Erin's Story

Erin was born in "the desert" and spent the first few years of her life growing up in the Coachella Valley, California. Erin is 25% Greek and 25% English from her mom's side of the family, with some French and Welsh heritage on her dad's side.

Erin took ballet classes and piano lessons throughout her school years. She loved to read fantasy-adventure novels and was a sci-fi nerd. Her favorite TV show growing up was Star Trek: The Next Generation (in case you were wondering, no, she was not popular in school). In high school, Erin considered a number of career paths including a children's books writer, archaeologist, astronomer, and film maker.

Erin was accepted into Scripps College in Claremont, California, and majored in Psychology with a minor in Art. After studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, she focused her career path on becoming a university student adviser. Erin did some more traveling after graduating, working in London for six months and spending an amazing two months backpacking around Europe.

Once back in California, she pursued a Master's in Higher Education Administration from the Claremont Graduate University. Still feeling the bite of the travel bug, Erin came very close to going to Thailand or China to teach English for a year, but instead, she convinced Jeff to travel overseas with her to Australia.

Today, Erin works at Macquarie University in Sydney as a Study Abroad Adviser for Australian students who want to go on exchange around the world. Erin still enjoys watching sci-fi movies and shows (thankfully, so does Jeff). Erin has recently joined Jeff in taking some Taekwondo classes and occasionally joins him rock climbing. Erin also enjoys hiking and camping, travel, piano, photography, cooking, exploring Sydney in the summertime, and sampling foods from every corner of the planet.

Fun Facts About Erin

  • Erin grew up in a desert, but loves the rain. She does hate the cold though, and could never live anywhere where scraping ice off the windshield was involved.
  • The first thing Erin ever wanted to be when she grew up was a comedian.
  • Erin goes a bit nutty over any kind of fluffy huggable animal, especially cute kittens. She had a total of 13 cats while growing up (not all at once).
  • Erin took piano lessons for over 14 years. Despite hating it for a good chunk of those middle years, playing the piano is one of her favorite hobbies today.
  • A detailed family tree of one branch of Erin's family dates back to one European man, a Bishop, who was burned at the stake in 1500's.
  • Currently the top destinations on Erin's travel list include Thailand, Western Australia, Japan.
  • Erin has an extra "crease" on her inner pinky finger, and can often fool people into thinking she has an extra finger joint.
  • Erin loves watching So You Think You Can Dance, although she herself does not think so. Despite taking dance classes for over 12 years, today Erin considers herself to have a left foot and a half.