Our Story

Erin and Jeff met during the summer of 2000. Jeff was an Engineering student at Harvey Mudd College, but also took some film courses at Pitzer College. Across the street was Scripps College, where Erin was majoring in Psychology and minoring in art. They hung out in dorm rooms and school cafeterias, as college students do. Their friendship blossomed, but nothing much happened for a while.

One day in September, Erin and Jeff went to a party at Scripps called “Jungle Love”. Erin danced in the courtyard but was all alone. Seizing the opportunity, Jeff got up on a bench next to Erin and, finally able to see eye to eye, said “Now we can dance!” She laughed, they talked, and yes, they danced.

Jeff invited Erin to another party at Harvey Mudd in October of 2000. At the party, the planets aligned, fireworks flew! Choirs sang in triumphant exultation! The universe hummed in magical harmoniousness.

In other words, it was a good party. Jeff and Erin almost kissed, but they were snared by a cliché, and someone interrupted at the last minute. C'est la vie... perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

But after that, Jeff and Erin spent more and more time together. They chatted on ICQ a lot, lunched at the local smoothie shop, and dined in the school cafeterias. Occasionally they would go somewhere "special", like the local Indian restaurant or the late night Thai restaurant. Once or twice, they even ventured into the city. They went to a lot of parties libraries, and yes, they partied studied... HARD.

In November, Jeff and Erin went camping with some friends in the Mojave desert. It was 22 degrees F and frost covered the tent. They stared into the campfire, huddled on a hilltop to ward off the cold, and as the first dawn's rays shone down upon them, they finally kissed!

Of course, their lips were numb from the cold and they were dirty from camping, so it wasn’t the best kiss. But they made up for that later.

Erin finished out the semester full of joy, the likes of which she had never felt before. Days of trudging up to Mudd through the autumn leaves and late nights staying up discussing life, the universe, and everything. And all that partying studying.

It was a memorable time. If you ask Erin she'll tell you that the changing of the seasons each year still makes her reminisce about that fateful semester.

But all that time, some black clouds loomed on the horizon. Next February, Erin would be wisped away to spend a semester studying abroad in the land down under. Would their relationship survive the six-month separation? Would they get back together when Erin returned? Would they recall those fond memories of a distant past? Find out... below.

Erin returned in August 2001, but Jeff was now all grown up, a working professional in Redondo Beach. Despite initial trepidation, all caution was thrown to the wind. Sparks reignited. Alas, it was meant to be.

But Erin had caught the travel bug, and eighteen months later, she was off again to work in London. But this time Jeff came to visit and later joined her for an amazing two months of backpacking through Europe.

Once back in Los Angeles, Jeff and Erin took the next step... and they moved in together. But it wasn't long before Erin caught the travel bug again. Where would she go? Thailand? China? Japan? This time, Jeff had had enough. "I'm coming with you" he said. And this is how it came to be... they packed their bags and moved off to Sydney, Australia, and have been living there happily ever after.

The Proposal

Did Jeff really rob a bank and propose to Erin under the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Not exactly.
So how did Jeff really propose? You'll have to ask them for the true story.

Fun Facts About Us

  • We are true blue dinky di fair dinkum Aussies! We applied for permanent residency visas in 2005, moved to Australia in 2006, took our citizenship tests in 2009, and passed with flying gold and green colors. Now, we are dual-citizens and have got two passports to prove it!
  • If you haven't figured it out from our blog and photography page, we love to travel. Our relationship grows stronger with every adventure we survive together!
  • Our first kiss took place on top of a hilltop in the middle of the Mojave Desert of California, as we watched the sun rise one winter morning and prepared ourselves to jump out of an airplane shortly after!
  • We both enjoy sleeping in... a little too much if you ask some people. Fortunately, we're also both night owls!
  • We share a love for all the same kinds of world cuisines, which would make a very long list! But, we still have trouble seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to oranges, chocolate, and celery.
  • Our relationship has survived two long-distance separations!
  • We both have the dream to one day go into Outer Space and hope that it becomes affordable in our lifetime.

Can you think of a fun fact about us that we should add? Let us know!