peeking, hope you don't mind.
121 Laura Tweeter 2:31am, 26-Jan-10
My photographer posted the video on Twitter and I checked it out. I have the same wedding date 10-9-10 in Austin, TX. Love the site. Congrats!
120 Samantha fan! 2:23am, 26-Jan-10
I hope you've made some time in your schedule for t.v. appearances and a People photo shoot, 'cuz I think they're inevitable! GOOD LUCK!
119 George Not related 2:07am, 26-Jan-10
My boss emailed me this link and I watched your video. I have to say that you guys are a cute couple with a great sence of humor! I love the video and even though I don't presonally know either of you, I would like to wish you both the best! Congratulations!
118 beegeeay N/A 1:58am, 26-Jan-10
Hi Jeff and Erin, Congrats on your wedding next year. I enjoyed your wedding date video so much I had to visit your site. lets hope the wedding is as explosive as this video. I have subscribed to your youtube channel as I am looking forward to seeing what comes next. Good luck and thank you.
117 Achim none 1:41am, 26-Jan-10
Hi Erin, hi Jeff, just wanted to leave that this wedding site and trailer is by far the best I have ever seen. I wish that your marriage will be the same!! Take care and congratulation! Achim (Germany)
116 Traci STRANGER 1:09am, 26-Jan-10
Awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with once you have children! :) Congrats and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!
115 Laurence none 12:48am, 26-Jan-10
Very nicely done. I hope y'all have a long and happy life together!
114 Sjaak de Heer N/A 12:06am, 26-Jan-10
From the Netherlands, I hope you have a great life together. Stay creative!!! Many happy years will be the product!
113 Susie Stoner Uninvited Guest! 12:00am, 26-Jan-10
Your wedding trailer is awesome! I imagine great things ahead for both of you!! Best Wishes!! (West Central Ohio, USA) (I will be sharing this site with the Browncoat Community this morning. It's too good not to share!)
112 Tim Kelly Viewer 11:43pm, 25-Jan-10
Greetings Guys and Congratulations on your mini-movie and impending marriage. I love your clip and have sent it around the Globe. I have a background in Public Relations and have sent it too enough people to get the publicity. All the best, Tim
111 Ruth just stopped by 11:41pm, 25-Jan-10
What a stellar trailer, guys! Best of luck with all your planning and your new life to come!
109 Xavier Internet Surfer 11:35pm, 25-Jan-10
Saw your video on - LOVED IT! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and a happy lifetime together!
108 Bizi internet user 11:33pm, 25-Jan-10
Congratulations for the movie and the wedding party. we expect the video from the sextape... Ah ah ah
107 Nico Internaute français 11:28pm, 25-Jan-10
Félicitations à tous les 2 pour le film et surtout pour votre mariage. Votre vidéo a été un vrai moment de plaisir... Je vous souhaite une longue et heureuse union, remplie d'amour... Peut être à un de ces jours sur l'un des 5 continents.... Bye Bye
106 Nicodemus None 11:19pm, 25-Jan-10
Haha, very nice video. The whole world knows you guys are getting married. The video reached Holland and 32420 watched it already now, and counting. All the best, and greetings from Holland!
105 Scott internet oogler 11:04pm, 25-Jan-10
I just saw your video on and had to congradulate you both. Awesome job on the creative vid. You have raised the bar to an unobtainable level for all couples from here on. Cheers and best wishes to you both!
104 kristof none 8:18pm, 25-Jan-10
I wish you good luck in you mariage ! it was a verry nice movie, it even reached Belgium ! greetings from Belgium !
103 B to the Izzo hopefully still engaged... considering I will have to live up to this! 7:42pm, 25-Jan-10
uh.. thanks. My fiance and I are putting our wedding together, and are getting our 'save the dates' thing set up. Don't really know what we're doing yet, but she just sent me this link. And you have now set such impossible standards for wedding awesomeness... that no matter how much effort I put into ours, it will feel like a shameful attempt to be as cool as yours. Thanks a lot! ;) Best of luck on the wedding though! huzzah! and Harrumph. ps. seriously, thanks. not really so sarcastically this time... you've inspired me to do something creative and cool.... just hope it doesn't turn out lame. :)
102 JH None 6:51pm, 25-Jan-10
Just wanted to say the trailer was awesome and to let you know it was posted on a major Dutch weblog and is currently one of the most popular videos.
101 Desiree Internet person 6:51pm, 25-Jan-10
This was posted on Facebook the other day. What a wonderful and creative way to announce your upcoming wedding. And very well done. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. May you have all the joy and happiness life can bring you.
100 J Saw your video on a wedding photography blog 4:58pm, 25-Jan-10
Great video! Grrrrrreat!
99 Veronica Someone who saw your video on Huffngton Post 4:22pm, 25-Jan-10
Very fun video! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.
98 Danie and Jason None 3:15pm, 25-Jan-10
We loved the trailer and want to wish the both of you lots of happiness !
97 Janice no relation 2:46pm, 25-Jan-10
Wow. You two are the best!!! How did you get the .US extension?
96 Melissa Amster Someone who saw your video through a friend's blog 2:31pm, 25-Jan-10
That was such a cool video. Very creative! Your website rocks too! I wish you all the best in your marriage.
95 Glen Farrell Random Internet Well wisher 1:35pm, 25-Jan-10
Loved watching the video. Really creative and well done. Best wishes for a long and happy life together.
94 annie complete stranger 1:18pm, 25-Jan-10
was given a link to your wedding trailer. Amazing, wonderful, creative. I hope the two of you have a long, healthy, happy life together. Please remember to be good to each other, and never take one another for granted. Best wishes in your futures!
93 Cowmix Random Internet Person 12:43pm, 25-Jan-10
I'd expect nothing less from a Harvey Mudd nerd.. Congratz!
92 John Guest 11:53am, 25-Jan-10
We posted the epic save the date video on our group blog, Awesome video!
91 J. Joosten Random Internet person 10:01am, 25-Jan-10
Hi Jeff & Erin, I just watched your trailer and I have to say that this must be the most creative idea that I've seen so far. You guys really did a great job with the trailer and the poster, I love it! I hope you will have a wonderful, long lasting marriage with lots of luck and blessings in it! Greetings from Hawaii!
90 Joris Dekkers nobody 10:00am, 25-Jan-10
I don't know you and all, but I loved your movie ;) I wish you both a happy life together Best wishes from NL. Heero Yuy
89 Dotty random Internet person 9:41am, 25-Jan-10
I watched your wedding trailer four times and had the biggest smile on my face. I am a smidge taller than my husband :) Best of luck on your wedding day and in your marriage, given how exciting your lives are now you certainly have so much to look forward to!
88 Liz Fan 9:38am, 25-Jan-10
Truly, this will be a wedding for the ages. Try not to blow up anything too expensive during the celebrations. Have fun kiddos.
87 Thieme Wels internet-surfer 9:25am, 25-Jan-10
Dear Erin & Jeff, What a nice way to announce your wedding. I saw the video on the dutch website and I must say it's a very nice trailer! Well done! I enjoyed watching it! I wish you both the best! Have a nice wedding! Greetings from The Netterlands
86 Henk just another internet-surfer 8:05am, 25-Jan-10
Hi Erin & Jeff! Loved your trailer! I wish you all the best for the coming months and your lives after 10-10-10. I'll keep checking my mailbox for your invitation! Love from The Netherlands!
85 Sophie random internet person 7:49am, 25-Jan-10
This is awesome. You clearly had so much fun doing it--I think you're in for a fantastic life together! Thanks for letting Teh Intertubez share a bit of the fun. Congratulations from a random internet person. :)
84 Agnieszka total stranger 7:25am, 25-Jan-10
Hi Erin & Jeff! I just watched the trailer :) This is the best wedding invitation EVER!!! VERY CREATIVE and interesting from the beggining till the end! Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Greetings from Poland :)
83 Martine total stranger 7:13am, 25-Jan-10
What a great way of announcing a wedding! Can't wait to see the weddingpictures of movie. That must be something big. Have the best one ever. Regards from Holland
82 Randi total stranger 5:59am, 25-Jan-10
Don't even know you guys but that trailer made me cry. Congratulations - you rock!
81 Clint Arthur Saw on huffpost 4:55am, 25-Jan-10
U guys rock. My wife and I loved the vid. Best of luck.
80 Davide & Ilaria New friends 2:33am, 25-Jan-10
Hey thanks for the invite. Send me all details. Congrats!!!
79 Janet N/A 1:22am, 25-Jan-10
Congrats! Wishing you all the joy and happiness life can offer!
78 Gorgi N/A 1:00am, 25-Jan-10
Your trailer is so amazing! All the best for your marriage.
77 Elizabeth Vodeo voyeur (voyeuse?) 10:43pm, 24-Jan-10
Saw your wedding trailer video and loved it - best save the date reminder ever!!! I guess you're international superstars now :) Best of luck to the two of you for many happy years together.
76 Alan Wong n/a 7:01pm, 24-Jan-10
From another Mr. Wong, saw your wedding "trailer" - brilliant!
75 Brittles Stranger (NO Danger) 5:12pm, 24-Jan-10
You are a beautiful couple! Consider yourselves blessed to have fallen in love with your best friend! May your marriage endure through all eternity.
74 Marne Rogers Onlooker 4:50pm, 24-Jan-10
WOW! You two are really going places! I wish you the best for a happy and prosperous life together. Consider yourselves welcome at my home if you ever come to Asheville, NC. Please write ahead of time though. Life is good.
73 Snow White Mentor to Jeff 4:42pm, 24-Jan-10
Fantastic. Congratulations and a happy life together. Am sending Jeff some platform shoes for the ceremony, borrowed them from Tom Cruse.
72 Dvd none 4:36pm, 24-Jan-10
Came across your trailer on the internet and your wedding date happens to be my birthday!! Anyway all the best to both of you two. D.
71 Brenda fan of Jeff and Erin 4:23pm, 24-Jan-10
Great trailer! My daughter has applied to Mudd and hopes to be studying there on 10-10-10. Her EE dad wants to know where the projector is for the Vivid Festival of Lights. Amazing photos. We hope you live happily ever after.
70 Jack No one you know. 4:15pm, 24-Jan-10
The video was 100% win! Save it on you two have officially made it.
69 Laura Legg random tweeter and complete stranger 4:13pm, 24-Jan-10
Very entertaining! Setting the bar high for a wedding video!
68 Elena Complete and utter stranger 3:50pm, 24-Jan-10
Jeff and Erin, I just saw your video on Huffington Post and thought it was brilliant. You guys rock! Best wishes for a long and happy life together.
67 Stacey, Jackson MS saw the video on huffington post 3:44pm, 24-Jan-10
what a great video! you two seem like amazing human beings. i hope your wedding and the rest of your lives together is as great an adventure as your first ten years seem to be!
66 Owen Um . . . fellow human? 2:51pm, 24-Jan-10
Just caught the video via Boing Boing. Nice work! Hope you have as much fun with the marriage as you seemed to have with the invite!
65 Meredith total stranger 2:09pm, 24-Jan-10
Incredible video! Obviously so much so that I came to check out your website. I wish the two of you the best. :)
64 Jeff and Beth in PetroMetro total strangers 1:48pm, 24-Jan-10
We saw your trailer on Huffington Post. It is absolutely amazing! We both wish you happiness and good luck!
63 Tabitha Young none 1:33pm, 24-Jan-10
I'm taller than my husband, too. I'm 5'9", he's 5'5". It's rockin. I feel amazon, he feels... um, like he loves me. Which is great, cuz I love him, too. :-D Here's hoping that you and we are part of that 50% that don't divorce!
62 Robin Total Stranger 1:15pm, 24-Jan-10
Love the trailer, very creative. Have a happy and fun marriage and life.
61 Jerry Moore no relation 12:27pm, 24-Jan-10
I came across your wedding trailer today through a couple sites I visit on the internet. I found it to be clever as hell, and it provided me with quite a chuckle. I wish you the best of luck in your future!
60 Dave Lindsey Gobsmacked YouTuber 12:02pm, 24-Jan-10
I just found the trailer for your wedding on YouTube! The production values were *SUPERB!* It's also the first time I've heard "Lux Aeterna" played solo on a piano. I've Favorited your video & posted a link to it on my Facebook page. Best of luck as the preperations continue, and don't forget to take a break from them and reconnect as a couple from time to time.
59 C.Anne Random Stranger 11:17am, 24-Jan-10
Awesome trailer! I wish you all the best. Congratulations and have a happy married life.
58 Rhonda Paradis N/A 10:42am, 24-Jan-10
BRAVO! Well done. Marriage is such a blessing and I'm excited for you two lovebirds. If you care to visit Cape Cod, MA, check out, and I'll give you two a discount! Best wishes!
57 Panama & Anthony N/A 10:07am, 24-Jan-10
amazing video - we want to be there on 10-10-10. Wish we knew you. GOOD LUCK!
56 negeen pegahi stranger 9:41am, 24-Jan-10
*loved* the trailer. good for you guys.
55 Marcelo Lopez Total Stranger 9:11am, 24-Jan-10
One word. Awesome. Congratulations to you both. I'm gonna show this to my wife, who will probably say "Awww". Good luck to the both of you !
54 Tel None 9:02am, 24-Jan-10
VERY well done. I wouldn't be surprised to see this go viral. Congrats from New Zealand.
53 Karla Juarez none 7:50am, 24-Jan-10
Hi, I don´t know u guys bit my husband found your save the date trailer on youtube and we loved it!, wea re from Mexico and we wish u all the best. We went to Australia on our honeymoon and we loved it, we wish to go back there soon!!!, all the best guys from Mexico!
52 Lanie none 5:45am, 24-Jan-10
What a great save-the-date video! Congratulations and best wishes.
51 Kimberly Wiswell N/A 5:18am, 24-Jan-10
Incredible save-the-date video! Really enjoyed watching and wish you both a wonderful life, filled with adventure (obviously!) and much love...
50 Jerm I have no responsibility here what-so-ever 3:43am, 24-Jan-10
Truly amazing video! My Fiancee and laughed and were completely blown away. Fantastic! You guys rock.
49 Mick Garrett None 3:32am, 24-Jan-10
You guys rock! Awesome video, and good luck on your greatest adventure together (other than kids of course which will be the one after that)
48 Peter None 3:18am, 24-Jan-10
Really a nice wedding invitation video. I like it a lot. Have a great day!
47 N Random guy from SF, CA 2:55am, 24-Jan-10
That wedding trailer is so cool that I actually want to attend . . . :) Good luck!
46 Rick G. N/A 1:29am, 24-Jan-10
Saw your link on Boing Boing and I must say you've got to be the coolest couple on the planet. Good luck in your upcoming nuptials.
45 almost witty Internet stalker 11:42pm, 23-Jan-10
As a fellow Wong, I have to say congratulations on the sheer epic scope of this trailer. I wish I had those filming skills. I'll even forgive the horrible, HORRIBLE pun about our mutual surname. ;-) Congratulations!
44 Dionne N/A 4:58pm, 23-Jan-10
I love your save the date trailer, wish I was this creative.
43 David & Krystle strangers 4:47pm, 23-Jan-10
we loved all of this! any plans to get into the weddingfilm biz?
42 Tom never heard of ya 1:16pm, 23-Jan-10
Saw link on boingboing; absolutely an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Outstanding; you are bound to live happily ever after.
41 Dee Fellow Earthling 12:06pm, 23-Jan-10
Love, love, love your wedding trailer! Both it and you are awesome. Congratulations and best wishes!
40 John and Kari number geeks 11:04am, 23-Jan-10
Completely EPIC! We were married as close to 9/9/99 as we could so as fellow number geeks we wish you the best! How can we get on the A-list to celebrate such a monumental occasion?!?!?!
39 Christer from Sweden Envious 9:57am, 23-Jan-10
Wish you all the best!
38 Nicoya J I hail from the innernetz 9:53am, 23-Jan-10
This has to be the best save-the-date video I've ever seen. I laughed for four minutes. FOUR! We internet folks have terrible attention spans. Seriously, that was like 15 minutes real world time. Cheers and Bright Blessings! I wish you many years of happiness :)
37 Margot Stranger 6:17am, 23-Jan-10
I don't know ya'll but I wish I did. Your video made me laugh hysterically. I hope your wedding is as epic as your trailer! Best Wishes, from rainy Seattle!
36 Elizabeth Samet Complete stranger 5:59am, 23-Jan-10
A friend linked to your trailer on facebook. I like you guys a lot. I hope you can always maintain the sillyness and fun. I've been married 11 years and can tell you that is absolutely key. Good luck!
34 jeremy wanna be friend 4:40am, 23-Jan-10
you guys are awesome. I tweeted/shared/blogged this. Only downside is: expectations are ridiculously high for the actual wedding (but I'm sure you'll deal). So, what do I have to do to become your friend? Congratulations! ;-) twitter.comjer979
33 Kindli none, Pogue tweeted about it 3:47am, 23-Jan-10
Awesome save-the-date video! Congratulations from Sebastopol, CA!
32 Dave Nash Brother 3:18am, 23-Jan-10
Love it, about time
31 Kristen stranger w/ something in common 3:12pm, 22-Jan-10
congratulations, and great video. my husband and I got married on Oct 9, 1999. you picked a good day!
29 Karen stranger 7:15am, 22-Jan-10
I want to come! The video is amazing. You are incredibly talented, funny, and have a zest for life! Mazel tov from Washington DC!!
28 Julie total stranger 3:26am, 22-Jan-10
This video is delightful. Best wishes to you both from Chicago!
27 Sez Offbeat bride feed read 1:38pm, 21-Jan-10
Bloody good work! So inspiring. LOVE all the Sydney shots. So much geek out goodness in that trailer. All the best guys for your wedding and the future. Congratulations!
26 g1tana offbeat bride member 10:24am, 21-Jan-10
OMG this is the most amazing std/wedding preview!! you're wedding is going to kick some serious ass :D
25 Chris Macsurak web user 9:59am, 21-Jan-10
Loved your trailer...I may crash.
24 julie None whatsoever 8:40am, 21-Jan-10
I also stumbled on this site. Awesome video!! You guys rock.
23 Renee Ronceros Friend of the Happy Couple 12:34pm, 3-Jan-10
22 Mal Friend 1:17pm, 2-Jan-10
Hi Jeff and Erin! Loved the trailer. It was really fun to see you guys over the break and spend the last few hours of the year together. Looking fwd to meet up in BKK ;-)
21 Dede Your aunt 1:02am, 21-Dec-09
Great trailer guys. Looking forward to the wedding.
20 Marta Ward Luisa's pilates partner and friend 4:04am, 13-Dec-09
That was the cutest video I've ever seen,. You guys did a great job!! Congrats and hopefully I'll get to meet you at Christmas! Marta
19 Wilson Mui Best "Freakin" Man 2:31am, 11-Dec-09
Wow, dude this totally impressed me. You're film-making has improved a lot more than my screenwriting I'm sad (and happy) to say. Wow pretty awesome.
18 Sas and Jamie Parole officer of the groom 2:11pm, 6-Dec-09
17 Javier Ronceros Mentor 3:11am, 5-Dec-09
Excellent. Can't wait for the sequel. Cheers and good luck.
16 Corinna Hoffman No relations 9:26pm, 4-Dec-09
I've stumbled upon your save-the-date video in the web!! It's simply amazing and very creative! It's the best one I've ever seen :) I had to post in my blog and share it with others :) Congratulations to both of you!! Blessings :)
15 Jason and Christina Francis Erin's cousin 2:25pm, 3-Dec-09
Yeah!!! First, CONGRATS! You guys are a great couple and it's awesome you're on a great adventure together. Second, this is an awesome creative show! Wow. Love the movie references and the explosions. Good stuff. Can't wait to see you guys again.
14 Crystal Bui Jeff's cousin 4:14pm, 30-Nov-09
Jeff and Erin, I was thrilled watching the trailer-- this is the most epic and creative "Save the Date" invite...ever. I HAD to show my friends in college the exciting video...and they'll probably be watching it over and over again. Warm fuzzies all around. Congratulations :] See you soon.
13 Steven Thanh Wong Younger Brother 10:32am, 26-Nov-09
That was so ridiculous... and so funny! Wow, you guys sure make a good looking flick. I'm excited to contribute to the soundtrack next year too. Looking forward to it :)
12 Will & Sarah Friends 2:16pm, 25-Nov-09
Awesome work! Looking forward to the premiere. :)
11 Erin Youngren Photographer 6:43am, 25-Nov-09
You guys seriously CRACK ME UP! I can't WAIT to see you guys in December!!!
10 Sandra Pascal Fan of Amber Events 4:56am, 25-Nov-09
OMG!!!!! That was AMAZINGGGGGGG! Creative, suspenseful, Two thumbs up!
9 Jack and Louisa Martin Proud parents of the bride 3:09am, 25-Nov-09
Erin, darling, we are so excited for the two of you. It has been our dream to see you find happiness in your life. You have found a man with whom you share a love of adventure, travel, creativity, and personal excellence. Your path in this life has taken you to "the ends of the earth." What better place than Australia! We loved the movie and laughed with delight. It was filled with memories, both yours and ours, and reflects the love you share. We look forward to meeting all of your equally brilliant and creative friends next year. It will be a celebration for all of us!
8 Amber of Amber Events Wedding Planner 2:38am, 25-Nov-09
I don't know what I love more about this: "the voice", the Mr. Wong quote, or the kitty cat? All I know is this is EPIC! Can't wait!
7 Raj & John Friends 4:28pm, 24-Nov-09
Raj & John Review | Witnessing this tale of love and romance is something you will cherish for a lifetime! We anticipate this wedding to be a box office hit!
6 Richie Wong Young Brother 8:17am, 24-Nov-09
Exciting trailer. I can't wait for the live-action movie!
5 Kevin Khang Wong Youngest Brother 2:00am, 23-Nov-09
I loved the movie. Honestly, that was so epic on so many levels. We should do one featuring the 4 Wong Brothers >;D Yeah~
4 AussieMatt Best Mate 7:39pm, 22-Nov-09
Awesome trailer guys ;) A truly EPIC effort! Looking forward to celebrating in style next year. Congrats
3 Dang Family (But Haley signed this) Jeff's aunt, uncle, grandma, and 13 year old cousin! ^.^ 3:30pm, 22-Nov-09
Your video was awesome.We looked at your adventures and your photography is amazing. We can't wait for your wedding!P.S People may say that the moon is white, but it should be pink. Lol
2 Erin Bride 11:55am, 22-Nov-09
Yay! We're excited to finally have the finished video uploaded! It took us a few months and it was a fun project. Can't wait to see your comments :)
1 Jeffrey Groom 11:53am, 22-Nov-09
Hey guys, we've finally finished the trailer and started the website, so we're glad you're here and hope you enjoyed it!